When designing your new home and giving your current home an upgrade, an important aspect is the appliances. From the toaster to the washing machine, you want everything to have its place and most importantly, work well.

Hestan is a well-known brand when it comes to home appliances and having them throughout your home will only enhance your life experience. But if this is the first time you are hearing of Hestan, not to worry!

Below is a comprehensive guide to Hestand Appliances and everything they have to offer. We go over who they are, what products are worth consideration and why you need Hestan in your home.

Let’s get into it!

History Of The Hestan Brand

In the 1970s, Stanley Cheng designed hard-anodized aluminum cookware for the world and has since been a leader in the culinary cookware industry. Over the years the brand has branched out from nonstick cookware to industry-changing appliances.

Hestan reinvented the kitchen in collaboration with the best chefs in the country, upgrading form, function, and execution via careful innovation.

Because of this, The French Laundry, Bouchon, and Per Se, three of Chef Thomas Keller’s highly regarded restaurants, all include Hestan appliances. Hestan Indoor now offers that level of performance, which has been truly proven by chefs, for your kitchen.

Hestan has also launched an outdoor line where you can take the same brilliance in your home to your backyard. With a collection of heavy-duty yet meticulous gas grills, you are sure to feel like a true chef whenever you cook with your Hestan grills.

Then there is the renowned Hestan Vineyards, which is covered with malbec, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and petit verdot. Our vines not only feed many of Napa Valley’s elite wineries, but they also help shape the characteristics of Hestan’s varietals.

Essentially, when you buy anything from the Hestan brand, you are sure to be provided with excellent and professional quality appliances.

What You Need To Know

With the Hestan brand being so expensive, it can be hard to know where to start. Below is everything you need to know about Hestan and the products they offer:

Country Of Origin

The first thing you have to know is that all of Hestan’s products are made in the USA. Using only the best materials, Hestand appliances are made in their state-of-the-art production facilities in gorgeous Southern California.

Their wine is also made in the vineyard in Napa Valley, ensuring their customers are only given the best quality.

Hestan Ranges

As you browse through the ranges that Hestan has on offer, you can easily become overwhelmed. We have broken it down and made it easy to understand. Below are all of the ranges that you can find at Hestan:

  • Hestan Refrigeration: Whether built-in or under-counter, refrigeration is the beating heart of any kitchen. The top chefs understand how important quality refrigeration is to maintaining the freshness of their ingredients for dishes of restaurant standard. Built-in refrigerators from Hestan feature stainless steel interiors with EverCrisp drawers that feature antibacterial food storage and bead blasted stainless steel interiors. Hestan refrigerators provide EvenFlow air circulating technology to safeguard your food items with a layer of cool air to keep them fresh. To provide their consumers with the highest caliber built-in refrigeration equipment, Hestan combines innovation with design.
  • Hestan Grills: Hestan grills are expertly made in the USA and feature the revolutionary weight-balanced Horizon hood, motion-activated Stadium lighting, a hidden rotisserie spit, and other features that are unmatched in the industry. Only Hestan has an infrared top burner that gives you the same power and versatility for cooking outside as you do indoors! You will be amazed by Hestan’s innovative glow ignition backlit knobs while you prepare meals on their outdoor kitchen appliances. Powerful 25,000 BTU Trellis burners with better heat distribution and precise controls are available on Hestan grills.
  • Hestan Ventilation: Every kitchen requires a ventilation system to operate effectively, yet ventilation systems differ in their construction. The air in your home needs to be kept clean and fresh during and after cooking, which calls for more forceful ventilation when using ranges and kitchen appliances of professional quality. Your cooking area, whether indoors or outdoors, will be properly ventilated thanks to Hestan ventilation’s innovative design and high-performance technology. Get the efficient, quiet ventilation you require by combining a Hestan ventilation hood with your range right away!
  • Hestan Dishwasher: We all leave the dishes piling up until we simply cannot take it anymore, and Hestan gets that. Their dishwashers are designed to clean everything from stock pots to cutlery without making much noise. Designed with their Double Axial Washing System, you will never wash a dish by hand again!


