Cooking outdoors used to have a reputation for simplicity.

You wouldn’t expect to find much more in an outdoor kitchen apart from a simple grill and maybe a smoker box. You could still have a good time (and some good food) but your options were limited.

But brands like Lynx Grills are pushing what you can do with an outdoor kitchen. As well as professional-quality grills, you can expect to find a range of appliances for different cooking styles.

With Lynx, your outdoor kitchen becomes a place where you can craft all kinds of meals and experiment with new cuisines.

Of course, open-air kitchens are also a place to relax and entertain. Want some ideas for taking your yard to the next level? Check out these high-quality outdoor kitchens and be inspired.

Stone Facing Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

The use of natural stone helps this Lynx outdoor kitchen blend into the natural surroundings.

With contrasting textures and a range of neutral shades, it looks like a rock formation has taken up residence in your backyard. Only better, because it has a grill and sink.

Adding under-the-counter lights helps increase the versatility of your outdoor kitchen. On balmy summer evenings, you’ll still have enough light to navigate.

This also helps pick out the contrasting textures of the design: the rugged edges of the stone and the shine of the metal.

Blending modern and traditional, this Lynx outdoor kitchen design is perfect for those who want a useful setup that matches the setting.

Minimalist White Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Create a Mediterranean feel in your outdoor kitchen with the use of a limited color palette and clean white tones. For a yard that gets a lot of sun, the white will create a bright and airy space.

Plus, you can pack your outdoor kitchen with everything from a Lynx grill to a Lynx cocktail center and it won’t look overwhelmed.

In contrast to the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, the busy floor tiles of this kitchen add a heaping of visual interest. By choosing patterned tile flooring, you can keep your workspace simple without it becoming boring.

Another advantage to tile floors — they’re super easy to clean if the grill starts to splatter. Don’t hold back on your sauces and marinades, because you can just wipe them away at the end of the meal.

Trellis Backed Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Some people like to have their outdoor kitchen feel as if it’s integrated directly into the backyard. These designs are completely open, allowing the chef and guests to move in and out of the kitchen with ease.

But some people prefer a more closed design, like this trellis-backed outdoor kitchen by Lynx. It isn’t completely blocked off, so you can still feel the outdoors in your outdoor kitchen, but the dividing walls help separate the space.

This is great for creating a little privacy, especially if you have neighbors who take an active interest in your grill skills. But it’s also good for a chef that likes to concentrate.

With your power burner tucked away from prying eyes, you can avoid backseat barbecuers.

Sleek And Stylish Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Like to entertain a crowd? One of the best things about this Lynx outdoor kitchen is the way it accommodates large groups of people.

There’s plenty of room for friends and family to get comfortable around the workspace, so the chef doesn’t get left out of the party.

Add on plenty of storage space, as well as ample refrigeration room, and you have an outdoor kitchen for big occasions.

Integrating a sink increases versatility, but by keeping the counter space relatively bare, there’s room for all your dishes and drinks.

By finishing with a simple wooden roof, you can use your outdoor kitchen throughout the seasons. From spring picnics to summer barbecues to fall potlucks, the roof provides a touch of protection.

Sandstone Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Who says an outdoor kitchen means you have to sacrifice appliances? This stunning Lynx outdoor kitchen shows that location isn’t everything. You can build a professional-style kitchen in even an exterior space.

A large outdoor oven massively increases the versatility of your outdoor kitchen. Combined with an Asado cooktop grill, you can serve your guests the best pizza this side of Italy.

Make sure to keep a bottle of Cava chilling in your outdoor fridge!

But that’s just the start of your outdoor kitchen creations.

Stacking the appliances allows you to make the most of the space. And surrounding your cookware with pale, sandstone-style brickwork helps tone down the effect of numerous grills and ovens.

Curved Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

A good outdoor kitchen optimizes the space that it’s in. You don’t have to conform to the standards of your indoor kitchen by placing everything in a rectangle.

Instead, you need to work with the space to create something that suits your exterior area.

That’s what this Lynx outdoor kitchen does so well. By curving the counter space, it fits neatly into the natural layout of the yard.

And when you make the most of the space, you can fit more in. Instead of a grill or an outdoor oven, why not try both?

Curving the kitchen can increase the interior of your outdoor kitchen while also providing extra room on the countertops. Plus, the curving movement of the kitchen encourages conversation.

Red Brick Outdoor Kitchen

The state-of-the-art all Trident gas grill is the centerpiece of this outdoor kitchen. It’s the kind of gleaming beauty that you’ll want to invite friends, acquaintances, and even strangers on the street to come over and have a look at.

For a piece of equipment this spectacular, you need an outdoor kitchen to match. The quiet and neutral tones of the light brick surround pair well with the seamlessly welded grill, allowing both features to shine.

Against the dark contrast of the red brick background, your gas grill will pop (but not literally).

This is the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen and the careful color design means it immediately catches your eye. Now, just imagine this grill with a rotisserie chicken on top…

Luxury Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

A luxury outdoor kitchen considers every aspect of the design, from the floor to the ceiling to how it fits into the space. It should all form one cohesive unit, while also functioning as a working kitchen.

Separating the kitchen and dining area from the rest of the yard with an arched screen helps craft an intimate feel to this outdoor kitchen.

You can imagine romantic summer evenings spent under the soft lighting, grabbing a bottle of wine from the outdoor refrigerator and throwing some fresh fish on the grill.

Finished with a mixture of different unit sizes, this is an outdoor kitchen that really takes advantage of the space.

Modern Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

If you have an outdoor space surrounded by gorgeous views there’s no better place to soak up the scenery than an outdoor kitchen!

Just make sure to divide your attention evenly between the sunset and the grill. Although, even a burnt burger can taste 5-star in the right outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen can be the perfect modern addition to your home. Outdoor kitchen equipment isn’t just confined to backyard barbecues.

Modern appliances like side burners and countertop ovens make this a space that is useful as well as attractive.

Keep the design simple with clean lines that echo the sleek finish of your appliances. Throw in an outdoor refrigerator and easy-to-clean countertops for a space that you’ll love to relax in.

Marble Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing says luxury more than marble countertops! Apart from maybe a combination of marble countertops and an outdoor beverage dispenser. This is happy hour taken to the next level.

What makes an outdoor cocktail station better than grabbing a beer from the fridge? For a start, the built-in ice station means you can grab an ice-cold beer without having to leave your outdoor kitchen.

And there’s a bottle opened right there, for convenience.

But when you want to make happy hour even happier, the beverage station is made for experimental cocktails. There’s space for you to store your bottles, a side sink for your mix-ins and garnishes, and ice ready to go.

All you need is a little paper umbrella!


Combining functionality with performance, Lynx outdoor kitchens are about showcasing the Lynx grills and kitchen equipment.

With appliances spanning everything from professional-style grills to compact cooktops, the Lynx range can be adapted to suit your style, space, and experience.

We hope these Lynx outdoor kitchens have provided plenty of inspiration for your own open-air kitchen designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Lynx Outdoor Kitchens?

Lynx outdoor kitchens are exterior spaces fitted with Lynx appliances. These include grills, outdoor ovens, side burners, refrigerators, sinks, and storage spaces, among other options.

What Should I Put In My Lynx Outdoor Kitchen?

A good outdoor kitchen is a kitchen that works for you. It’s not about creating the most glamorous space, but about combining functionality with form, for an outdoor kitchen that you’ll want to get cooking in.