Do you have a great outdoor space at home? And do you like to entertain guests? Then you might want to look at portable outdoor kitchens.

Everyone loves a backyard barbecue in the summer. But when you’re hosting, it can get pretty inconvenient when you have to keep returning inside for ingredients, utensils, and everything else.

That’s where a portable outdoor kitchen can be a great investment.

Think of it like a barbecue grill, but more complete. And by complete, we’re talking about built-in sinks, refrigerators, storage cabinets, wheels, lights, custom assembly, and more.

Overall, portable outdoor kitchens just make things more convenient. They also look stylish, making great additions to any empty-looking backyard deck or patio.

So they’re worth checking out. And for that reason, we’ve rounded up 12 awesome portable outdoor kitchens for you to check out right now.

Find portable outdoor kitchen inspiration or go ahead and pick one of these up today!

1. Mont Alpi Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Can you imagine owning one of these? The Mont Alpi 805 is a perfect example of what a portable outdoor kitchen can literally bring to the table. It boasts a stainless steel island, fridge cabinet, and 6-burner grill – two of those infrared.

The black finish is an elegant touch, but plain 304 stainless is also an option if that’s what you prefer. It boasts LED lights too, making grilling in the evening no problem. Under the grill it has two large drawers, offering plenty of space to store utensils, plates, and everything else you need to host a group barbecue.

2. Blaze Grills Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens from Blaze Grills always look the part. This one’s truly portable too, as it consists of a 34-inch propane gas grill and burner. So you can custom-fit it in an island design of your choice, which is made easier by the sleek stainless steel finish.

As a result, this portable outdoor grill doesn’t even have to stay at home. It can double as a countertop grill and burner, just as long as you don’t forget the gas tank. It also has illuminated knobs and interior lights, perfect for those late-night grilling sessions with friends and relatives.

3. NatureKast Portable Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re looking for style, NatureKast Weatherproof Cabinetry are masters at custom cabinet finishes. So while they don’t manufacture portable outdoor kitchens, they do design next-level cabinet designs that can give your portable outdoor kitchen the finishing touches it needs to stand out.

For that reason, here’s more awesome portable outdoor kitchen inspiration worth checking out. This design offers tons of cabinet space, plus enough countertop real estate to slice, dice, and prepare. The only thing missing is a built-in sink, but NatureKast’s custom builds make it more than possible.

4. Alfresco Grills Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco Grills is another top brand manufacturing luxury outdoor portable kitchens in a range of designs. These include 30”, 36”, 42”, and 56” grills, along with all the outdoor kitchen products—drawer designs, side burners, and outdoor refrigerators—options you need to complete it.

As a result, designs can be custom-built for your specifications and needs. But even if not, investing in one of these portable outdoor grills is still enough to take your backyard barbecues to the next level. After all, you can always add to it later.

5. Hestan Grills Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Note the interesting light turquoise color (“Bora Bora”) of this portable outdoor kitchen. That’s because Hestan Grills come in a range of colors – everything from burgundy brown to bright yellow. So no matter the theme you’re going for, there’s a color option here for every outdoor space.

Overall, what’s great about this design is the matching built-in refrigerator, sink, and side burner, making it a complete outdoor kitchen. All these components are portable, so you can move them to a new island or another location altogether.

6. WeatherStrong Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Like NatureKast, Weatherstrong Outdoor Cabinetry makes custom cabinet designs fit for any portable outdoor kitchen and backyard space. So no matter whether you have an empty undercover outdoor space that needs a theme or a few new outdoor kitchen appliances you need installing, these cabinet designs offer some awesome inspiration.

The all-gray theme is nice here, especially with the stainless steel grill, but outdoor kitchen cabinets can be made for any preference. They’re weatherproof too, making them perfect for all outdoor conditions.

7. Coyote Outdoor Portable Kitchen

The best thing about outdoor portable kitchens is the greater freedom you have with the style and design. Take this outdoor kitchen, for example, which boasts a rugged brick-style island that perfectly complements the outdoor setting.

The grill, sink, burner hobs, and oven are manufactured by Coyote Outdoor Living, who offer a range of portable outdoor kitchen products, including refrigerators, asado smokers, and even standalone grills with cabinets – so no islands required.

8. Sub-Zero And Wolf Portable Outdoor Kitchen

If you already have a backyard deck or patio, coming up with the perfect outdoor kitchen is sometimes as simple as matching the island, cabinets, and appliances with the design or color theme – just like this portable outdoor kitchen, which simply reflects the floor panels and pillars.

As for the outdoor kitchen appliances, these were manufactured by Sub-Zero and Wolf, who offer everything from cooktops and range tops to outdoor grills, built-in ovens, hoods, warming drawers, and outdoor refrigeration.

Their product range is complete, so it’s worth checking out if you need guidance or inspiration for what your portable outdoor kitchen should consist of.

9. Alfresco And Asko Outdoor Portable Kitchen

This outdoor portable kitchen has an Alfresco grill, under-grill refrigerator, and gas-fired pizza oven, plus an outdoor dishwasher supplied by Asko. So nothing’s stopping you from adding a portable outdoor dishwasher to your outdoor kitchen for greater convenience and versatility.

Needless to say, the design is also inspiring, featuring a brown brick island with gray patio slabs that match the stainless steel appliances and cabinets. All in all? It’s a design that’s guaranteed to make neighbors envious.

10. Blue Bahia Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Need more inspiration? Here’s another stunning portable outdoor kitchen design that pairs a blue bahia granite countertop with a Hestia outdoor kitchen grill in “Prince” blue. Add in the white island, white walls, and wooden floorboards and it’s an undercover outdoor kitchen design that just works well.

So when investing in a portable outdoor kitchen, it’s just as important to think about the surrounding features, including the walls and flooring. These can complement the outdoor kitchen appliances you opt for, which will definitely help to make your outdoor space more stylish and inviting.

11. Kettler Neo Portable Outdoor Kitchen

This portable outdoor kitchen, made by Kettler, offers a solid all-in-one design that boasts an outdoor grill, countertop, cabinets, and glass coolers – perfect for displaying a stock of cold beverages ready for any backyard gathering.

As a result, this portable outdoor kitchen unit keeps things simple and convenient. The design makes it suitable for any outdoor setting, with weatherproof durability that won’t present problems in rain or snow – thanks to calcium silicate paneling. The built-in LED lights are another must-have feature, definitely something to consider for your outdoor kitchen.

12. Coyote Outdoor Living Outdoor Kitchen

Last but not least, an outdoor kitchen design that’s minimalistic and space-saving – but complete. Designed by Coyote Outdoor Living, this portable outdoor kitchen sports the basics with a large grill, under-grill cabinet, refrigerator, and just enough countertop space to keep utensils and prepare ingredients.

So portable outdoor kitchens don’t have to be large, fitted with many appliances, or even installed with matching flooring. This portable kitchen design is essentially a more complete grilling setup with the ability to store utensils and prepare food, making it way more convenient and attractive on the eyes than any run-of-the-mill barbecue grill.


And there you have it: 12 awesome portable outdoor kitchens that are sure to inspire you and set you in the right direction for buying or designing your own outdoor kitchen space.

The best thing is that designing an outdoor kitchen is totally up to you – it can be a minimal and portable standalone unit with all the basics for convenient outdoor barbecues, or an all-inclusive setup custom-built to match your backyard deck or patio.

Either way, portable outdoor kitchens definitely offer much more convenience—and visual appeal—than simple barbecue setups. So if you have an outdoor space that needs sprucing up, an outdoor portable kitchen could be what it lacks.