The Paradise collection consists of grill islands and island bars, all of which will add a level of sophistication and elegance to your home.

To help you pick the right design, you need to consider the shape of the yard, what you will use the space for, and the overall aesthetic you’re going for. With that in mind, your Paradise outdoor kitchen will look amazing!

1. An Instagram Wall At Home

If you only have a small amount of space, you can still utilize what you have. The grill and back counter in this image are the GX-10, while the island bar is St. Thomas 7. Sitting side by side like this, they create a wonderful enclosed area without making the space feel cramped.

The back wall has been changed into a faux grass feature piece with a neon side to break up the colors. This whole kitchen design is elegant, image friendly, and creates the illusion of space.

Before the outdoor kitchen was installed, the area would have held a mid-sized round table with 4 or 5 chairs, but now it hosts the same amount of people and cooks for them too!

2. A Tiki Hut

In this design, the customers have picked the GX-9 as their grill and the St. Croix 8 as their island bar.

The curve design adds to the social atmosphere of the Tiki Hut, allowing everyone at the table to talk to each other no matter where they are sitting.

It also creates a larger platform for the chief to serve plates or display cocktail creations.

The back of the counter is completely flat, which is perfect for barbeque-ers. You can lay out your buns, sides, and plates without hobs or sinks getting in your way.

The Tiki Hut design comes completely from the umbrella. You can buy that from Paradise Grills along with the rest of your outdoor kitchen. You can buy it all in one, or mix and match. Either way, you’ll have a fun and spacious area to entertain your guests!

3. The Tiki Hut But Large

This Tiki Hut can serve a lot more people than the last. It uses the GX-8, and two Maui 10s for a surrounding area that seats 16.

As with the previous design, this one can be sent to you as a complete package through the Paradise Abaco Tiki Hut. Now that’s enough about the technical bits, think about how this hut will look in your home.

The background of this picture has a beautiful spring blue pool which by itself feels Californian, but with the hut, you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise.

If your backyard has wooden fencing, pops of green shrubbery, and a refreshing pool, then this large Tiki Hut would fit seamlessly into your home.

4. Small Space? No Problem!

If you don’t have a ton of space, you can ditch the side of the island bar and still enjoy a great grill. Here we see the basic GX-3 alongside an Aruba 8.

Because of the sidebars, you can add seats around this small island so people can talk with you while you cook, or this can be a chill secluded area for the cook.

This small grill works perfectly in places where a pool takes up a lot of space already, or you have a narrow outdoor area so can’t host people around the grill.

Notice how it looks seamless in this nook!

5. Centered Grill For An Indoor Pool

This pool experience has an indoor-outdoor aesthetic. The owners can retract the glass ceiling when the sun is out, and cover it back up again when the weather turns sour.

They have placed the grill at the back of the wall and have a large gap for the door before the island bar appears. Everything here has been adapted to fit the space. The lighting they’ve chosen, even matches the pool!

Most Paradise outdoor kitchen creations have their grills to one side, but this designer wanted it in the middle. Normally that means buying a GX-10, but this space isn’t large enough for a countertop that size.

Instead, it looks like they picked a GX-3 and surrounded it with two Aruba 6’s. Because Paradise has so many options you can mix and match however you please.

The best part about this image is how the lights are all matching! Quality is all in the details.

6. Elegance In Simplicity

So far our outdoor kitchen ideas have been “show-offy” and designed to make your garden feel like a whole new landscape. Now, we want to highlight the elegance of this brand.Here the customer has chosen a GX-7 alongside a St. Thomas 9.

This creates a neat L-shaped workstation that can either be used as a complete sitting area or a sitting and cooking area.Helping to keep the sun off the chef’s back is the simple 9 ft Outdoor Umbrella.

The counters are always marble and white bottoms, which means it’s automatically elegant, and you don’t need to change the design to keep it that way.

As you can see in the image, the area around this outdoor kitchen isn’t large, but that hasn’t stopped the customers from making use of the space they have.

Why have an empty tiny grass patch when you can dine outside and enjoy the sun?

7. Overlooking A View

The Victorian lamp. The still lake. The lights in the distance.

This view is magnificent. If you have a home near a beautiful landscape, make use of the preexisting beauty by placing an outdoor kitchen facing this scenery.

This particular combination includes the GX-10 and the St. Croix 9, a classic combination. Again, because of the rounded St. Croix island bar, your friends or guests can see each other and the scenery at the same time.

To make sure your outdoor kitchen feels elegant and usable in the evening or night, you need to ensure the under-counter lighting is working to your advantage. Most people choose the water-like blues, but if a warm yellow or fun purple best suits your aesthetic, then ask for the colors you prefer!

8. A Side Kitchen

Sometimes the kitchen isn’t the main focus of your yard, and in those cases, you don’t want a countertop that takes up too much space.

In cases like these, you want either the GX-14, GX-12, or GX-10. These are all long counters and grills with either a lot of space for the chef to prepare the meals, or a few extra tools such as a sink or a second grill.

The grills fit neatly inside the counters, so they don’t feel bulky or out of place. Because the counters are straight with no island, you can push them against a wall leaving space for the more important parts of your outdoor space.

9. A Secret Garden

Not everyone has a pool or a gorgeous view, but that isn’t the only way to make an outstanding back garden. Here the customer has beautiful vine-based trellis’ and a canopy to create a beautiful secret garden aesthetic.

They have decided to take up the whole space with the grill and counter, leaving a small walkway on the side.

This would have been a very long driveway before, but now it’s a usable space and more than just functional.

The chairs don’t come with your Paradise outdoor kitchen, and that makes so much sense for a garden like this. The circular swirls on these chairs perfectly match the secret garden vibe. The gray cushion design is a great subtle texture change from the spotty marble countertops.

Everything else looks amazing in this picture, but it would be even better if the floor was tiled to separate it from the driveway. Little details like this add to the mood of your secret nook.

10. Rectangular Islands

Most of the islands we have shown have curved edges. Here we wanted to show a rectangular space.

The customer has still used a Maui 10 island like image 3, but they haven’t surrounded it to make a square. Instead, it’s been paired with the GX-10. It fits wonderfully while keeping the chef separated from the diners with the gap between both counters.

You’ll notice the countertops are a different color from the others we’ve shown. They’ve chosen a sandy color that matches the tiled floors for a cohesive and fully realized look.

You can do the same by picking a countertop color that matches the tiles you already have.

Final Thoughts

Paradise Grills Direct has a large collection of grills, islands, and accessories to help you create the best outdoor kitchen for you. In these pictures, you’ve seen small spaces, large spaces, pools, and scenic gardens – all of which are using Paradise outdoor kitchen to create an amazing dining experience.

Use these images as inspiration for your own outdoor kitchen and click on the links to see 3D versions of the grills and islands. Get planning and have fun!