If you are a big fan of spending as much time outdoors as possible, then one of the best improvements you can make to your home is constructing an outdoor kitchen. Having the option to prepare your food outdoors is extremely refreshing and can be perfect for entertaining, especially in a warmer climate where a kitchen can get very stuffy.

This will also aid with transporting food if you are planning to eat outdoors. This also makes it easier to serve food which is being grilled.

However, the project of making an outdoor kitchen yourself is not something you should underestimate, and it is something that takes a lot more skill than you would imagine.

You will need to ensure that before you start any permanent steps, that you are sure of your budget as well as your schedule, and also that you have, or can learn, all the necessary DIY skills needed.

What Defines An Outdoor Kitchen

Even if it is just a patio or a deck based area for grilling, you can still call this an outdoor kitchen, but there are extra features and amenities that can make it even better.

For example, you will want to be recreating as many of the features of an indoor kitchen, only outdoors. This includes different cooking appliances, as well as spaces for storage, and an area which is wholly dedicated to eating.

If you want a more useful and multi-faceted outdoors kitchen, you will need to have more utilities. These will require having a working gas or electricity line, as well as running water for a sink. These make a simple grilling area look a lot more simple.

What is most important when it comes to considering which outdoor kitchen will be best for you, is making what you know you will use, and something which you have wanted for a while!

What You Need To Consider Before You Start

What You Need To Consider Before You Start

As we referenced in the introduction, there are plenty of aspects to making an outdoor kitchen which you may have not even considered depending on how much thought you have given the project.

For example, your budget should be a top priority, but you will also need to keep in mind how your yard is laid out, as well as the style of outdoor kitchen you want, and what you want to be able to prepare in it.

If you think you will be entertaining quite often, you will want to have a more large-scale outdoor kitchen which features countertops, an oven, a stove, a sink, and even a refrigerator. You will of course need to think about the shelter this will need depending on your climate as well.

However, if you do not think you will be using the kitchen as much, then you will want something more toned down, for example, just some countertops, the grill or cooking area, and maybe some storage. By only getting what you know you will use, you will save a lot of money.

Depending on how much you are doing for your outdoor kitchen, it will take around 2 to 3 weeks for you to build your outdoor kitchen. This will also depend on how much work you are doing yourself, and how much you will be DIY-ing.

We also heavily recommend, especially if you are making a more high scale outdoor kitchen, that you ensure that you have plenty of experience before starting.

This is not the style of project for a beginner, this is because of the large time investment, the cost of materials, and how easy it can be to ruin some fundamental steps. For example, you will be working with plumbing and electrics which can be difficult, but also dangerous depending on your skill level.

Make sure you have considered all possibilities when it comes to the location of your outdoor kitchen as well. Most people want the kitchen to be quite close to their indoor kitchen, especially if it is planned for a lot of food to be moved between the two.

This will also make connecting electrical, gas, and water lines a lot more simple. You will also want to focus on an area which is level, stable, and dry.

If you want the area to not be stuck in the sun, then try to choose an area which has leafy trees to block this out. There could also be other elements of your yard which you will want to think about.

This could be a pool, or a septic tank, or a hot tub, or even something as simple as a fence. You also want to think about where buried lines are as well.


While there is a lot of freedom when it comes to planning the layout of an outdoor kitchen compared to an indoor one, there are often regulations and codes which you will need to keep in mind when it comes to your construction.

While you are still in the planning stage, you will want to plan time to talk to your permitting department in your local government.

They will be able to give you the information you need when it comes to building codes, and any permits that you may need. For example, running an electrical or gas line to an outdoor kitchen will nearly always need to be permitted.

If you want to build a structure to cover your outdoor kitchen, you will also need planning permission for this. And, before you do any digging, call 811 or a local utility damage prevention service to check your vital lines so you do not damage them.

When You Should Be Building An Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to the timing for making an outdoor kitchen, if you have all the skills needed, the materials and the appliances as well, you will want to give yourself between 1 and 3 weeks to get this project done.

However, you may need to give even more time if you are preparing something like a patio slab as well.

When it comes to seasonal timing, you will want to aim for a time of year when you are sure that your region will be suitably mild as well as dry.

You will not want to worry about how precipitation or snow will be hampering your progress, and the heat that comes with summer can slow down your work quite significantly.

We also recommend that if you are making a shelter as part of the project, that you start with this stage as it will make the rest of the construction easier. Also, if it is winter in a colder region, you do not want to be doing any digging when the ground is frozen solid.

If you are getting any help with your project, you of course need to ensure that those who are helping you know what your schedule is and if they are available.

Summary – When To Get Professional Aid

As we have reiterated throughout this guide, this is not a DIY project for beginners, even if it is a more simple outdoor kitchen.

So if you are unsure, we recommend consulting a professional so you can talk them through your specific plans and then assess how feasible doing the project yourself is.