Come rain or shine, having a nice cold glass of water, juice, or whatever beverage you fancy can really make your day. Scotsman Ice produces some of the best ice machines on the market and if you don’t know about them, you are about to!

From industrial use to keeping an ice machine in your garage, you get the best experience when you serve a beverage with Scotsman Ice.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about Scotsman Ice Systems. From the history of the company to some of its most popular products, you will know exactly what you are buying when you buy from Scotsman Ice.

History Of Scotsman Ice

Since the 1950s, Scotsman Ice has been dedicated to supplying the world with an affordable, reliable ice-making machine from Alberta Lea, Minnesota. They actually created the first nugget!

While the company began in 1950, the first residential ice machine was not brought to the market until the late 1960s with the model SM15.

Scotsman Ice packed up shop and moved to their new home, Fairfax, South Carolina which is where the company has remained since 1980. Since then they have become a huge player in the industry of ice in both residential and commercial ice machines.

With over 73 food service equipment brands under their belt, Scotsman Ice can be found in nearly every home, restaurant, and business across the country. And who doesn’t like a good nugget of ice in their drink?

Selecting The Perfect Ice Machine

Selecting The Perfect Ice Machine

Whether you love a few cubes of ice in your gin and tonic or simply need a glorious iced coffee to get you going for the day, the ice machine you purchase can have a massive impact on the ice you serve.

Below are some tips and tricks to ensure that you select the perfect ice machine for your business or for your home. These will come in handy when that summer sun begins melting everything from your ice to the handle of your spatula.

Type Of Ice

This may seem rather obvious but the type of ice you use can have a major impact on the experience you have with your beverage. You have to know which type of ice you enjoy before purchasing your ice machine.

The most popular types of ice are:

  • Cubes: This shape, which is recognized as the traditional square commonly associated with standard ice, melts slowly but cools quickly, is excellent for general use, and has a high production rate. Although Hoshizaki machines can produce a whole range of cube sizes, from XS (6g) to XXXL (240g, Scotsman also offers the Superdice.
  • Nugget: This is Scotsman Ice’s creation that involves flaked ice being compacted into a small cylindrical or angular shape. This is perfect for slushies. This type of ice is a significant resource in hospitals because it is soft and chewable. It is not only a terrific way to keep patients hydrated but it can also be used to make compresses that easily conform to limbs and joints.
  • Crushed: Smoothies, slushies, and cocktails all benefit from crushed ice. Instead of creating crushed ice from the start, a separate piece of equipment called an ice crusher creates this sort or texture of the ice. Ice crushers are primarily countertop, manually operated fill devices that need the insertion of pre-formed cubes before grinding the ice to the proper consistency.

Types Of Ice Machines

Along with different types of ice, there are also different types of ice machines:

  • Head & Bin Combos: If you’re searching for a machine that will produce enough ice for a full dining room, an ice maker head, and bin combination is the best option. A few hundred to more than 1,000 pounds of ice can be produced every day by the majority of this equipment. The combo’s bin component has an ice storage capacity that can range from a modest 80 pounds to a staggering 800 pounds.
  • Ice Dispenser: You’ll need an ice dispenser for any application where you need to dispense ice directly into cups, pitchers, or buckets without having to scoop it from a bin. Dispensers are the clear choice for self-serve applications because they offer the fastest and cleanest way to transfer ice from a bin to a cup.
  • Undercounter Ice Machine: An under-counter ice machine is a more compact substitute for a head-style, full-size ice maker. These units are made to tuck neatly behind bars and server stations since they fit underneath worktops. This gives workers easy access to the ice they need to make beverages. These are also great for home use.


Ice machines of all kinds come with a type of condenser which is part of the machine that removes excess heat.

  • Air Cooled: These are the most popular types of condensers as they use fans to provide airflow.
  • Water-cooled: Cold water is pumped around the condenser continuously. This involves two water supplies making it non-compatible for business use.
  • Remote: A distant condenser is housed elsewhere, typically on the building’s roof, and is not part of the ice maker itself. The ice maker’s refrigerant is pumped to the condenser, where it is cooled and returned to the machine.


If you plan on using your ice machine for commercial purposes then cleaning and maintenance is going to be more intense than residential use. The ice machine bin should be cleaned daily to avoid a build-up of bacteria with constant clean water running into the pipes.

Best Scotsman Ice Products

Best Scotsman Ice Products

Now that we have covered what you need to know about ice machines in general, it is time to discuss the products offered by Scotsman Ice. And you are going to want to know about these.

1. UN324 Nugget Ice Machine

Of course we had to start with the iconic nugget ice. The UN324 creates thousands of nuggets every day. Producing up t0 340 pounds of nuggets every day and storing 80 pounds at a time, this is the perfect ice machine for anyone.

Available with both an air or water condenser, you can select what is best for you.

At only 24 inches wide, you can fit this ice machine into the smallest of crannies and enjoy a delicious cold glass of iced tea within a few hours!

2. ID312 Meridian Series Ice And Water Dispenser

A dependable dispenser makes it easier to do tasks like caring for patients in a medical setting or serving personnel and guests in break rooms, offices, and other places. In fact, it can help to improve productivity and morale as well as comfort and safety.

This machine produces chewable H2 Nugget ice which is great for serving a large group of people and even has a touch-free infrared dispensing system.

3. F0522 Prodigy Plus

Scotsman’s flake ice machines produce excellent flake ice with greater efficiency and dependability thanks to innovative self-diagnostic Prodigy Plus® technology. Flake ice has much lower production costs than other types of ice and cools more quickly.

The tiny, delicate pieces of flake ice are perfect for blended drinks, produce, seafood, and meat displays, as well as therapeutic applications in healthcare institutions. Additionally, flake ice may be easily molded into any form for use in salad bars and displays.

4. R-30 XSAFE Sanitation System

A powerful combination of photoplasma, negatively charged ions, and ozone are produced by Scotsman’s XSafe® Sanitation System, which is mounted on top of the ice maker and employs UV-C light to help eliminate viruses and other hazardous impurities.

The ice maker’s food zone is passed through with this mixture, which helps safeguard the ice maker’s surfaces and the environment. Additionally, this sanitizing mixture goes into the trash can to assist safeguard the already-made ice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Scotsman Ice Machines Last?

Their ice makers are relatively quiet in this intrinsically noisy category of equipment, and their machines are made to endure more than 10 years (twice as long as those of rival brands).

How Often Should Scotsman Ice Machines Be Cleaned?

Your Scotsman ice maker will last longer if the mineral scale build-up is routinely removed, roughly every six months. Never let the machine run without performing routine maintenance.

The ice-making area needs to be cleaned even more frequently in some water conditions.

How Long Does A Scotsman Ice Machine Take To Make Ice?

The machine will start to release the ice after around 20 minutes; this is known as the harvest cycle. Watch the initial cube harvest: Verify the ice cubes’ size.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a lot more thought goes into choosing an ice machine than you might think. And Scotsman Ice is here to make it as easy as possible.

From commercial use to creating perfect ice at home, Scotsman has got you covered. Create the perfect iced latte or make memories with the kids with some delicious slushies.

Scotsman Ice is at the top of their ice-making game and you simply have to be a part of their journey!

Never have a lukewarm lemonade again!