If you’re planning an outdoor kitchen, then an outdoor refrigerator is essential! Outdoor refrigerators come in so handy when you want to quickly drink a cold beverage while relaxing in the sun, or if you’re cooking on the outdoor grill and need to have your perishable ingredients close at hand.

The trouble is, there are many outdoor refrigerators out there that overpromise and underdeliver. And, a bad outdoor refrigerator makes for an unpleasant and inconvenient outdoor kitchen experience. Which is why we are here to help!

In this article, we will give you insight into our top five outdoor refrigerators, the best of the best. So, if you’re interested, be sure to read on for more!

HCK Outdoor Refrigerator With Built-In Beverage Cooler

First on our list is the HCK outdoor refrigerator! This handy appliance comes with a built-in beverage cooler. This is a very spacious refrigerator, measuring around 5.12 cubic feet. It can hold 161 cans, so you always have something refreshing to drink after a day of resting, cooking, or toiling away in the yard.

Not only that, but it also comes with three shelves that can be removed at your convenience. One of the most notable features of this handy little refrigerator is its reversible door. This makes this refrigerator very convenient as you can place it wherever you like. Not only that, but this fridge also has excellent temperature control.

It features a compressor-based cooling system that is extremely strong and efficient. Not to mention, it uses an R600a refrigerant, which is great for the environment and keeps the temperature sitting around 32-50 F.

Then, you can control the temperature yourself with a press-button controller. Perhaps best of all, this appliance is waterproof and can withstand all kinds of bad weather.

Pros And Cons Of The HCK Outdoor Refrigerator With Built-In Beverage Cooler


  • Waterproof
  • Easily controllable temperature


  • The unit makes a lot of noise

Bull Outdoor Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Next, we have the Bull Outdoor Stainless Steel Refrigerator! This refrigerator is extremely durable and has anti-rust properties. That means it can be stored in your outdoor kitchen without you having to worry because it will be able to withstand all kinds of bad weather thanks to its chromium coating acting as a protective shield.

It has a cubic ft capacity of 4.4 cu, which is less than the refrigerator above. However, it can still hold plenty of cans and other beverages and is perfect for those who have smaller outdoor kitchens.

The Bull outdoor refrigerator also has a reversible door and full temperature control, so it is extremely convenient when you need to keep your drinks ice cold and access them quickly. The reversible door means that this refrigerator can be stored anywhere in your outdoor kitchen because it will not get in the way of other appliances.

Pros And Cons Of The Bull Outdoor Stainless Steel Refrigerator


  • Made from stainless steel, meaning it is less likely to rust and can withstand bad weather conditions
  • Has a reversible door so can be placed anywhere in the outdoor kitchen


  • Reports that the refrigerator stops cooling soon after purchase

Zephyr Presrv 24” Outdoor Wine And Beverage Refrigerator

The Zephyr Presrv 24” Outdoor Wine And Beverage Refrigerator is also made from stainless steel, meaning it has anti-rust properties and is extremely durable, even in the most adverse of weather conditions. Not only that but it is made to store wine as well as cans, coming with gray glass shelves that slide out as well as a wine wrack (full extension.)

This makes it the perfect outdoor refrigerator if you like to have both frequent dinner parties and barbecues in your backyard. One amazing feature of the Zephyr outdoor refrigerator is that it has electronic capacitive touch controls, meaning you can manage the temperature with ease.

Not only that, but it comes with carbon filter air filtration meaning the air in the refrigerator will always be clean. This is a very quiet unit that will not be distracting while you are trying to relax in the backyard, which can sometimes happen with loud refrigerators.

Pros And Cons Of The Zephyr Preserv 24” Outdoor Wine And Beverage Refrigerator


  • The unit works quietly which enables you to relax
  • Comes with electronic capacitive touch controls


  • Reports of frequent fridge failure

ICEJUNGLE 24” Beverage Refrigerator

The ICEJUNGLE 24” Beverage Refrigerator can store 160 cans and comes with three storage shelves that are removable and adjustable. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a glass door so you can make the beverages a staple feature of your home

This is also useful to quickly inspect if you need to top up your refrigerator, making it all the more convenient compared to the other refrigerators on this list. With this outdoor refrigerator, you will be able to use a digital touch LED display to digitally control the temperature, which ranges from 32-72F.

