NatureKast Cabinetry

Why Use NatureKast Cabinetry?

One of the outdoor kitchen brands that we work closely with is NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry.
When you’re looking to build a new outdoor kitchen, you want to use the best materials and products available. And that’s where NatureKast comes in.
In this article, we’re going to take a look at the benefits of using NatureKast cabinets. We’ll look at how NatureKast compares to some of the other cabinet companies on the market, and the different styles offered by NatureKast.
As always, if you have any questions about NatureKast, or any of the products mentioned in this post, you can leave your question in the comments below. You can also visit our storeroom in Lake Mary, FL, to see these products for yourself.
What is NatureKast, and why do we love it so much? Let’s start by taking a look at NatureKast as a company, and then we’ll look at the benefits of NatureKast.


NatureKast Company

Interestingly enough, NatureKast used to create their cabinets with wood.
However, the company’s founder grew frustrated working with wood. It wasn’t weatherproof, and it warped in the rain and snow.
So in 2005, the designer partnered with a Canadian kitchen remodeling company, and started developing a line of resin-based outdoor cabinets. And with that, NatureKast was born.
Since 2015, NatureKast has been based in Canada. But you can find NatureKast dealers spread all across North America.
At Outdoor Kitchen Guy, we are dealers for NatureKast, so you can purchase their cabinets through us. We help see your project through from start to finish.
Our professional team of designers will help you plan your outdoor cabinets, including the layout and colors you’re looking for. Then we visit your home, take measurements, and order the materials.
When the cabinets and other materials arrive, we will install your outdoor kitchen for you.
If you’d like to learn more about our process from start to finish, visit the “Our Process” page.
So why did we decide to partner with NatureKast? What makes these outdoor cabinets so special?


Why NatureKast?

There are a lot of reasons why NatureKast cabinets are superior to the other brands on the market.
In short, it all comes down to quality and guarantee.
The NatureKast cabinets are specially designed to withstand any type of weather, so we feel confident recommending them for your outdoor kitchen. They do come with a higher price tag. But in our experience, the benefits of NatureKast outweigh the cons.

NatureKast Pros and Cons

Whenever you consider a brand to use for your outdoor kitchen, you should start by looking at some of the pros and cons.
Here are some pros about using NatureKast:

  • NatureKast uses high quality materials, including PVC, resin, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a weatherproof outdoor plastic.
  • The cabinets have either a white or black PVC interior box, covered in a colored panel and the countertop. This means you won’t have the interior showing through anywhere.
  • Their cabinets are backed by a lifetime guarantee, and they are completely weatherproof. You can install them in snowy climates, or a beachside house, and they will last for decades.


When it comes to the cons, there are a few downsides to NatureKast cabinets:

  • The cost is a reflection of their quality. These cabinets are not the cheapest option out there. You get what you pay for, but for some, the price might be a bit steep.
  • NatureKast cabinets don’t work with a premade outdoor kitchen kit. If you’re looking to use NatureKast, you’ll need to reach out to a contractor or designer to help you build your custom outdoor kitchen


Of course, if you’re located in the Central Florida area, we’d be happy to help design and install your outdoor kitchen with NatureKast cabinets. You can reach us through the online form on our website, and one of our team members will be in touch!
Now, it’s important to remember that every product and company has pros and cons. You have to weigh the good and the bad, and if you still can’t decide, seek out a professional opinion.
Nothing is perfect. But in our eyes, NatureKast comes pretty close.
There are a lot of other outdoor cabinetry brands out there. So why not pick one of the cheaper options?
Let’s take a look at three of the main types of cabinet doors offered by NatureKast: Metro, Euro, and Contempo.


The first cabinet door style that NatureKast offers is the Metro style.
These doors are made out of high quality HDPE, which means they are practically indestructible. They won’t warp, crack, or fade in the humidity.
These cabinets come in several different colors and finishes, including:
Muskoka Fog (a light gray wood finish)
Niagra Mist (white wood finish)
Algonquin Fawn (tan wood finish)
Manitoba Jay (navy blue color)
Kawartha Lake (black color)
These cabinets are the basic NatureKast option. They’re weatherproof, they look fantastic, and they are made from high end materials.
However, the Metro cabinet style might not be the perfect fit for you. Instead, let’s talk about the next style of cabinet door, the Shaker.



