Big Green Egg

Is the Big Green Egg Worth It? Kamado Grill, Ceramic Grill, Charcoal Smoker

Looking for Kamado Grills? The Big Green Egg is currently a favorite for homeowners looking for simple grills of the highest quality possible. This outdoor cooking product offers you total control over each cooking feast, creating the perfect steaks, pork chops, burgers, and more.

The Big Green Egg was first introduced in 1976 in the United States and quickly became a favorite in many homes. It was developed by Ed Fisher and went through several design changes before eventually being introduced to the market.

The egg-shaped dome is made with a porcelain glaze that keeps the interior insulated. Inside, you will find a stainless steel cooking grid and easy access to the charcoal underneath for quick cleaning.


What Are Kamado Grills?

Kamado grills were popularized in Japan for their sleek structure, versatility of use, and ease of maintenance. These ceramic grills have an egg-shaped look that keeps the heat tightly locked inside. This lets you reach a high temperature while cooking without burning off too much charcoal. Precise ceramic cookers like the Big Green Egg let you bake, smoke, cook, roast, and grill all types of food.


Sizing Options

Choose from seven different sizes of the Big Green Egg grills. The most popular models include the Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.


Big Green Egg – 2XL

  • Diameter is 29 inches or 74 cm
  • Weight is 375 lbs or 170 kg
  • Cooking area is 672 square inches
  • Can cook a total of 18 to 20 steaks
  • SKU:120939


XLarge Big Green Egg

  • Diameter is 24 inches or 61cm
  • Weight is 219 lbs or 99 kgs
  • Cooking area is 452 square inches
  • Can cook a total of 12 steaks at the same time.
  • SKU: 128232


Big Green Egg – Large

  • Diameter is 18.25 inches or 46 cm
  • Weight is 162 lbs or 73 kg
  • Cooking area is 262 square inches
  • Can cook a total of 8 steaks at the same time.
  • SKU: 117632


Big Green Egg – Medium

  • Diameter of 15 inches or 38 cm
  • Weight of 113 lbs or 51 kg
  • Cooking area of 177 square inches
  • Grill surface can cook up to 4 steaks at a time.
  • SKU: 117625


Big Green Egg – Small

  • Diameter of 13 inches or 33cm
  • Weight of 80 lbs or 36 kg
  • Cooking area of 133 square inches
  • Grill surface can cook up to 2 steaks at a time


Big Green Egg – MiniMax

  • Diameter of 13 inches or 33 cm
  • Weight of 76 lbs or 35 kgs
  • Height of 19.5 inches
  • Cooking area of 133 square inches
  • Can cook up to 2 steaks at a time
  • SKU: 127051


Big Green Egg – Mini

  • Diameter of 10 inches or 25 cm
  • Weight of 39 lbs or 18 kg
  • Cooking area of square inches
  • The smallest unit available, the Mini, can accommodate 1 steak at a time
  • SKU: 117618


Product Features

The Big Green Egg comes with multiple features to create culinary perfection. While the sizes vary, each grill comes with the exact same technical features to give you consistent results each time:


Heated Air Exits

The top portion of the grill lets you quickly adjust the amount of heated air exiting the container. Heated air release keeps a low heat while minimizing the release helps maintain a high temperature. Combined with a temperature reader, Kamado-style grills will give you ultimate control over each barbeque session.


Airtight Ceramic Chamber

The airtight chamber helps keep the heat inside while preventing excessive evaporation of juices. This works two ways. First, it keeps the heat locked inside to keep a low charcoal consumption. Second, it prevents the meat juice from drying out, giving you a perfectly formed and juicy steak at the end of the cook.


Sealed Fire Box

The sealed fire box keeps the heat contained and controlled. This helps minimize the likelihood of overcooking your meat because the heat maintains a steady pace during long cooks.


Flow Draft Door

The flow draft door lets just enough oxygen inside to keep the fire burning. No need to use a fan or watch over the fire. Instead, the patented system will maintain a continuous flow of oxygen for uninterrupted cooking.


Big Green Egg Benefits

So, why exactly should you buy this outdoor cooking tool? Here are some of the things you can expect with this in your outdoor kitchen.


Versatile Cooking

Enjoy a versatile cooking experience with these kamado cookers. It can smoke, grill, bake, and roast, each time producing a perfectly cooked chunk of meat or vegetables. It works just as well with pizza as it delivers heat from all sides of the rounded egg. You can get a cookbook specifically for the Big Green Egg so you can experiment with different recipes in your outdoor kitchen.


Total Temperature Control

You don’t need an electric grill to get total control over the cooking temperature. The Big Green Egg lets you control the temperature through the patented airflow system. You can adjust the cap at the top of the egg to designate how much airflow goes through it. The cap comes with convenient indicators, letting you have accurate control of your steak or pizza stone. The model also comes with a USA-made temperature gauge with accurate readings for up to 750°F or 400°C.


Efficient Fuel Use

The tightly sealed fuel box keeps exact temperatures during the cooking process. Oxygen only comes in through the patented flow draft door, keeping the charcoal fed with air to maintain the fire. This helps maintain consistent heat throughout the cooking process while utilizing small lumps of charcoal. As a result, you get a fuel-efficient system that’s perfect for long cooks with little supervision on your part.


