Sure, your barbecue grill will be the key element of your summer cookouts yet it may not cover everything. While your steaks, burgers, and dogs will be taken care of, what about those other dishes?

You may need to heat up a barbecue sauce or boil up some pasta for a vegetarian option. With a BBQ side burner, you can enjoy that extra convenience of an indoor stovetop to your grill.

In this guide, we will look at ten high-quality BBQ side burners to take a look at.

Why You Should Consider A BBQ Side Burner

There are many elements to a successful barbecue. Clearly, the range of dishes is important which makes it important to get them all ready at the same time. Your priority should be the main grill yet the difference could be those little touches. That’s where your side burner comes in.

It could be infrared searing that creates that smoky and delectable texture on several cuts of meat. Then again, you could simply use the side burner for some ideal side dishes.

Multi-tasking can be difficult yet a side burner can make it so much easier. Instead of having to head indoors to look out for a pan of pasta and some barbecue sauce, you could be looking out for it next to your main grill.

  1. RCS Drop-In Single Side Burner
  2. DCS Series 9 Natural Gas Double Side Burner And Griddle
  3. Summerset Built-In Sear Side Burner
  4. Blaze Grills Double Side Burner
  5. Coyote Cart-Mounted Single Side Burner
  6. Lynx Built-In Single Side Burner
  7. Alfresco Built-In Sear Zone Side Burner
  8. DCS Series 7 Built-In Double Side Burner
  9. Bonfire Drop-In Single Side Burner
  10. Bull Outdoor Single Side Burner

1. RCS Drop-In Single Side Burner

Some side burners simply excel from their excellent design. The RCS Drop-In Single Side Burner has an easy operation and better airflow. The stainless steel also helps, both for even heating and a removable cover. That’s 304 stainless steel too so you know it is constructed well.

  • Push Button Ignition – Simple operation and ease of use.
  • Improved Airflow – This grate will have a better airflow due to its elevation above the grill burner.

2. DCS Series 9 Natural Gas Double Side Burner And Griddle

Should you have room in your outdoor BBQ set-up, opt for the DCS Double Side Burner. Certainly, if you have other DCS Series barbecue products already there to create a unified operation.

With a griddle that goes up to 12,000 BTU, you can really give your grilling a boost. Not to mention the 17,000 BTU from the side burners themselves.

  • Removable Drip Tray – Ideal for quick cleaning.
  • Stainless Steel Covers – Keep your burners protected from the outside weather.

3. Summerset Built-In Sear Side Burner

As a searing option, you cannot beat this sear side burner from Summerset. Consider your cuts of meat and you should be able to fit them in. That could mean a fair few steaks or just a couple of chops. Especially with a cooking surface that measures a considerable 212 square inches.

  • High Performance – Capable of 15,000 BTUs with temperatures up to 1,600°F
  • Large Cooking Surface – Ample space for searing several cuts of meat.

4. Blaze Grills Double Side Burner

With a limited budget, you can still consider a double side burner. This is the ideal option if you use natural gas as each brass burner hits 12,000 BTUs.

The ignition system is simple enough, just push and turn the knob for a trustworthy flame. Once you are done, benefit from the drip tray for a simple clean up.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Grate – Go for the heavy duty and durable option.
  • Total of 24,000 BTUs – Two cast brass burners for a considerable heat output.

5. Coyote Cart-Mounted Single Side Burner

There are several options with the Coyote series of burners. Choose from the single or double burner but the cart-mounted single side burner is probably the most versatile.

A freestanding gas grill still amounts to 15,000 BTUs which should be plenty. With a 304 stainless steel construction and a lifetime warranty, you can really get cooking.

  • Lifetime Warranty – The housing, burners, and frame are all warranted for life.
  • Freestanding Gas Grill – That extra option and some great convenience.

6. Lynx Built-In Single Side Burner

With a brass plated burner, you can ramp up your grilling by another 15,000 BTUs. There’s even easy cleaning as the burner and its basin are both sealed.

Forget about those tough to clean gaps as the design fails to have any. Then there’s the Lynx Glow coil ignition that is designed to work with another Lynx grill.

  • Versatile Burners – Ideal if you want some low simmering or an intensely high heat.
  • Blue LEDs – Control illumination that looks great too.

7. Alfresco Built-In Sear Zone Side Burner

If you need a side burner that excels at searing then this is the one. Consider the 27,500 BTUs that provide exceptional heat. With preheating, that could mean more than 1,500 degrees in just four minutes. Lock in those delicious juices and enhance that smoky flavor with a U-grate that does the job.

  • 110V Ignition – A simple ignition system for easy operation.
  • Quick Preheating – Get a head-start on your searing.

8. DCS Series 7 Built-In Double Side Burner

If you want all the options of indoor cooking with your outdoor grill then opt for a double side burner. That means precise heat control and a sleek appearance.

While using the barbecue grill, you can get a full meal ready simultaneously. That’ll sure impress your guests when everything hits the table at the same time, all expertly cooked.

  • Total Of 34,000 BTUs – Two 17,000 BTU sealed burners add up to some formidable grilling
  • Metal Control Knobs – Exact heat control for precise cooking.

9. Bonfire Drop-In Single Side Burner

The great thing about a side burner may simply be that it is ready and waiting when you need it. With a stainless steel cover, you can keep this one under wraps until a large gathering calls for it.

There’s 12,000 BTUs which should be enough considering the fine detail that goes into the build. The brushed finish also looks great when you unveil it for your next cookout.

  • Versatile Use – This built-in side burner could work in a barbecue island, an outdoor kitchen, or a gas grill.
  • Excellent Customer Service – If you find a fault, their customer service should be able to fix it.

10. Bull Outdoor Single Side Burner

Using natural gas on a Pelizo igniter means an easy performance. The 304 stainless steel is ideal for durability so you need not worry about replacing it.

Include the grates and you can appreciate the quality that goes into the side burner’s construction. That all comes with a powder-coated finish for that extra touch.

  • Powder-Coated Finish – A luxurious look.
  • Pelizo Lighter – Ideal for long-lasting performance.

Buyers Guide

Try to consider what the ideal configuration would be for your BBQ side burner. There are several to choose from yet there are some key setup options to think about.

You can either go for a cart-mounted and affixed grill side burner or just a brand-specific cart-mounted side burner. That’s right, look at the brand of your barbecue grill and you may have to match it up for the side burner.

With a bespoke barbecue island, you can create the grill options of your dreams. Either a built-in side burner with outward-facing knobs or a drop-in burner with upward-facing knobs.

Both will be level with your counter yet there is also a budget to consider. For pure functionality, opt for a single or double side burner yet you could also get an infrared searing station if meat is your priority.

Size also matters as you may need a side burner to fit into a specific space next to your grilling station. For a bespoke option, you could build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams by choosing a single brand and putting it all together.

That may be ideal if some side burners contain certain features that require another connected grill. You also want the whole grilling station to look consistent yet with all the options you need.


  • Quality 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Single or Double Burners
  • Number of BTU’s
  • Built-in or Drop-In Configuration
  • Infrared Searing
  • Easy to Clean Design
  • Ample Cooking Surface
  • Simple Ignition

Final Thoughts

You may never realize how much you needed a side burner until you start using one, especially for a large cookout with a bunch of friends.

While there are side burners that can provide that extra element of searing, a lot of their appeal comes from their versatility. Simply having the option of an extra grill for that one pan means having a side dish ready for the table when the meat is just right.

No more expert time management, just keep checking each grill that is within reach and in sight.