There are some grill manufacturers that are simply giants in the grilling industry. These companies are ones that you will likely trust the most when it comes to grills, and ones that you are willing to spend over the odds for, simply because these manufacturers produce top quality products. Blaze is one of these industry giants.

If you are considering purchasing a Blaze Grill, then you might be wondering where these grills are made. After all, the place in which products are manufactured often have a huge impact on the quality of the grills and the cost too. So, you want to ensure that you are getting what you pay for when you purchase a Blaze Grill.

A lot of people expect Blaze Grills to be produced in the USA. But is this the case? Keep on reading to find out where Blaze Grills are made!

What Are Blaze Grills?

Before we take a look at where Blaze Grills are made, let’s start off by taking a quick look at what Blaze Grills are.

As we said earlier, Blaze Grills is one of the leading manufacturers of grills. They are often viewed as all-American grills produced using top quality materials to create a premium product without the premium price.

Blaze Grills are self-proclaimed as built to last. While they do not have the premium price associated with some other types of grills, they are still pretty pricey.

So, purchasing a Blaze Grill isn’t something that you can do flippantly, this is an investment purchase. But investment purchases are fine when you know it’s built to last.

Blaze Grills are incredibly popular because they manufacture a lot of different types of grills, including built-in and freestanding grills. Their grills are backed by a lifetime warranty, and their customer service is excellent.

All in all, this company really is viewed as a great option if you are thinking of purchasing a grill. But where are Blaze Grills made? Let’s take a look!

Are Blaze Grills Made In America?

Are Blaze Grills Made In America

Like many grill companies, Blaze Grills is another one which is commonly seen as an All-American company. Grilling is an act that is commonly associated with the USA, so it makes sense that we associate a lot of different types of grills with our country too.

But are Blaze Grills actually made in America?

Well, in short, no they are not. The headquarters for Blaze Grills is located in the USA, specifically in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This headquarters was once the location where Blaze Grills were manufactured, so the headquarters have a rich history.

That is why, even now that Blaze Grills are produced outside the USA, their headquarters still remains in Louisiana, with a number of staff employed at the Baton Rouge location.

But if these grills are not made in the USA, where are they made? Well, we have a sneaky suspicion that you’ve already guessed the answer. Let’s take a look at where Blaze Grills are made.

Where Are Blaze Grills Made?

So, if Blaze Grills aren’t made in the USA, where are they made? Well, you’ve probably already guessed it, Blaze Grills are actually manufactured in China.

A huge amount of the manufacturing for the Western world actually takes place in China and its neighboring countries. It really is common for products to be produced in China, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is the case for Blaze Grills too.

While some companies will only part-manufacture their products outside the USA, a lot of companies will entirely manufacture their products in China. Blaze Grills is one of these companies. Once the grills are fully manufactured, they are then transported from China to the USA where they are then sold and distributed.

So, the all-American brand that Blaze Grills have created through their many years of operation unfortunately isn’t accurate. While this company might have once been an All-American brand, manufactured out of their Baton Rouge headquarters, this is no longer the case.

Like many companies, Blaze Grills now manufacture their products in China where costs are cheaper. Does this impact the value of Blaze Grills? Let’s take a look.

Are Blaze Grills Worth It?

As you have seen in this guide, Blaze Grills have developed a reputation for producing top quality products that are built to last.

They have become incredibly popular because they are able to produce these grills and sell them at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. While they offer premium products, they do not come at a premium cost, and this is something that Blaze Grills have capitalized on.

The one issue that arises with these products being manufactured in China is that a lot of people associate manufacturing in these countries with poor quality products.

Depending on where in China the products are manufactured, the quality can drop significantly, and in a lot of cases this has led to people being untrusting of Chinese manufactured products. So has this affected Blaze Grills?

Well, it would seem that it hasn’t. Blaze Grills have been manufactured out of China for many years, yet this company is still seen as one of the best companies for grills.

Blaze Grills are still seen as being high-quality and they are known to last. So it would seem that moving manufacturing to China has not impacted the quality of Blaze Grills.

With that in mind, we would say, yes, Blaze Grills absolutely are worth it. They are much more affordable than some other big grill manufacturers and come with lifetime warranty.

So if you are looking for a good grill, why not consider one made by Blaze Grills.


In short, despite common belief, Blaze Grills are not made out of the USA. Instead, these grills are entirely manufactured in China, they are then shipped back to the USA where they are sold and distributed.

So while they are seen as an all-American brand, they aren’t actually made on US soil.

Thanks for reading!