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Standard Swing Door

24″ Outdoor Fridge


Your outdoor fridge has to do a lot more than their indoor cousins who only have to content with a constant 74 degree temperature inside. Outdoor refrigerators must brave temperatures that reach 110 degrees all the while keeping your beverage of choice at a frosty 34 degrees.

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The Next Generation of Fridge

Refrigerated Drawers


Refrigerated drawers are supremely suited for a party. There’s not hunting around, digging deep into the forgotten bowels of the fridge while you knock over every thing in your path as you hunt for that last bottle of suds.

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Oh Yes, We’ve Got Those Too

Under Grill Refrigerator?


These are reserved for only the most serious of grill master. If you live outside and eschew the indoors, and prep your cook outside, these under grill refrigerators are what seperate amatuer grillers from the grizzled veterans of championship backyard BBQ.

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Clear Ice or Nugget Ice?

Ice Machines


Ice (and lots of it) is essential for any good party. Whether you need to fill your cooler for a day on the boat or you’re getting ready for your famous 4th of July BBQ – who wants to head to the store to buy bags and bags of ice?

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Outdoor Refrigerators


One of the most important elements to consider for your outdoor kitchen is the refrigerator. Do you host a lot of summer gatherings? Do you like to serve cold drinks, or leave the chicken to marinate for a while before grilling it? There are a lot of benefits to adding a fridge to your outdoor kitchen. And in our work with outdoor kitchens, we know how useful a refrigerator can be. We design kitchens that prioritize comfort and luxury. The kind of outdoor kitchens where the design is so seamless, you don’t even realize you stepped outside. A large part of that luxury and comfort comes from using the right appliances. Let’s take a look at the benefits of including an outdoor refrigerator, as well as a few of the options and brands that we offer.


Can I Use An Indoor Fridge Outside? Outdoor vs. Indoor Refrigeration

Sometimes, customers want to know if they can use an indoor refrigerator outside. Whether they’re trying to save some money, or if they happen to have a spare mini fridge laying around, they believe it will work with their outdoor kitchen. However, this is not a good idea. An indoor refrigerator has to keep the contents cold in the indoor climate. It’s only battling temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees, on average. With an outdoor refrigerator, you have to make sure that it’s keeping your food cold, even in extreme temperatures. If you take a high-quality outdoor fridge to the middle of the desert, that fridge should be able to continue working, even if it’s 115 degrees outside. Indoor refrigerators work fine, as long as they stay indoors. When we design outdoor kitchens for our customers, we want to make sure that they are getting the absolute highest quality appliances, including outdoor fridges.


Why We Recommend Adding a Refrigerator to Your Outdoor Kitchen

What are the benefits of including a fridge in your outdoor kitchen? Let’s go over some of the benefits, and why we recommend them to all of our customers.


Streamline Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

Nobody wants to serve warm water bottles to their guests. It can be such a hassle to run back and forth from the indoor fridge to the outdoor kitchen, carrying armfuls of condiments. A huge benefit of installing an outdoor refrigerator is that it helps streamline the cooking process. Do you need condiments? Keep them refrigerated, right by the grill, so you don’t have to run back inside and grab them. Do you marinate chicken before grilling it? Let it marinate in your outdoor fridge, while you serve drinks and fire up the grill. An outdoor refrigerator adds luxury to your kitchen by taking away the hassle.


Beat the Florida Heat

Since we work in the greater Orlando area, we know how humid it gets in the summertime. With Orlando based outdoor kitchens, an outdoor fridge is a great way to beat the heat. You can chill drinks, watermelon, and other snacks to serve with dinner. Or if you have children, keeping the good snacks in the outdoor fridge might help encourage them to spend time outside. If you plan on entertaining guests in your outdoor kitchen, we highly recommend investing in an outdoor fridge. It’s a great way to help stay cool this summer. And if you’re interested, you can also add an outdoor freezer, or an outdoor ice maker, to really keep things cool!


Create Luxury in Your Backyard

Of course, fridges help add a little bit of luxury to your outdoor kitchen. They:

  • Help eliminate distractions (no more running back inside to grab things)
  • Ensure your food and drinks are chilled to perfection
  • Offer temperature readers, so you always know if your fridge is working at an optimal temperature
  • Add convenience for you and your guests.

Some outdoor fridges offer interior LED lighting, adjustable shelves, and a door lock to keep out unwanted visitors.

A few models even include a see-through door, so you can know what is inside at a moment’s glance. However, most of the brands we recommend are made from durable stainless steel.
If you’re looking for certain features in an outdoor fridge, get in touch with one of our team members today! We work with several different brands, and we’re happy to help you find an option that best suits your needs.


What Size Should My Outdoor Refrigerator Be?

Most outdoor refrigerators tend to be around 24”, with between 4 and 5 cubic feet of space. We usually recommend this size for your outdoor kitchen, because it fits under a standard countertop, and it has enough space to get the job done. Even though most outdoor fridges on the market are roughly the same size, not all outdoor refrigerators are created equal. You don’t want to purchase a fridge made out of cheap materials, or one that will leak the cold air, or one that can easily come open at any point. So it’s a good idea to select an option that offers high quality, instead of going with the cheapest option.

How do you tell which brands are high quality and worth the price?

At Outdoor Kitchen Guy, we only sell brands that we know are committed to quality. Let’s take a look at some of the options we offer, and the brands we highly recommend.


What We Offer

We work with a selection of the best brands in the outdoor kitchen industry, and in addition to making grills, most of these brands also have a few models of outdoor refrigerators. One of the brands we love working with is Alfresco. You may have heard about their grills, but they also offer a couple of outdoor refrigerator options. These fridges have high powered temperature control. In fact, they can maintain low internal temperatures between 35 and 37 degrees, even when it’s 120 degrees fahrenheit outside. No matter what the weather does, your food will stay cold!

Alfresco outdoor refrigerators offer quite a bit of space. Both the under grill fridge and the one door fridge have 7.25 cubic feet of interior space.

Besides Alfresco, another brand that we highly recommend is Blaze. Blaze refrigerators come in several different shapes, sizes, and styles. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the basic 24” stainless steel outdoor refrigerator. That’s the option that most customers prefer, because it works well, it looks polished and professional, and it blends  in with the other kitchen appliances.  If you’re looking for a kit that includes more than just the fridge, we offer a standard outdoor kitchen package. It includes a top-of-the-line grill, sink, stainless steel outdoor fridge, and weatherproof cabinetry.

And of course, if you’re looking for a new outdoor kitchen, we have a variety of prefabricated outdoor kitchens that are available for purchase. Each of our prefab kitchens includes delivery and installation, if you’re located in the Orlando, FL area.


Work With Us

Are you looking to add a refrigerator to your outdoor kitchen? Do you want to design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? We work with a team of professional designers to help you create the outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. If you’re based in the greater Orlando area, give us a call at (407) 330-6860. We’ll get you connected with one of our team members to help you get started on your project. We look forward to working with you!