If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun and is generally dry, then it is worth considering an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can let you enjoy the outdoors while you cook, serve family and friends, and generally host from the outdoor kitchen itself.

No more running inside to grab things, you have a totally functional workspace outside, ready for you to use easily.

This said, outdoor kitchens can be costly, albeit worth it. When expending so much money, it can really be worth doing the planning so that you can really get the best from your kitchen and money.

While specific products are great, having a whole plan for your kitchen is the best way forward and with the right inspiration to work from you can get really creative with your specific space.

A great place to look for general inspiration is John Michael Outdoor Kitchens, a brand dedicated to excellence and bespoke design that is both practical and chic. Through their website they invite you to contact them about your specific ideas and requirements to see what they can offer.

Keep reading to learn more about outdoor kitchens as well as what John Michael has to offer.

John Michael Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

1. Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen In A Cove

What we love about this design is that John Michael has worked perfectly with the small cove that this house has on offer. Often, the successful outdoor kitchens are the ones which work uniquely and adapt with the unique spaces of each individual outdoor area.

Here we see that the cove of this area allows for a perfect cut-off kitchen style. While not necessarily ideal for hosting, it presents a relaxed outdoor kitchen vibe that works.

Plus, the coverage of the cove allows for a fan, which you will appreciate in the summer, as well as a TV for a true man-cave-kitchen look that any homecook will be jealous of.

Moreover, the use of stainless steel in the kitchen is the perfect example of what is offered at John Michael, and shows the durability, and practicality of using stainless steel in these outdoor kitchens.

Even though this particular example is covered, it’s still best to opt for heavy duty materials that won’t wear over time.

2. Utilize Your Canopy

Most US homes that have the space for an outdoor kitchen likely have a canopy space like this, which may even have a pool next to it, or would be the area you could dig up to become a pool.

These canopied areas are always the perfect place for your garden feature, outdoor kitchen or pool, or both. Here we see the stainless steel finish again, showing why it’s so popular as it can provide both decorative chic and also practicality.

The canopy provides a useful feature that you could use for a few things. In one sense its a decorative opportunity where you could hang light fixtures from, or even just use the wood beams to wrap outdoor fairy lights around for a decorative vibe.

In a more practical sense you could use some sort of shade on top of the canopy in order to shade the kitchen area that will undoubtedly get really hot.

3. Blend Materials And Textures

This is another really clever and practical use of space from the designers at John Michael. What’s so impressive about this kitchen design is how it blends in with the natural wood and masonry that the building already has.

This also goes to show that even when using stainless steel in the kitchen for practicality, you don’t need to scrimp on design or creativity. This kitchen still looks really awesome and unique thanks to the clever design from the folks at John Michael.

Another cool feature is the lights and other decorations visible in this outdoor kitchen that really accentuate the space and adapt with its unique parameters.

Moreover, this design demonstrates a minimalistic approach with few cabinets and counter space that is still super practical. Perfect if you don’t want loads of construction nor spend loads of money.

4. Integrate A Dining Space

If you want to host and eat outside as well as cook, it can be worth considering integrating a dining space near the kitchen so hosts can sit at the chef’s table and enjoy your company while you cook yourself.

It’s worth considering this option if hosting is the main reason you are getting the outdoor kitchen, whereas if you simply want to cook outdoors and eat inside, this may not be worthwhile.

Also of interest here is how the designer used the classic stainless steel finish on the cabinets and drawers, but used a different material to finish the countertop. This can be good for those who don’t like a stainless steel countertop, and want a finish similar to marble or granite.

The slotted canopy here is a really nice touch and shows how you can design shade options for your outdoor kitchen. Of course, sun glare and high UV rays is something we want to avoid while eating and cooking outdoors, so it’s always worthwhile considering a shaded area like this design demonstrates.

5. Consider An Island Or Breakfast Bar

This is another design from John Michael which features an integrated dining space in a different way than previously seen. The breakfast bar pictured is a great addition, and can act as a secondary outdoor dining space perhaps for smaller parties, as a bar itself, or something similar to a chef’s table.

There is likely a larger outdoor dining area in shot, but it’s cool to see this ulterior dining space of a breakfast bar for inspiration.

Another similar and useful feature would be an island. Many kitchens can have large islands nearby where extra storage can also be fitted, but they act like a breakfast bar where there can be a secondary dining area with high chairs for smaller parties and socializing.

If you want the outdoor kitchen, but aren’t planning on having loads of large gatherings as a result, these smaller breakfast bars or islands can be a good idea for a smaller outdoor dining area where you can enjoy the fruits of your outdoor kitchen, without going back inside.

We also love the use of natural materials such as the masonry and marble countertop, which blend perfectly with the stainless steel cabinets and grill that are typical of an outdoor kitchen.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, outdoor kitchens are a great idea not only to boost the value of your house but as a feature of your house where you can host people. In order to get the most from your outdoor kitchen, getting inspiration from clever designers like John Michael can really help you shape your ideas and initial plans to find what you want.

John Michael works like many outdoor kitchen fitters who offer inspiration from which you can create your own ideas based on your unique and specific outdoor space.

On their website, they instead offer you consultation, and you bring your plans and ideas to John Michael’s designers who can help you plan for success in your unique space.

This allows for a more unique and bespoke adaptation to your space that will result in more practical and successful results that merge with your existing house’s design, rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Visit the John Michael website to get your dream outdoor kitchen fitted today. We hope this article has inspired you and given you something to think about when it comes to your own outdoor kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Should Be Used In An Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens need to be protected from the elements they will come into contact with. Being outside, they need to be free from rust and general wear and tear but also need to be robust enough to withstand potential heavy weather that could occur

Stainless steel is the material of choice in most situations, not only is it easy to clean and is resistant to rust and other stains, but is also really durable and heavy duty.

No matter the weather, your kitchen should still stand the test of time and weather with the right materials. No wood, or plastic, just durable and long lasting materials.

Why Get An Outdoor Kitchen?

The outdoor kitchen is a perfect place to host people, and if hosting is something you do regularly, then an outdoor kitchen could be a great idea. While they can cost a lot of money, it will almost certainly increase the value of your house.

Yeah, swimming pools are nice to have, but you will never get more use than from an outdoor kitchen that is practical and good looking. Moreover, if you want to increase the value of your house this is a fun way to do so while also expressing your own creative touch.