When it comes to outdoor cooking, there is more on offer than just grills.

While grills are the go-to appliance for outdoor cooking, more and more enthusiasts are opting for alternative appliances to explore new methods of cooking and try out new flavors in their food.

One popular choice is smokers – a barbecuing apparatus that cooks the food inside at a low temperature. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can even have yours built into your outdoor kitchen.

If you are thinking about getting a smoker for your outdoor kitchen, then check out some of the best options available to you in the list below!

1. Coyote Built-In Asado Cooker

The first smoker on our list is this built-in smoker from Coyote.

It may look pretty small with only 254 square inches of cooking space but it functions as more than just a classic smoker. There are options for searing and grilling too – you can even use it to make pizzas and flatbreads!

This makes it super versatile and more valuable for money as you can use it even when you don’t want to smoke your food!

It’s also high quality and expertly designed with adjustable venting to help you get the precise temperatures you need and a heat-resistant ceramic construction so it is safer to use.

Its compact design makes it easy to install in your outdoor kitchen area so it’s much more accessible than other larger, clunkier smokers.


  • This smoker also doubles as a grill and sear for more versatility.
  • It’s well-designed with plenty of features to help you have control over your cooking experience.


  • Its compact design means it may be too small for some chefs.

2. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are great for their consistency as the electric dial and digital controls allow you to get the precise temperature you need for your cooking.

This makes them super easy to use and a great option for outdoor cooks who prefer eating their barbecued meats rather than the actual cooking part.

One of the best electric built-in smokers is the Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker from Char-Broil. Char-Broil has a fantastic reputation for making high-quality outdoor cooking appliances and this product is no different.

With 725 square inches of cooking space, heavy-duty grates, and remote monitoring and cooking control options, this smoker is an ideal choice for anyone who loves the taste of outdoor cooking but wants an easy cooking experience.

It’s one of the larger smokers out there, which makes it a little too big and clunky for some outdoor kitchens, but it’s sleek digital design also makes it a great choice for modern-styled outdoor kitchen spaces.


  • Powered electrically for easy digital controls.
  • Large in size so it offers lots of cooking space.


  • Its large size also makes it more difficult for some people to fit it into their limited outdoor cooking space.

3. Kamado Joe Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker

This smoker from Kamado actually functions as a grill too, making it incredibly versatile. Not only do you get a functioning smoker but an additional 250 square inch cooking space to double as a second grill if you are planning on cooking up a feast.

The digital features of this charcoal grill make your cooking experience a lot easier too, thanks to the automatic fire starter button for instant ignition, temperature control through the digital control board, and lifting handles so you can safely load and unload the grill.

Smoking your food is also super easy and hassle-free, so you can get the best of both worlds.However, as this smoker also functions as a grill, it does make it one of the most costly options on this list!


  • This smoker also doubles as a grill for more versatility.
  • The automatic firestarter button and digital controls give you easier control over your cooking.


  • Pretty costly, making it unaffordable for many people.

4 Weber 14-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is a fairly basic smoker that lacks the super fancy extra features that the previously mentioned smokers do. However, this makes it very easy to use and a lot more affordable so if you have a very tight budget, this is definitely a smoker to consider.

It’s 14 by 14 inches to give a moderate 286 square inches of cooking space but it is designed with excellent heat retention, airflow adjustment, and temperature control so you can easily cook your meals exactly the way you want.

However, the lack of digital features and the fact you have to rely on a built-in thermometer can be a learning curve – but for some chefs, that’s part of the fun of outdoor cooking!

Durable and easy to install in a small outdoor kitchen, this smoker is definitely an attractive option for a lot of outdoor cooking enthusiasts!


  • Durable thanks to its high-quality materials.
  • Super affordable so it’s more accessible to more people.


  • Limited cooking space and lack of additional features make it very simple and basic.

5. Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane Smoker

Another affordable smoker option for outdoor chefs on tight budgets is Masterbuilt’s 2 Door propane smoker.

Propane smokers are very easy to use as the push-to-ignite button makes heating up the space quick and simple. It also means you have a ton of control over the burner temperatures so you can cook your food evenly and at the temperature you desire.

It’s a pretty big smoker with 731 square inches of cooking space, making it a great choice for outdoor chefs who often cook for large groups.

However, we hope you have a large enough outdoor cooking area to fit this smoker in! It’s pretty large but that size allows for more cooking space and important features like the chip bowls to prevent any flare-ups, water bowl, and more stainless steel racks!


  • This large smoker is capable of cooking a lot of food all at once.
  • Has some additional features for ease of use, like the push-to-ignite button.


  • It’s large size makes it more difficult to fit into a small outdoor kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Built-In Smoker For You

Before you dive in and purchase your built-in smoker, there are a ton of factors you need to consider first. Otherwise, you could end up regretting your decision!

Take a look at the factors below, carefully consider them, and then this will help you choose the best built-in smoker for you and your outdoor kitchen.

Heat Source And Fuel

Like with grills, there are lots of different heat sources and types of fuel to choose from.

Some smokers are heated by electricity or gas, while others use fuels like chips, pellets, or charcoal to get that authentic barbecue flavor.

While electric and gas provide good temperature control and consistency, some outdoor cooking enthusiasts prefer to work with a more difficult heat source to challenge their skills and learn a new method of cooking.

So, carefully consider what you want your cooking experience to be – do you want to try something new, or are you after a smoker because you want that sweet, smoky barbecue flavor in your cooking in a hassle-free way?


Because you are after a built-in smoker, it’s vital that you find one that actually fits into your kitchen space. You need to measure out where you want your smoker to go and if it can handle the dimensions of your preferred smoker – otherwise, you may not be able to fit it in!

Not only that but the size of the smoker also affects how much food you are able to ‘smoke’ with each use so you need to keep this in mind too.


Finally, we have the price of your built-in smokers.

Smokers are not the most ‘budget friendly’ of outdoor kitchen appliances so you need to set yourself a budget and stick within those boundaries. It’s easy to go overboard with your spending, especially on hobbies you are passionate about like outdoor cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a smoker in an outdoor kitchen?

Smokers are a popular outdoor cooking method used as a fun alternative to your regular grilling. A lot of people prefer to use a smoker as it adds a distinctive smoky flavor to the food that you cannot get just by grilling.

So, yes – you absolutely can add a smoker to your outdoor kitchen area. Some smokers are freestanding so you can just wheel them up and ‘park’ them in your outdoor kitchen area, while others can be built into your cabinets and islands.

Can a smoker be left outside in winter?

Smokers can be left outside in the winter if they are sheltered. If you want a built-in smoker, you should get one if your outdoor cooking area is sheltered and can easily be protected against the elements during the winter.

However, if you do not have sheltered space for your smoker, you may be better off with a freestanding one that you can store indoors during the winter.

Never use your smoker indoors as it’s unsafe but it can easily wait in the garage until summer when you can wheel it out and start using it again.