You can easily view the thermostat of this refrigerator, and it comes with a built-in overheating alarm and automatic closing function in the unlikely event that overheating occurs.

So, you do not have to worry about using this refrigerator in hot weather. Nor do you have to worry about using it in the rain, because it is made with stainless steel which has anti-rust properties.

Pros And Cons Of The ICEJUNGLE 24” Beverage Refrigerator


  • Built-in system to prevent the refrigerator from overheating
  • Low noise and low vibration refrigerator


  • Reports that the refrigerator temperature is not cold enough

Bodega Outdoor And Indoor Refrigerator

Last but not least, we have the Bodega Outdoor And Indoor Refrigerator. This is the largest refrigerator on this list, and it is perfect for those with spacious outdoor kitchens that love to host large dinner parties! There is no question that there is plenty of storage for drinks with this refrigerator.

It comes with individual shelves that you can slide out for easy storage of dinks. Not only that, but the sliding motion of these shelves makes this refrigerator extremely easy to clean and maintain. The Bodega outdoor refrigerator comes with a compressor-based cooling system that makes for efficient and precise temperature control.

The temperatures range from 35.6-64 F, to ensure that your drinks are always cold and refreshing. And, if the temperature should ever rise, this fridge has built-in temperature sensors so you will know immediately when there is an issue. Finally, this refrigerator runs quietly and does not vibrate, which ensures no drinks are disturbed.

Pros And Cons Of The Bodega Outdoor And Indoor Refrigerator


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour customer support
  • The slide-out shelves mean this refrigerator is easy to clean and maintain


  • Reports of inconsistent responses from customer service

Best Outdoor Refrigerator Buyer’s Guide

There are many amazing outdoor refrigerators to choose from. However, we know that an abundance of choices can sometimes be overwhelming, and it is easy to get lost in the details. So, we are here to help!

We have compiled a buyer’s guide on the most important features and factors you need to look out for when trying to choose an outdoor refrigerator. Let’s check these out in more detail below!

The Size Of The Refrigerator

This is one of the very first things you need to consider when it comes to your outdoor refrigerator. Some units are designed to hold less than others. So, you need to assess how many people are in your household and how many people frequent your home on a regular basis to choose the right size for you.

Some outdoor refrigerators will have built-in features that conserve space, while some will have removable shelves that can impact how much space it has. However, the majority of them will be small enough to fit under your counter or in a cabinet.

The Temperature Range Of The Refrigerator

The refrigerator’s temperature range is also something you should consider before investing in an outdoor refrigerator. The ideal temperature for a fridge is anywhere between 37-40 F. Many fridges will allow you to view the temperature with ease via a visible thermostat, and you will be able to control the temperature with an LED temperature control.

Also, many fridges will have built-in sensors that alert you to any rise in temperature or overheating issues. This is a great feature to have because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Freestanding Or Built-In Refrigerators

Some outdoor refrigerators are created to be built into an island or a wall. The majority of outdoor refrigerators are freestanding and need a specific amount of space on all sides to ventilate efficiently.

However, some outdoor refrigerators will have ventilation units on their front, rather than the side, which is a convenient feature worth shopping around for if you want a built-in refrigerator for your backyard.

Freestanding refrigerators will often have wheels so you can move them around with ease. However, not all of them will. So, it is important to decide how often you will move your refrigerator and where it is going to be placed to decide whether or not it needs wheels.

Fridge-Freezer Or Fridge-Only Outdoor Refrigerators

Some outdoor refrigerators allow space for a freezer on the bottom or side of the unit, where you can keep ice or frozen meat. You will need a lot of space in your outdoor kitchen if you would like an outdoor refrigerator with a built-in freezer, so ensure you measure the space in your own outdoor kitchen before making a decision.

