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Outdoor Kitchens Popular Brands

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304 Stainless Steel & 25,000 BTU Burners

Luxury Built In Grills


We start where the big box stores stop. If you’re wanting a grill that isn’t going to rust out after a few seasons, then you need to step up to the luxury professional grills that are made from 304 stainless steel. With options like powerful sear burners, and integrated rotisserie systems, and spring assisted hoods you’ll quickly be on your way to becoming the grill master you’ve dreamed about becoming.

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Perfect for Ballers on a Budget

Outdoor Refrigeration


All great backyard bar-b-ques need beverages, ice cold beverages no matter what the temperature is outside. Your dorm style mini-fridge just isn’t up to the task. We want our beers to be 34 degrees at all times.

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Launch the Space Shuttle

Power & Side Burners


With upwards o f 75,000 BTUs power burners are going to make frying your thanksgiving turkey super simple. Boil 10 gallons of water in record time for that shrimp boil or make a sweet and sticky BBQ sauce for your ribs.

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Coronation Day for the King of the Neighborhood

Outdoor Pizza Ovens


An outdoor pizza oven is quickly becoming the must have outdoor appliance for those that are wanting to do more than just have your standard outdoor kitchen set up. Step up to the next level with an outdoor pizza oven.

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Outdoor Kitchens Kegerator (1)
For those that wish college never ended

Outdoor Kegerators


You sat in your dorm room way back when and thought to yourself one day when I’ve got a job and money I’m going to have a kegerator and be able to throw insane parties. That day is today.

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The Party Starts at 3pm Sharp!

Outdoor Bar Stations


Who doesn’t love a nice mixed drink or a frozen cocktail on a hot summer day. Pina Coladas, Frozen Lemonades and fruit smoothies for the kids. Nothing says party like an open bar.

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Outdoor Kitchen Appliances


Luxury Grills

The crown jewel of every outdoor kitchen is the grill. At Outdoor Kitchen Guy, we love working with top of the line grills that are powerful, professional, and tough. We prefer luxury grills, because they are made of 304 stainless steel, and they won’t rust or grow tarnished over time. Luxury grill brands such as Alfresco are known for their power. They strike the right balance between BTU (how much fuel it uses) and heat. Plus, Alfresco grills also include a rotisserie, a stainless steel grate (so it’s easier to clean), and a beautiful honeycomb style sear burner. All of these things combine so your food is grilled to perfection, every time.


Sear Burner vs. Flame Burner

What is a sear burner? And how is it different from a flame burner? A sear burner uses a bunch of small flames to heat a ceramic surface to extremely hot temperatures. This allows you to perfectly sear foods, as well as roasting your vegetables and other foods faster. Alfresco grills have an infrared sear burner which can get up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is perfect for grilling, roasting, and searing meats and veggies. The honeycomb style sear burner heats up very quickly. On the other hand, some of the cheaper grills use a flame burner. This is your traditional grill style, and it can be effective, but there will be hot spots on your grill. It’s harder to keep a consistent temperature with flame burners. Best Brands of Outdoor Grills
There are several things we like about Alfresco grills, and one of those benefits is the sear burner. We also highly recommend grills by Blaze, Artisan, and Aspire.


Outdoor Ventilation Hoods

If you install a grill, and it’s in a semi-enclosed space or against a wall, you’ll need to install a ventilation hood as well. Florida building codes required that anytime a grill is permanently affixed and under a roof you need to properly ventilation it. These grill hoods are important because they keep smoke, grease particles, and other gasses from destroying your outdoor kitchen. Guests will thank you because they don’t have to cough on the smoke, and you won’t have to deal with grease damage on the walls. There are three different types of ventilation hoods you can install over your grill:

  • Island ventilation
  • Wall mounted ventilation
  • Under cabinet ventilation
  • Downdraft ventilation

An Island vent is best if your outdoor kitchen is an island layout. This vent hangs down from the ceiling, and it gives your outdoor kitchen a very classy and modern look.

A wall mounted vent is a good option if your grill is installed into a wall. You’ll have a walk-up style grill, which gives your kitchen an approachable, but professional, feel. With this vent, you should be careful not to leave any space between the vent and the wall, to prevent wall damage.

The third hood style is the under cabinet vent. You’ve probably seen these ventilation hoods indoors, over your kitchen stove and aren’t recommended for outdoor use.

The fourth style of ventilation is down draft and is only recommended for indoor use.


Other Ventilation Options

We always recommend that you install plenty of ventilation in your outdoor kitchen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to grease, fumes, and smoke. If you have a BBQ island, it’s important to include vents in the back of the island, to let the smoke and fumes escape. To help with air circulation and dispersing any smoke, try installing some outdoor ceiling fans. This helps clear the air, and keeps all those smoke particles moving away from your guests. When you use a combination of all three (hood, BBQ vents, and outdoor fans), you’ll keep your family and guests healthy and happy.


Side Burners and Power Burners

So far, we’ve talked about grills, and ventilation hoods. Next, let’s take a look at side burners and power burners. Side burners are basically the outdoor version of a stovetop burner. They can cook anything you can cook on your indoor stove. Anytime you want to boil pasta, or warm up some baked beans, or prepare a side dish, a side burner is your best friend. Now, upgrade that, add a lot more fuel and a lot more heat, and you’ve got a power burner. Power burners are able to maintain very low temperatures, or very high temperatures. They can cook anything that a side burner can, plus more difficult dishes like wok.


Should I Buy a Side Burner or a Power Burner?

Side burners and power burners really come down to personal preference. You can get different benefits from each one. When we design outdoor kitchens for our clients, one of our top priorities is comfort. We want your outdoor kitchen to feel like home. So we say, “Why not one of each?” One side burner and one power burner) can be a huge benefit when you’re cooking for a large group of people, or if you’re cooking several side dishes at once.


Outdoor Refrigerators

The next appliance you can add to your outdoor kitchen is a refrigerator. Here in Orlando, it can get hot and humid. You’ll definitely want a place to keep your drinks cool, chill the watermelon, and let the chicken marinate. However, you can’t just grab any dorm fridge and install it in your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor refrigerators are specifically built to stay cold, no matter how hot it gets outside.

Some other good signs to look for in an outdoor fridge include weatherproof materials, a door lock, and a temperature reader, so you can tell at a glance if your fridge is working properly. Adding a refrigerator is important for your outdoor kitchen, because:

  • It helps you keep food and drinks cold
  • It eliminates distractions (no more running inside to get things out of your indoor fridge)
  • It’s convenient for you and your guests.

If you really want to beat the Orlando heat, try pairing your outdoor fridge with an outdoor ice machine.


Ice Machines

The last appliance on our list today is the outdoor ice machine. Ice machines are a great way to improve your outdoor kitchen experience, for your guests and for yourself.  This way, your guests can add ice to their drinks, and you don’t have to worry about running out of ice. It helps everyone at the party to stay hydrated. With a luxury brand ice machine, you don’t have to worry about the hot weather. The high quality ice machines are built to withstand insanely hot temperatures, and keep the ice frozen the entire time. They also won’t freeze on the inside. Alongside your outdoor fridge, an ice maker makes a great addition to any Orlando outdoor kitchen. Now, you’ll be able to beat the heat in style!


Building Your Outdoor Kitchen

Are you looking to build your outdoor kitchen? We’re a local company that specializes in outdoor kitchen design and installation. If you’re located in the greater Orlando area, we’d love to talk with you about your project! Get in touch with one of our team members at (407) 330-6860 today, or submit an online contact form. We’ll be in touch to schedule your first project consultation!


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