The best outdoor kitchens manage to blend function with appearance. Attractive countertops and classic materials make the kitchen a focal point, without obscuring the fact that this is still a practical space.

Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens can act as inspiration for any chef who wants a design they can really get cooking in. These spaces are perfect for families who love to act as hosts, with ample room for guests, prep, and, inevitably, clean-up.

But they aren’t all about practicality. Yes, you can cook in a Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen, but it’s also a space you’ll love to show off. Guests will marvel at your perfectly grilled steaks, well-stocked outdoor fridges, and the gleam of your stainless steel appliances.

Ready to be inspired? Take a look at 11 amazing Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens, and discover new ways to use your yard.

1. Marble Tops With Dark Cabinets Outdoor Kitchen

The size and complexity of this design show just how far you can stretch the limits of the outdoor kitchen. Why stay stuck inside when you can have everything you need in your yard, including the oven and cabinets as well as your smoker?

There’s this false idea that the outdoor kitchen might limit just what you can cook, but this Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen proves that wrong. There doesn’t have to be an end to your cooking experimentation with this unit!

But equally, the casual breakfast bar and open space ensure you can enjoy a morning coffee (or evening beer) just as comfortably. A truly versatile outdoor kitchen.

2. Blue Cabinets With Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

Simplicity shines in this outdoor kitchen design, combining dark blue cabinets with elegant stainless steel for a simple unit. This laidback design is perfect for the chef who prefers grilled meats by the pool over haute couture at the dining table.

Even though this is a smaller unit, there’s plenty of storage and counter space. You don’t have to bring the entire kitchen outside to have a useful outdoor room!

The dark blue, combined with that clear stainless steel, captures a Mediterranean feel, while the darker countertops add a modern touch. Try pairing grilled fish with a quick Greek salad and a glass of crisp white wine, enjoyed in your Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen.

3. Enclosed Outdoor Kitchen Design

This enclosed outdoor kitchen design should appeal to the sociable chef who prefers to have the space to themselves. Backseat grillmasters are kept away while you get to work, but the breakfast bar ensures you won’t have to eat alone.

The enclosed design works particularly well in busy yards. Because you have cabinets and units blocking the way, your friends and family can move around the yard without disturbing your grill process. And it also means there’s ample worksurface space.

But it doesn’t mean you have to be a lonely chef! The low breakfast bar and units keep the conversation flowing even when you’re in your cooking element.

4. Warm Stone Outdoor Kitchen

The combination of warm stone and wood cabinets gives this outdoor kitchen a look that will shout summer, even if the weather hasn’t quite caught up.

The unit itself is relatively simple, with less going on than some other Brown Jordan designs. This isn’t exactly a bad thing — you’ll find everything you need tucked underneath the marble countertops! It might not be the place to put together a three-course meal, but you’ll be able to entertain friends and family easily.

Thanks to the smaller base unit, you’ll have more than enough room in your yard to establish a guest area. Try amplifying the natural feel of the kitchen with rattan furniture and muted fabrics.

5. Cool Gray Outdoor Kitchen

Cool gray gives a simple finish to this packed kitchen, preventing it from looking overcrowded and keeping the vibe laid back. The stone flooring is echoed in the brickwork on the walls, and tied together with those gleaming appliances. Tucking the kitchen under a covered roof helps keep the muted tones looking their best.

Cool grays are having a moment, and they’re ideal for a modern outdoor kitchen. In summer, the subtle tones will help turn down the heat and allow the outdoor setting to take center stage. And if you experience colder winters, the tonal grays stop the space from looking dull.

Stylish and sophisticated, this is an outdoor kitchen for a modern home.

6. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Unit

One of the major advantages of an outdoor kitchen is that you can escape the heat of the indoor kitchen in summer, without limiting your meals to salads. In that case, you probably don’t need all the appliances and devices you’d find in a full kitchen.

This Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen is more of an outdoor kitchenette. It hasn’t got a great deal of space or appliances, but it’s good enough for a tasty grill on a warm summer day.

The slight u-shape of the design is practical and appealing, extending the counter space without becoming unwieldy. A rug might not seem like the most obvious addition to the kitchen, but it actually has two useful applications. One, it helps define the kitchen area from the rest of the yard. Two, it prevents any dropped barbecue sauce from staining your paving (it happens)!

7. Covered Outdoor Kitchen And Dining Space

Wherever you cook, there’s going to be a mess, even if all you’re doing is making a sandwich. It’s an inevitable fact of life, and it’s why the kitchen needs cleaning more than the rest of the house.

The outdoor kitchen can need even more cleaning and maintenance, although the occasional sweep and wipe should keep things relatively spotless. But if you live somewhere a little more subject to the elements, consider a covered outdoor kitchen.

Covers won’t mean you never have to clean — it’s a kitchen, that’s impossible. But as you can see in this Brown Jordan design, it protects the most important appliances from the worst of it. And on particularly sunny days, it offers a cool retreat.

8. Relaxed Outdoor Kitchen Unit

Assumed your small yard doesn’t have room for an outdoor kitchen? To put it bluntly — you’re wrong. Any yard can have an outdoor kitchen, as you can see from this Brown Jordan unit that’s leaning toward petite.

By placing the kitchen unit facing the house, you can mimic the traditional kitchen design while creating an enclosed, personal space. It might not be ideal for big family get-togethers, but this is a space designed for romantic evenings. Plus, there’s more than enough room for a few mates and a casual barbecue.

Of course, you don’t just need a small yard to enjoy a compact unit. Pair your outdoor kitchen with a big table and a pool for some understated luxury.

9. Elegant Bisected Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen by Brown Jordan does things a little differently. It separates the kitchen into two distinct units. To one side you have a cooking area with a grill and barbecue. And on the other side, you have the counter space and washing up unit. Each area runs against the side of the house.

For yards that are long rather than wide, this is an excellent design. The kitchen skirts the edge of the house, leaving plenty of yard space for you to relax in. For parties and get-togethers, the bisected design helps separate the “guests” from the “chefs”, so everyone feels comfortable.

10. White Outdoor Kitchen

A gleaming white outdoor kitchen will capture the sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. The breezy feel of this Brown Jordan design ensures that whenever the sun is shining, you’ll be out in the yard, thanks to the welcoming space and luxury finish.

A lot is going on in this outdoor kitchen, making it a versatile space for both entertaining and day-to-day dining. The wooden roof cover allows light in while minimizing glare, and the countertops provide so much space for everything from breakfast buffets to evening drinks.

Plus, the big open sides will provide views that feel like panoramas, even if your yard is a little more blah than Bali.

11. Dark Wood Outdoor Kitchen

The contrast of white cabinets and dark wood edging is what really makes this Brown Jordan outdoor kitchen pop. It’s sleek and sophisticated, with the stainless steel appliances adding a modern touch to a classic design. And check out that countertop fire pit. Date night has never been more romantic!

The simple u-shaped design combined with the separate seating area creates an outdoor kitchen that feels like part of the home. With ample cabinet space and all the appliances you need, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason to eat inside again.

Final Thoughts

Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens tend to favor classic styles over bold looks. Elegant and sophisticated, these kitchens are guaranteed to get plenty of “oohs” and “aahs” when your guests come over.

We hope these Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens have provided you with a wealth of inspiration. Their varying color palettes and ability to blend modern appliances with classic units show just how amazing an outdoor kitchen can look in any yard.