We all love to use our grills, cooking a wide variety of meats and enjoying grilling in the sunshine. However, no matter how frequently you use your grill, you will need to ensure that you’re cleaning it each time before you use it again.

It’s understandable to see why, too. After all, when you’re cooking up a delicious meal on your grill, you don’t want it to be mixed with the germs of the last food you cooked. It’s unsanitary! On top of that, it could affect the grill’s performance, as well as make it look unappealing.

So how do you clean a Traeger grill? Traeger is one of the most popular grill manufacturers, offering their famous and original wood pellet grill, so it’s not unlikely that you might have one of their machines.

Thankfully, we’ve got all the answers for you! In the detailed guide below, you’ll find a complete breakdown of how to clean a Trager grill, as well as what you’ll need to use and what times you should be doing it. Read on!

What Will You Need To Clean A Traeger Grill?

Before we cover how to clean a Traeger grill, you’ll need to know what equipment you’ll need to do such a job. After all, if you don’t have the right items prepared beforehand, you’re not going to be able to do the job.

A Grill Cleaner

Firstly, you’ll want a store-bought grill cleaner. Make absolutely sure when you purchase one that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, since those chemicals could affect the food you’re cooking on the grill later. On top of that, try to use a cleaner that’s biodegradable and all natural.

If you can’t get a grill cleaner, there are some household items that you could use in its place. For example, water with dishwashing liquid mixed in can do a good job, as can a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Additionally, just distilled white vinegar on its own can be effective.

Finally, carefully rubbing a large slice of lemon or onion on a heated grill surprisingly works, too! However, be careful of the heat, so attach the slice to a stick.

Paper Towels Or Single-Use Cotton Rags

Wiping your Traeger grill will be essential to cleaning it, but what should you wipe it with? A heavy-duty, good quality paper towel is one option, because it’s strong and can be immediately disposed of.

Similarly, a single-use cotton rag will work well, too. The reason you only want to use disposable wipes is because you don’t want the grill’s germs to go in your washing machine, infecting everything else you wash.

Nylon-Bristled Brush

On top of wipes, you’ll need a brush to clean the grill grates. You should use one that has nylon bristles, because they will be sturdy enough to not break off and remain in the grill, potentially getting in your future meals.

If you used a brush with wire bristles instead, the bristled would likely not withstand the cleaning, breaking off.


A small vacuum cleaner is also needed.

How To Clean A Traeger Grill

How To Clean A Traeger Grill (1)

Now that you’ve got the right materials and items, it’s time to clean!

Step One: Cool

To begin with, you need to make sure your grill is completely cooled down before cleaning it, otherwise you could hurt yourself.

Step Two: Grill Grates

Take your all-natural grill cleaner and spray the grill grates, then remove the grates and clean both sides of them thoroughly with your cotton rag or paper towels. After that, spray the inside of the grill’s chimney with the grill cleaner too.

Step Three: Drip Tray And Hopper

Next up, you want to get rid of any drip tray liners there are (or foil liners instead). Once you’ve done that, carefully remove the drip tray from the Traeger grill, and remove the heat baffle too.

Following that, empty all the wooden pellets from the grill’s hopper.

Step Four: Vacuuming

Now you want to take your vacuum cleaner and use it inside the grill, making sure you vacuum every inch. After that, vacuum the inside of the hopper and the firepot, cleaning away every piece of sawdust that you can see.

Step Five: Chimney

Afterward, turn your attention to the chimney, whose inside you need to scrub thoroughly.To do this, use the durable paper towels or a single-use cotton rag.

Step Six: Spraying And Soaking

Finally, on the cleaning front, you need to spray both the grill’s inside and outside with your all-natural cleaner. Make sure to cover every inch, then leave it to soak for a few minutes. Once it’s soaked, wipe it clean with paper towels or rags.

Step Seven: Reassembly

With all the cleaning done, dried, and wiped, it’s time to reinsert all the grill parts that you removed: drip tray with new liners, heat baffle, grill grates, and new bucket liners.

When Should You Clean Your Traeger Grill?

You should regularly be cleaning your Traeger grill, because it’s essential to health and safety. However, you don’t need to always be following the full cleaning routine we’ve just outlined.

What Should You Clean After A Use?

After every use, you need to clean the grill grates. Let them cool, then remove them and spray it with the cleaner, before wiping with the appropriate materials.

What Should You Clean After A Few Uses?

After 20 hours of use, you need to clean the inside of the grill thoroughly. This includes following all the steps above.

What Should You Clean Every Three Months?

You should also have a habit of thoroughly cleaning the outside of the grill every three months, but you need to unplug it and let it cool down first. Use non-abrasive cleaning products.

The Grease Drip

Finally, you need to inspect the grease drip every six months, letting the grill cool and scraping the drip’s grease with a nonmetal tool.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to thoroughly clean your Traeger grill regularly.