When building your dream outdoor kitchen, no expense should be spared and we should seek to find the highest quality components in order to make the best, most durable, outdoor kitchen we can.

While our outdoor kitchens should be durable, they should also be nice to be in and should also look great too, getting the most out of our money.

In any outdoor kitchen, we want to make sure that the materials we are using are of the highest quality but that they are also conducive to outdoor cooking. Today we are going to be looking at drawers which can hold your utensils as well as other tools you may require in the outdoor kitchen.

We’re here to help and have some suggestions of cool stainless steel drawers that are both really functional and also look great. Keep reading to find outdoor drawers today, as well as learn something on the way.

Buyer’s Guide

It can be worth knowing what to look for when looking for a drawer in your outdoor kitchen. Cooking outdoors is unique to cooking indoors and requires some extra considerations.


Here we are looking at stainless steel drawers, which is the best kind of material for an outdoor kitchen. Unlike an indoor kitchen your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements, and we want to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate overtime, but is durable to weather as well as general wear and tear.

Component Durability

We want all the materials of these drawers to be as durable as possible, and while the material of the main drawer will be stainless steel, we also want a heavy duty track and handle to be able to withstand the weight and durability of the draw itself.


Consider the tools you will be storing in the drawers as well as other objects you may want to store in here too. Put simply, it can be best to opt for drawers that have large space inside to keep things that will naturally be larger, like certain types of grill or a grill hood.

Close Assist

Again, these drawers will likely be built from heavy duty materials, one thing we need to consider as a result is the close assist. A soft touch close assist will ensure that the heavier-than-usual drawers don’t smash into the unit and cause potential damage, but close gently.


While some drawers are purely for storing tools and nothing more, refrigeration drawers are really popular in outdoor kitchens. This can reduce the need for a full refrigerator outside which can be costly, but provides a cool space for you to store food stuff you will use that day, or just drinks.


Outdoor kitchens need to operate in the dark as well. We don’t want to rummage around in a drawer that has knives in the dark, so some drawers that have an ambient lighting system can be helpful and increase safety.

1. Blaze 30 Inch Triple Access Drawer

This is a great three tiered drawer from Blaze that is stainless steel. We love this drawer set as the drawers themselves are large and spacious, able to fit a good amount of tools. You won’t need to rummage in these drawers as they have a useful ambient lighting to ensure safety and visibility.

The stainless steel construction is ideal for outdoor conditions and is engineered for this thanks to heavy duty tracks and a rounded bevel design which adds structural integrity to the drawers. These drawers from Blaze are the perfect outdoor storage solution, and let you save space.


2. Blaze 16 Inch Double Access Drawer

This is another product from Blaze, these stainless steel drawers go for a double access approach in comparison to a triple access.

This means that in general the two draws you get are way deeper than the previous Blaze drawer product, this makes them ideal for storing larger things that require depth, like large mixing bowls or even large pots, and other appliances or tools.

It could be worth getting these in addition to the triple access drawers for the ultimate organization experience.

Expect all the same features as the previous such as stainless steel construction, heavy duty sliding mechanisms, plus a structurally well designed unit to support the weight of the drawers and their contents. These also include the necessary ambient lighting which makes them easy to use as well as safe.


3. 36” Hestan Outdoor Single Storage Drawer

These stainless steel drawers from Hestan provide a welcome solution to your outdoor kitchen storage needs. For smaller grilling applications this single drawer can help you keep supplies, tools, and grilling accessories close to hand.

With motion sensored lighting you can be sure you will never miss your tools or impact your safety when cooking in the dark. The heavy gauge makeup of the drawer is the perfect complement to the Hestan grill in form and function.

The close assist is adjustable which we really enjoy, meaning it can be fit for basically any cabinet or grill. Many will enjoy you can have the option of twelve colors for this draw too, score.

4. Alfresco Grills Three Drawer And Paper Towel Holder

This is a unique take on the draw system of an outdoor kitchen, that helps you save countertop space with a really nifty gadget.

These draws have a facade draw that when you pull out actually holds a paper towel ring that you can easily draw paper towels from, something we commonly use with the outdoor kitchen, and means you don’t have to store this inside.

This said, the three draws on the inside are really great quality too, ideal for tools and grilling accessories.

The drawers have soft close and smooth gliding slides that are also heavy duty, exactly what we want on an outdoor draw. While this drawer set doesn’t have ambient lighting, which can be an issue, they do have useful customizable features for multiple shelving and drawer hanging options.


5. Perlick 15″ Signature Series Refrigerated Drawers – Outdoor Model

If you have an outdoor kitchen, having refrigeration space is a key to success and efficiency, even if it’s just a few drawers to keep things cool while you work outside, rather than a permanent space for refrigeration.

In any case, these drawers from Perlick are an ideal addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Perlick provides facilities to many of the high quality sporting and entertainment venues in the US, but they also give the general public the opportunity to install these units in their homes – so you know you are getting the highest level of quality.

They are 70% faster at cooling than leading competitors, and also have a unique sound alarm that rings when you leave your drawers open for too long. That said, an industry high of 1000 BTU/hr capacity has the most energy efficient cold down, indoors or outdoors.

A patented anti condensation system removes the risk from your fridge, helpful for food storage. We also enjoy the LED display lighting that allows you to see what’s in there.


6. Sub-Zero 24” Designer Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers

Here is another stellar refrigerated drawer option, ideal for cooking in the outdoor kitchen. These refrigerated drawers are deeper than the last, at 24” being ideal to store and cool drinks and food when necessary.

What we like about this model is that they have a temperature control within one degree of setpoint, helping you control the temperature.

Magnetic door seals ensure no cold air or energy escapes, and soft close technology works complimentary to this so that the drawers aren’t damaged when closing either. Like their competition.

Sub-Zero is sure to include LED lighting as well as adjustable drawer dividers to ensure optimal organization and safety. Sub-Zero does offer some really good temperature control, but other refrigerated draws can be better for keeping cool temperatures consistent.


Final Thoughts

As you can see there is really a great selection of drawers to consider when planning and designing your outdoor kitchen.

Whether you simply want a well lit drawer you can use for storing utensils, grilling accessories, or dried food, or you want something to act as a supplementary, outdoor refrigeration space, any of these products would be a good choice.

Just make sure, whatever choice you make, that your drawers are durable to outdoor weather, and have all the necessary accessories in place that they won’t damage the unit as a whole as a result of their durable material.

In other words, make sure your choices are fit for the outdoor environment, but that they are also conducive to actually cooking outside too.

We hope you can find your dream kitchen units today that are both practical and awesome looking, ideal for hosting and celebrating with friends and family. Your outdoor dream kitchen is a lot closer than you think.