Alternatively, some fridge-freezers compromise on refrigerator space to make room for a freezer, so it is important to decide how you want to use the refrigerator before making a decision.

UL Approval Of The Refrigerator

If you want to store food, such as meat, in your outdoor refrigerator, then you need to ensure it is UL approved. This means that there is a guarantee the temperatures will be low enough to stop the food from becoming rotten.

The Shelves Of The Refrigerator

The refrigerator shelves are also an important factor you need to consider before investing in one. Shelves can be useful storage for food and beverages, but some people may find that they actually limit the space in the refrigerator. On top of that, different outdoor refrigerators will have different shelves, some made from glass and others from metal.

Metal allows for better efficiency and airflow. However, glass shelves look sleeker and more elegant. So, this choice comes down to personal preference and the type of vibe you’re going for with your outdoor kitchen.

The Interior Lights Of The Refrigerator

Many large outdoor refrigerators will have interior lights so you can easily see what’s inside your fridge at night. Modern refrigerators will likely use LED lights because they are not likely to burn out. However, smaller outdoor refrigerators are unlikely to use any sort of light. Again, this choice comes down to personal preference.

Noise Levels Of The Outdoor Refrigerator

There is no question that some outdoor refrigerators are louder than others, and this is because of the compressor inside them. So, if you want a quiet refrigerator, it is a good idea to check out the noise level capacity of the compressor and narrow down your choices from there.

However, it is important to note that all outdoor refrigerators will have to work harder to keep your beverages cool in hot weather. So, they will produce more noise during the hot summer months.

The Material Composition Of Your Outdoor Refrigerator

Of course, your refrigerator will be situated with your outdoor kitchen under a cover, so it is unlikely to be affected by bad weather. However, that does not necessarily mean it won’t face any exposure to the elements. Because of that, it is a good idea to consider the material your outdoor refrigerator will be made out of.

For example, many outdoor refrigerators are made from stainless steel, which is covered with a chromium coating to act as an extra layer of protection against rust. This is very useful in bad weather conditions. So, if you are planning on leaving your refrigerator outside permanently, then it may be a good idea to invest in one that is totally weatherproof.

The Warranty Of The Outdoor Refrigerator

While we all want to believe that our outdoor refrigerators will last forever, mistakes can happen in the manufacturing process or they can accidentally become damaged in some way. So, it is always a good idea to prepare for events such as these.

Therefore, it is a good idea to check out the warranty of your outdoor refrigerator to ensure your money is protected should anything happen to the refrigerator. Not only that, it is a good idea to ensure that there is a good customer support service so any issues you have will be dealt with efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Use A Regular Refrigerator Outside?

If you want to have a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, then it needs to be one specifically designed for outdoor usage. This is because ordinary indoor refrigerators are not designed for hot weather or temperature fluctuations.

Therefore, if you were to use an indoor refrigerator outside then it is more likely that food and drinks will spoil. However, you can invest in refrigerators that are built for both outdoor and indoor usage.

What Should I Do With My Outdoor Refrigerator When I’m Not Using It?

When you are not using your outdoor refrigerator, it is best to turn it off at the switch and let it air out (of course, you need to remove all of the food and drink before you do this.) It is a good idea to wipe down the interior of the refrigerator to collect any moisture that may be sitting on the surface.

If your outdoor refrigerator is going to be out of use for a long period of time, then it is best to store it in your basement or garage so it does not face continued exposure to the elements.

How Do I Know If My Outdoor Switches Will Be Able To Power My Refrigerator?

If you want to know that your outdoor switches will be able to power your refrigerator, then you will need to compare the voltage your refrigerator needs to the electricity your outlets can give. The majority of homes have 110-120v outlets, and this voltage can support the majority of outdoor fridges.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning on adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, then you need an outdoor refrigerator! However, there is a wide variety of outdoor refrigerators out there so making a decision can be difficult.

However, our guide is designed to help you choose the best outdoor refrigerator for you based on a variety of factors. Not only that, we have selected what we think are the five best refrigerators on the market right now, and we hope we have helped you to narrow down your choices!