An outdoor kitchen has become the latest obsession for many homeowners across the United States. And it is no surprise why.

Picture the sun shining, the birds chirping and you grilling up some juicy tender steaks in your fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Sounds like heaven.

Now, getting your outdoor kitchen ready to serve can take a lot of work and equipment. But Perlick is here to keep things simple and organized.

Perlick has been the master of outdoor kitchens for quite some time and if you don’t know them, you are about to.

In this guide, we give you the inside scoop on Perlick and the products you need for the ultimate addition to your outdoor kitchen. Just don’t forget the ketchup!

Who Are Perlick Corporation?

If you enjoy buying products from a company that has comes from humble beginnings and is a true joy to work with, then Perlick Corporation is for you.

In 1917, a young german immigrant, Robert K. Perlick took his knack for innovation and started the R. Perlick Brass Works in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Over the last 100 years and 5 family generations, Perlick Corporation has grown into something truly incredible.

As it develops as a global manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems, luxury residential refrigeration, and brewery fittings, innovation, and craftsmanship are still ingrained in its DNA.

The finest bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the world have been changed by Perlick’s creativity and craftsmanship, and new benchmarks for elegant entertainment at home have been established.

And they are determined to continue this legacy well into the next century.

Are you ready to be a part of their legacy?

What Is Needed For An Outdoor Kitchen?

When creating your perfect outdoor kitchen, you are going to need a good amount of cash to invest. Afterall, a small grill, and some tongs are not going to cut it.

Below is a quick guide for the items you are going to need in order to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for entertaining.


First things first, you are going to need something to cook your food on. And that something is a grill. There are a whole bunch of grills on the market that you can spend hours researching. The main types of grills are:

  • Gas Grills: These are the most typical barbecues for the backyard. Compared to other types of barbecues, gas grills are easy to use, heat up quickly, and require much less cleanup.Even if grilling does not produce the same exact smoky flavor as cooking with charcoal, you may still produce a variety of delicious foods, such as these delectable grilled side dishes.
  • Outdoor Electric Grills: Outdoor Electric grills are ideal for anyone wanting to get their grill on. Even if you live in a condo where smokers and gas grills are not allowed. Try an outside electric barbecue if you want to never have to worry about the trouble of running out of propane or cleaning up an ashy charcoal mess. Simply put it into an outlet and start using it for cooking. Electric grills for outdoor use often have the smallest footprints. (They fit on a balcony well!)
  • Smokers: For regular grilling, gas and charcoal grills are fantastic, but a smoker produces taste quite like nothing else. Smokers are the slow-cooker equivalent of a barbecue because they allow food to cook at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. Smokers are now more popular among enthusiasts who cook at home after being used by some of the top barbecue chefs in the nation. Smokers are useful for grillers who want to cook larger portions of meat at once because of their size.
  • Portable Grills: Portable barbecues may make cooking simple for anyone who enjoys camping or grilling while on the move. You can set up your grill with you when you’re tailgating, camping, or on the beach because these grills are made to be reliable and portable. Small 16 oz propane tanks, which fit beneath the grill cover when being transported, power these simple barbecues.


Another important element to an outdoor kitchen is the storage, similar to your regular kitchen. As you purchase more accessories, you are going to need somewhere to store them.

There is thousands of outdoor kitchen cabinets and large freezers to keep all of your products and utensils. However, the basics will work fine.

A simple 2 door cabinet will provide you with plenty of room to store everything you need for grilling and entertaining.

As you become more invested in your outdoor kitchen you can begin to add more storage compartments.

Cold Storage

Now for the most important part of entertaining your guests, serving them a cold beverage. And where else to store it than in a cold refrigerator? The most common cold storage products for outdoor kitchens are:

  • Refrigerators: These can be for storing soft drinks, bottles of water or your favorite beer to ensure your guests are refreshed and hydrated all summer long.
  • Wine Fridge: If you plan on having guests over often, a wine fridge is an absolute must. Store your favorite whites, roses, and blushes in a simple wine fridge to ensure they never get served lukewarm in the blazing sun.
  • Underbar: If you are looking to go over and above with your outdoor kitchen, then an underbar is essential. Store ice, bottles of sprites, cocktail shakers, and even waste in your underbar so you never miss out on the fun!

Cold storage is where Perlick really shines. They have a whole range of incredible options for giving your outdoor kitchen a total transformation. Your guests will forever be asking where you got them!

Best Perlick Products

Below are some of the best products on offer by Perlick. And by the end of reading them, we can promise at least one of them will already be in your basket, waiting for you to hit checkout.

1. 24” Signature Series Dual-Zone Refrigerator/Wine

Let’s start off by making sure the vibes are right for entertaining in your outdoor kitchen. The 24” Signature Series Dual-Zone Refrigerator/ Wine was designed for all occasions.

Feel like you are on a sunny slice of paradise every time you take something out of this small yet mighty wine fridge.

With 2 zones you can store your precious wine on top while you store some fun cocktail ingredients below. Never serve a pina colada without a fresh slice of pineapple with this cool, durable, and functional wine fridge.

2. 15” Signature Series Beverage Dispenser- Outdoor Model

This kegerator is not your typical one. You won’t find the level of craftsmanship and commercial-grade components in any other competing cabinet than Perlick’s 15″ Signature Series Beverage Dispenser.

From the comfort of your home, enjoy fresh tap beer from the brewery. Not a fan of beer? With an extra iced coffee pouring kit, any Perlick home beer dispenser may easily be changed to a cold coffee dispenser.

3. Tobin Ellis Signature Series Mobile Bar- 46”

When you are ready to go really crazy with your outdoor kitchen, the Tobin Ellis Signature Series Mobile Bar is essential.

This mobile bar will elevate your entertaining experience and give you and your guests a luxurious feel while staying at home.

This elegant bar has a black laminate exterior with white quartz solid surface top for a stunning appearance while the LED task lighting makes it easy to make your favorite drinks well into the evening.

4. 24” C-Series Refrigerated Drawers- Outdoor Model

If you are tired of running inside to grab your burgers, steaks, or even your veggies then you need the 24” C-Series Refrigerated Drawers.

These small yet spacious drawers are perfect for storing food and beverages for easy access.

And the most exciting feature? The smooth glide self-closing drawers are the height of luxury. Especially if you tend to have a heavy hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Perlick Appliances Made In The U.S.?

Yes. All Perlick residential refrigeration products are in the USA and have set the bar high for luxury home entertainment.

How Big Is Perlick Corporations?

Perlick employs 322 people. What sector does Perlick work in? Perlick works in the manufacturing and industrial machinery and equipment sectors.

How Do You Set The Temperature On Your Perlick Fridge?

  1. Press and hold the SET button until the flashing “F” appears next to the display’s reading of the current setpoint temperature.
  2. To scroll to the preferred temperature, press and hold the UP and DOWN arrow buttons.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to give your outdoor kitchen a luxurious makeover? Then Perlick products are for you. They have some of the most luxurious products on the market to ensure you are only buying the best.

From wine refrigerators to mobile bars, you can entertain your guests in style with your Perlick outdoor kitchen.

With some of their best products displayed above, all you have to do is take a look and add it to your basket. If you haven’t already.

Spend the summer and even fall entertaining in style with the ultimate Perlick outdoor kitchen appliances.