When you browse the appliances by Hestan, you will notice that they definitely have their own style when it comes to how their products look.

Hestan’s product lines are all characterized by their crisp, clean forms that exhibit minimalist efficiency. However, don’t be deceived by the ranges’ angular silhouettes.

Hestan ranges come in a variety of rich, exuberant hues that can either establish the color pattern for your kitchen or add a dash of bright exuberance to an already established mood.

You can choose the color that’s ideal for you from the stunning possibilities of Grove Green, Matador Red, Bora Bora Turquoise, and many others.

The Marquis pattern plate with an attractive background that supports the silver control knobs and a matching handle held by mirrored end caps above the door-width glass further enhance the color. tidy, vibrant, and lovely

Best Hestan Products

Now that you know what to expect from Hestan and their products, it is time to discuss their products on an individual level. Below are some of the best products from Hestan.

We have included a product from each range to give you an estimation of the appliances you can have in your home!

1. 36” Pro Style Bottom Mount, Top Compressor Refrigerator- KRP Series

In a typical cabinet cutout, the Hestan 36″ refrigerator with bottom-mount freezer offers superior food preservation, adaptable storage, and deeper capacity. Each compartment has its own independent ventilation system thanks to the EvenFlow Air Circulating TechnologyTM, which regulates temperature evenly and precisely.

For the ultimate culinary cold storage solution, combine it with a Hestan wine cellar.

This is the perfect luxury refrigerator for large families, or for people who enjoy hosting parties for large groups of people. With so much space to fill, you may want to expand your grocery budget!

2. 30” 4-Burner All Gas Range- KRG Series

The simmer flame setting on the burners of the 30″ all-gas range ensures a gentle, non-flickering flame of 500 BTUs for the most delicate sauces.

In order to maximize baking, broiling, roasting, and convection baking, the high-performance oven has proprietary PureVectionTM technology, which electronically regulates numerous heating convection systems.

If you are only cooking for yourself or simply don’t have a large kitchen this smaller gas cooker will be your best friend. With all of the features of a restaurant-style oven, you can create some incredible meals without needing a massive oven to do so.

3. 36” Hestan Outdoor Deluxe Grill With Double Side Burner

Hestan deluxe grills offer high-performance power, premium-grade construction, simple maneuverability, and lots of space for food preparation.

The Halogen Stadium LightsTM illuminates your whole cooking area as the heavy-duty Horizon HoodTM opens quickly and remains in position at the appropriate height for easy access. Even more culinary diversity is provided by the integrated, ultra-quiet rotisserie.

4. 24” Dishwasher- KDW Series

The kitchen is kept tidy and silent with the incredibly quiet Hestan dishwasher. The AquaStop Detection TechnologyTM turns off the water supply at the first sign of any leak, while our revolutionary Double Axial Washing SystemTM delivers the most effective washing process for complete coverage and optimal water utilization.

Last but not least, the door automatically opens to improve ventilation, remove snags, and conserve electricity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Manufactures Hestan?

A division of Meyer Corporation, the largest cookware supplier in the United States and the second largest in the world, Hestan Outdoor is a premium appliance manufacturer that specializes in high-end stainless steel residential grilling systems. The complete product line was developed in the US.

Are High-End Appliance Ranges Worth It?

For individuals who demand the greatest in craftsmanship, supplies, and cooking outcomes, high-end ranges are worthwhile investments. They are in every manner a significant improvement above the typical models.

Final Thoughts

When designing your perfect home, the final touches are always in the details. And the details are the appliances. Hestan makes high-end luxury appliances that you can trust to last you years.

With their sleek designs and luxurious software, each machine is made to perfection. You will never go back!

Above is a full overview of the Heston brand. You now know everything you need to know about Hestan, their ethos, and the best products they offer.

Whether you are upgrading your home with a quiet dishwasher or getting summer ready with a gas grill, Hestan has got your back!