Built to Last

Made with the highest quality material, the grill offers the ultimate cooking experience. All Big Green Egg models are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Built as an outdoor cooker, this culinary masterpiece can withstand most elements while keeping the interior mechanism intact and functional. Unlike other conventional cookers, the Big Green Egg is assembled with lifetime use in mind.


Easy Assembly

Big Green Egg grills are delivered to your doorstep disassembled. Authorized distributors take on the job of assembling these kamado-style grills in your home, allowing you to just stand back and watch the experts at work. The assembly process itself isn’t that difficult. You can do it yourself without expert help if you want! There are also tons of instructions available online for you to follow.


Ease of Use

The Big Green Egg is as basic as it gets when it comes to usage and function. Just set up the natural lump charcoal by creating a small depression in the center. Use a natural charcoal starter or an electric starter to get the fire going. Big Green Egg uses only natural oak and hickory charcoal for a clean and quick ignition. When you’re happy with the fire, adjust the bottom vent and seal the unit shut for an all-around cooking experience. Note that you should NEVER use lighter fluid to fire up the charcoal.


Quick Maintenance

The Big Green Egg Grill doesn’t need excessive maintenance to keep it running beautifully. Ideally, the grill should be cleaned of ash every 5 to 10 cooking sessions or whenever you get the chance. To clean the grill, just open the bottom screen and scrape off the ash. You can use a special scraping ash tool or whatever you have on hand. Close the screen when you’re done and prep the grill for your next barbeque. Since the Big Green Egg grill uses very little charcoal, you don’t have to clean it as often.


Multiple Accessories

The Big Green Egg comes with multiple accessories that you can buy separately from the product. Depending on what you need, the grill can have attachments like rack expanders, pizza stones, meat claws, regulators, gloves, nest frame, and even seasonings! The extensive offerings as accessories make for the convenient use of your grill.


Delicious Taste

Of course, let’s not forget the fact that the Big Green Egg is known for its excellent cooking results. It doesn’t matter whether you get the Large Big Green Egg or the Mini version, you can expect consistent cooking each time.


Customer Service

The brand comes with excellent customer service for owners or prospective buyers who want to do more with their grill. You can call the manufacturer directly or field your questions to the distributor. In any case, you can expect a rapid response to your query.


Product Drawbacks

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. With the Big Green Egg, buyers have to expect the following drawbacks:


Heavy Weight

Like all kamado grills, the Big Green Egg is built with a thick layer to keep the interior heat locked in tightly. This translates to a heavy build that can be tough to transport in your home. The egg-like set up of the Big Green Egg also makes it difficult to move around the property.


Single Color

The name itself gives it away – the Big Green Egg is only available in green. Do not expect other color combinations for the design of the Big Green Egg. On the plus side, the green shade makes it a perfect choice for an outdoor grill.


Unit Pricing

Price-wise, you might be surprised at how much the Big Green Egg costs. The large version of the Egg can cost around $999 plus shipping. This can be a huge investment if you’re just starting to browse through outdoor cooking options. On the bright side, the Big Green Egg will offer you a lifetime of guaranteed results.


Big Green Egg Accessories

The Big Green Egg works beautifully on its own. However, this flexible cooking system comes with accessories that can improve your grilling experience. Here are just some of the items you can buy to complement this kamado style grill:

  • Egg Tables and Nests: You can buy tables specifically designed to perfectly fit a Big Green Egg grill. The table comes with a hollowed-out center where the grill fits perfectly. This lets you securely and easily move the grill around the property.
  • Egg Covers: These covers can be placed over the grill to protect it from harsh weather, damage, or dirt. Covers are best used during the winter season to keep the porcelain exterior fresh.
  • REGGulator: This regulator attachment lets you moderate temperature inside the compartment with just a small adjustment. The item is meant for permanent attachment so there’s no need to remove it after cooking. The silicone dial stays cool to the touch all throughout. Using this, you can completely shut the Egg or open it up to 50% for airflow.
  • Pizza and Baking Stone: The air-tight seal creates surrounding heat that makes it perfect for baking all kinds of bread – and pizza. The Big Green Egg provides buyers with a pizza and baking stone – sold separately. This lets you cook fresh pizza with melting cheese on top.
  • Convector: The convector attachment creates a heat-directing barrier inside the large egg. This automatically turns your egg into a convection outdoor oven, letting you roast and bake. The convector also facilitates slow cooking to create juicy and aromatic meat slices.
  • Expander: Having a hard time fitting in all that wonderful meat inside the egg? An expander accessory lets you create more space inside the grill for more steak pieces each time! This accessory is only available for the Large and Extra Large sizes.


Big Green Egg Verdict: Is it Worth it?

To wrap it up: is the Big Green Egg a worthy investment?

Combined with ease of use and succulent results, the Big Green Egg is worth every penny.

If you’re looking for something that will last, we strongly recommend the Big Green Egg for long-time use. The versatility and superb performance of the egg lets you cook all kinds of food, from bread and pizza to chicken wings or your favorite cuts of meat. All of this can be done utilizing less charcoal with excellent results. It’s like having your own convenient steak house. We suggest looking through the different size options and choosing the one that best fits your barbeque needs.


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