With the warmer weather on its way, chances are you’re itching to get back out into your backyard to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors. But, if your outdoor space could do with some work, or if you’ve been considering whether or not to upgrade your outdoor space, then now is the time to do so.

If you’re looking to completely renovate your outdoor space, then you’ve probably considered installing an outdoor kitchen too. If you have one installed already, then it could be worth upgrading it too.

Outdoor kitchens are certainly an excellent way to make the most of your outdoor space, especially during the warmer months.

But, have you ever considered adding a fireplace to your outdoor kitchen? Not only will it help to keep you warm once the sun has set, but you’ll also be able to roast s’mores and other food items over it as well.

There are a lot of different outdoor fireplaces which are worth considering, all with different features and designs, so it’s all about finding one that suits your backyard the most.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for your new outdoor kitchen and fireplace, then our guide will help you to find just what you’re looking for, so let’s get started!

Awesome Outdoor Kitchens With Fireplaces

Keeping It Rustic

One of the best things about renovating your outdoor space is being able to reinvent the way your backyard looks, and for those who are looking to achieve the perfect cross between modern and traditional, then something like this will certainly do the trick.

This brickwork is rustic yet classy, and will help to ensure that your outdoor kitchen is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The inclusion of a charcoal grill, like this one from Blaze Grills is a great way of being able to prepare delicious food while reveling in the warmth of the fire.

This outdoor kitchen will also benefit from the inclusion of a cover of sorts too, which will not only help to protect your kitchen equipment from the natural elements, but will also provide some much-needed shade during the days of the warmer months too.


Grill Under The Gazebo

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive outdoor space, then building something like this permanent gazebo structure is definitely going to help you spend more time outdoors.

Even during the colder months you’ll be able to benefit from the outdoor kitchen and relaxation area, and the inclusion of a fireplace will help to keep you warm no matter what time of year it is.

With this built-in Alfresco Grill, you’ll be able to cook delicious meals for your friends and family all year round, especially if you include a relaxed and comfortable seating area, so you’ll never have to give up your outdoor space, even if it does get cold.

Of course, no outdoor kitchen space is complete without some proper refrigeration, which will allow you to keep your cooking ingredients and your drinks cool while you relax.

For this, we’d recommend the Sub-Zero Under Counter Refrigerator, which will fit into your outdoor space effortlessly, without compromising on style.

Grill SKU: ALXE-56SZ
Refrigerator SKU: ICBID-24RO

Poolside Vibes

There’s nothing worse than having to get out of the pool and walk all the way to your outdoor seating area and kitchen to dry off and warm up. The solution? Place your new outdoor kitchen right next to the pool!

This outdoor area looks chic, and effortlessly blends in with the poolside area for a classy-looking outdoor space that is going to maximize your ability to enjoy the warmer weather. Plus the inclusion of a fireplace will make it much easier to come out of the water and dry off ahead of eating.

No outdoor kitchen will be complete without the necessary cooking equipment, and for a modern space like this, you’ll want something like the Mont Alpi 805 Black Series Kitchen, which is a comprehensive outdoor kitchen that will give you everything you need to elevate your outdoor dining experience.

SKU: MAi805-BSS45

Boasting With Bauhaus

The Bauhaus design movement is an interesting one, and focuses on geometry and angular designs, which can be used to great effect when attempting to create an outdoor kitchen space that is both timeless and unique.

The use of angular wooden slats to surround the fireplace and to create a sort of shade from the sun is perfect, and the color contrasts well with the angular and sleek-looking worktop and seating area found on the inside.

The addition of a Blaze Grill such as this will help to ensure that your outdoor kitchen is as functional as it is appealing, and will also mean that you can make the most of your backyard throughout the warm months of the year.


Go Botanical

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your outdoor space is to introduce more greenery, and as you can see in this example, the introduction of more plants and trees into the space is able to turn what would otherwise be a generic patio backyard space into something truly magical.

You can pick and choose the plants you include in your garden depending on how much care you want them to require, and it’ll be better to choose hardier plants if you’re someone who often forgets to water their indoor plants too.

No outdoor garden and kitchen is going to be complete without an adequate outdoor grill, which is why we recommend something like this Wolf Outdoor Gas Grill, which will help to ensure that you are able to grill and cook all year long.

In conjunction with some colorful yet tasteful outdoor furniture, as well as an outdoor fireplace to act as the centerpiece of the garden, then you’ll have a garden you won’t ever want to leave.


Beach House Styling

Everyone loves the feeling of being near the beach, but when the sun is beaming down, who says you have to leave your backyard to enjoy the immense weather? With this outdoor kitchen and fireplace, you won’t want to!

Making use of light furniture and brickwork, which helps to encourage and reflect as much light as possible, your outdoor kitchen will be made much more brighter and inviting.

No kitchen like this is complete without adequate cabinetry, which is why it’s important to utilize something like this Alfresco Sealed Dry Storage Pantry, which will help to keep everything safely stored, even while you’re away from your kitchen.

Plus the inclusion of a fireplace and relaxed seating area will mean that you can enjoy your new outdoor space without having to go inside once it goes cold!


Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our guide to some of the best outdoor kitchens with fireplaces. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to completely transform your outdoor space, and turn it into somewhere you can spend each evening and relax completely.

Whether you’re looking for something more rustic, or trying to create a botanical beauty, then with the combination of this guide’s inspiration, and some of the fantastic outdoor kitchen products we’ve provided throughout, you’re going to be sure to create something absolutely incredible.

Creating an outdoor kitchen space accompanied by a fireplace in your backyard isn’t necessarily an easy task, so you’ll definitely need to be prepared to put in all of the work in order to create your very own slice of paradise.

If you need some more help as to what you’ll need to create your own outdoor kitchen space, then we’ve provided a convenient FAQ guide below to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Need In An Outdoor Kitchen?

It can be hard to know what to put in an outdoor kitchen, especially if you’ve never had to design one before, but thankfully this small list should be able to help you decide what you need.

Most outdoor kitchens usually involve an outdoor grill or pizza oven, as well as adequate refrigeration, which will help to keep the necessary ingredients for your cooking safe, as well as keep any of your refreshments cool too.

Why Choose An Outdoor Fireplace Instead Of A Fire Pit?

While fire pits are definitely a good addition to any outdoor space, an outdoor fireplace makes for a much more seamless integration, especially between the lounging and the cooking area.

Whether you’re simply looking to keep warm during the cooler evenings and months, or to cook delicious food over the fire, by choosing the fire that’s right for you, then you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard all year long!

What Fuel Do Outdoor Fireplaces Use?

Outdoor fireplaces tend to use either electric, gas, or wood as a form of fuel.