There are two styles of NatureKast doors that are made from the same materials, but offer slightly different looks.
Both the Shaker and Slab style cabinets are made from weatherproof resin.
In fact, at the NatureKast showroom, they have a fish tank full of water, with two of their cabinet doors submerged in the water. The doors have been underwater for over two years, and there is no sign of warping or cracks!
Resin is basically a foam that is injected with dyes, and compressed until it is solid and resembles real wood. NatureKast creates their cabinets with a mold cast from real distressed cypress wood, so the resin has a natural grain detail.
The Shaker and Slab options are made from the same basic materials, but they both offer a different look.
The Slab cabinet style is a smooth wood-finish slab. It currently comes in 15 colors, including Nutmeg, Espresso, and Raven Ash.
Similarly, the Shaker style has a wood finish, but instead of a smooth slab, these doors have a raised edge. This style also comes in 15 colors, with a heavier lean towards weathered styles.
If you’re looking for a sleek outdoor kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, the Slab style is a great option. For a more homey, comfortable outdoor kitchen, we recommend the Shaker style.



Another style of resin cabinets is the Contempo style by NatureKast.
These cabinets are made from the same materials as the Slab and Shaker models, but the Contempo has an extra flair to it.
Contempo cabinet doors offer a wood-style finish, in 16 different colors. Also, these cabinets include a band of stainless steel around the edges of the cabinet doors, for a shiny modern twist.
Depending on the color of cabinet that you select, the stainless steel edging may be silver colored, or black. Some colors, like Nutmeg, offer a black edge. Others, like Desert Tan, have a black edge.
No matter what color you select, every one of these cabinets is made to withstand the elements and last for years without growing tarnished or warped.



And finally, the fourth style of outdoor kitchen doors by NatureKast is the Euro cabinet.
The Euro cabinets are fashioned from high pressure laminate (HPL), and they are ½” thick. They have an ebony colored polished edge, and come in 13 different colors, including both wood finish and brighter colors, like Ember Orange.
Because they are made out of high quality HPL, the Euro cabinet doors are the most expensive line of NatureKast cabinets. In spite of the higher price tag, these cabinets are worth the cost.


Other Custom Creations

Does NatureKast offer any other products besides outdoor cabinets?
Yes! NatureKast has a wide variety of products that we can design for your outdoor kitchen. Some of the custom products they’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Outdoor TV boxes
  • Wall cabinets
  • Customized hoods over your grill/stove
  • Evo cooktop cabinets
  • Space for your Big Green Egg (all in one Kamado cooking device)


Since we work with NatureKast products to bring your custom outdoor kitchen to life, we want to make sure that we build the perfect outdoor kitchen for you.
Many of the products at NatureKast are custom-arranged, meaning that once you pick a color and style of cabinet, we can turn that cabinet into almost any outdoor kitchen layout.
Do you want your outdoor kitchen to center around the Big Green Egg? We can do that.
Are you looking for some wall cabinets to go along with your covered porch kitchen? We can do that too.
The best way to see what is possible with NatureKast outdoor cabinetry is to get in touch with one of our team members today. Our professional designers are highly skilled at working with NatureKast products, and they will be happy to talk about NatureKast products with you.

Can You Use Indoor Cabinets Outdoors?

One of the most popular questions with people who are considering an outdoor kitchen is, “Can’t I just use indoor cabinets outdoors?”
Well, technically, yes. But technically, you could also eat donuts for every meal.
We don’t recommend eating donuts for every meal, because your body needs more nutrients. Plus, the sugar will rot your teeth over time.
It’s the same idea with outdoor cabinetry. You could opt for the cheaper, indoor cabinets. They start off looking just fine.
But over a few months, the weather will start to wear down on the weaker cabinets. Since the cabinets are not built for the outdoors, they will fade in the sun, warp in the rain, and expand in the humidity.
Especially in Florida, if you live within a few miles of the coast, you also have to remember the salt in the air. This can corrode even the strongest indoor cabinets.
So can you use indoor cabinets outside?
Hypothetically, you could put indoor cabinets in your outdoor kitchen. But you will have to replace and repair them so frequently, it will end up costing more money and time.
Why not just pick a good option, right from the start?


Completely Weatherproof Guaranteed

One of our favorite features of NatureKast outdoor cabinetry is that all of their products are completely weatherproof, guaranteed.
You don’t need to worry about which products can withstand the heat and which ones won’t. At NatureKast, all of the cabinets are 100% weatherproof.
When it comes to cabinets, we always want to pick the option that will last the longest. So that’s why we prefer NatureKast.
If you’re looking to start your outdoor kitchen, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call today at (407) 330-6860, or fill out our online contact form to get started.