Side Burner

If you own an outdoor kitchen, chances are you love to cook. Whether your specialty is steaks, burgers, chicken, pork chops, or grilled watermelon, you can elevate your menu with a single side burner.Single and double side burners are sold in lp gas or natural gas burning units. Regardless of what type of side burner you buy, owning one will certainly amplify not just your outdoor fun experience but also your skill as a cook.

Benefits of Side Burners

A side burner is a perfect pair for an outdoor grill, and not having one is like having a stove in your kitchen but no microwave. One way to ensure your backyard will be the perfect place for a gathering is to invest in a side burner.A side burner offers several key benefits

Keep an Eye on Your Side Dishes

Without a side burner, the only way to cook side dishes like corn on the cob, baked beans, potatoes, or vegetables is to use the stove inside. You won’t be able to have as high-quality meals because your time and attention are divided between the grill and the stove inside. Or you’ll need a second person to help you cook, which isn’t always possible.

To ensure you always cook perfect food, whether it’s the main or side dish, invest in a side burner. By doing so, you can focus all of your energy on creating the perfect meal outdoors.

Conserve Energy

When cooking indoors, you may have noticed how hot it gets from the stove. As a result, you may crank up your conditioner, increasing your electric bills. With a functional outdoor kitchen, you can conserve energy as you’ll no longer trap heat.

Popular Side Burners

There are a lot of different side burners available on the market. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Take a look at the side burners that are dominating the outdoor kitchen industry today.

Alfresco AXESB-2

If you want the perfect companion for heating, boiling, and simmering, opt for an Alfresco side burner. Alfresco’s side burners are built from commercial stainless steel with heliarc welded seams. Also, their side burners have two high-quality burners that come with electric ignition. Lastly, their side burner’s stainless steel and recessed top provide the necessary protection from outdoor elements, making sure the quality of your meals will be unaffected.Here are a detailed description and features of the Alfresco side burner:
  • 13.25 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 10.25 inches high.
  • Its 20,000 BTU burners mean it has the power and control similar to a professional kitchen.
  • Makes any side dishes, specifically those that involve simmering, sauteing, and boiling

Hestan HS-EAB30

This 20,000 BTU side burner from Hestan is both high-performance and easy maintenance. It’s also available in both lp gas and natural gas. Similar to the Alfresco, its stainless steel top cover offers protection from wind and other outside elements.

  • The features of Hestan’s HS-EAB30:
  • Stainless steel burner bowl
  • Stainless steel rod grate
  • LED lighting on the front control panel
  • Electronic spark ignition system
  • Heavy-gauge, welded body construction
  • 120V, 60 Hz, 1 amp

Dimensions of Heston’s side burner:

  • Depth: 17.625 inches
  • Height: 14.937 inches
  • Width: 12 inches
  • Cut Out Depth: 13.875 inches
  • Cut Out Height: 11.5 inches

Wolf SB13

Grilling presents some challenges, like the lack of space to warm up the barbecue sauce or cook side dishes. This is particularly true when the grill is already occupied with burgers or steaks. Fortunately, the Wolf 13-inch Burner Module is not only powerful (25,000 BTU), but provides sufficient space so you can easily heat side dishes, sauces, and or buns while you grill.

Here are some important details about Wolf’s 13-inch side burner:

  • With its 25,000 BTU, this side burner is perfect for scrambling eggs on low and searing meats on high.
  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Designed with a stainless-steel cover and burner grates
  • Attaches easily to a grill cart
  • With LED-lit signature Wolf red control knobs, you can cook outdoors any time of day or night
  • Its electric hot surface ignitors eliminate the need for a pilot light

Blaze BLZ-SB1(LP/NG)

This handmade side burner from Blaze is made of stainless steel. As a drop-in side burner, it is ideal for making any part of an outdoor gourmet meal––soups, main courses, or side dishes.

As of March 25, 2016, any side burners from Blaze have a lifetime warranty. Any defects in the workmanship and manufacturing of the burner, body, grate, control valve, or lid will be replaced.Take note that the ignition system is only covered for one year after purchasing the side burner.Make sure to register the product within thirty days so the warrant will be valid.

The product description and features:

  • Its 12,000 BTU brass burner allows powerful heat output.
  • Its stainless steel construction means that it has the durability to survive and with stand an outdoor environment.
  • The stainless steel cover will protect the entire burner from outdoor elements.
  • With its push and turn knob ignition system, you can assure are liable flame with every start.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, a side burner is an essential addition to your outdoor kitchen, especially if you love the outdoors. If you want to elevate your outdoor experience, make sure to find a side burner that’s not only high-quality but also fits your budget and needs!