When it comes time for the dreaded chore of washing your dishes, make it easier with a dishwasher. Forget standing at the sink touching random pieces of food, your fingers becoming all wrinkly, and draining the sink. You can simply load your dirty dishes into the dishwasher and have them come out sparkling.

Asko Appliances supplies the world with some of the highest quality dishwashers and other appliances. They are the perfect upgrade from kitchen gloves to luxury as you never have to scrub a dish again.

Now, if you are not aware of who Asko Appliances are. Don’t worry! We have created the ultimate guide to Asko Appliances and their dishwasher collection. You will know exactly what you are getting when you buy from Asko Appliances, and you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s get into it!

Who Are Asko Appliances?

While being a rather simple appliance company, Asko Appliances has a rather wonderful beginning. In the 1950s a young man was determined to make his mother a washing machine to give her an easier life. So, if you love your mother, Asko Appliances is for you.

This Scandinavian company is committed to Scandinavian values:

  • Healthy Living
  • Fairness
  • Care
  • Functional & Minimalistic Design
  • Dedicated Craftsmanship
  • Environmental Care

These values are at the core of their organization and every product they make. Not only will they take care of the product, they promise to take care of you.

Since the early 1950’s Asko Appliances have branched out from washing machines and now create a whole range of kitchen appliances, including the dishwasher of course. The first Asko dishwasher was produced in 1967 and has been a popular product ever since.

Asko Dishwasher Collection

Asko Dishwasher Collection

Now that we know a little more about the company and what values they hold dear, we can finally get into the products on offer in its dishwasher collection.

The 30 series, 40 series, and 50 series are the three dishwashing series that Asko offers. The Most Efficient award from Energy Star was given to all three series. Additionally, the business produces the DOD651PHXXLS, an outdoor-rated dishwasher made entirely of trustworthy stainless steel.

The 30 Series

The entry-level versions from Asko are the 30 series dishwashers, which come with 16 place settings, TurboDry, and three racks, including the top-tier upper rack. The addition of a silverware container is for your convenience.

To help combat persistent watermarks, certain models come with a water softener. The sound level of the 30 series is 44 dB, which is comparable to a quiet chat in a library.

A popular product for the 30 series is the DBI644IG.S. This built-in dishwasher has 3 baskets and is programmed with the incredible Turbo Drying Express system.

The 40 Series

This line of dishwashers has an additional bottle spray zone in addition to two internal LED lights to make your clean dishes glitter. The sound level is 42 dB, which is comparable to how quiet a suburban neighborhood is at night (virtually silent.)

A popular appliance from the 40 series is the DFI644B. This fully integrated dishwasher comes with 3 baskets, a cutlery basket for easy loading and unloading, and of course the iconic Turbo Drying Express system.

With height-adjustable quality baskets, space for up to 14 place settings, and five distinct run modes, Asko ensures that you always receive a clean outcome. It will be easier to fit and load the most challenging dishes.

The 50 Series

Asko’s premium range, the 50 series, has the most features. The 50 series offers two additional LED lights in addition to the features found in the 40 series, as well as an exclusive center rack design with replaceable inserts.

The only model approved for year-round outdoor use is this one. The decibel level of these dishwashers is 40 dB, or about the same volume as light rain.

The ASKO DBI675PHZZLS is one of the most luxurious dishwashers available in the dishwasher collection. With space for up to 17 place settings, 3 racks, and fitted with Light Lock to ensure lightweight items are secure, this dishwasher is truly perfect.

This is perfect for large families or if you enjoy serving a large crowd. You may fold the tine rows in the Flexirack basket system to accommodate those difficult pots and pans as well.

If you are looking for a functional, high-quality dishwasher, then Asko Appliances has got you covered. Especially with their Pro Series Dishwasher collection.

Things To Consider

Whether you are a first-time buyer, or are wanting to give your kitchen a bit of an upgrade, appliances can be expensive and scary. Especially when you don’t know what to look for.

Below are some factors to consider when you are shopping for a new dishwasher. We have also gone a step further and explain how Asko compares to these important features!


When it comes to a dishwasher, extra features are great but the one thing we care about is, whether will it clean your dishes. In today’s society, nearly all dishwashers are programmed with a quick wash.

A quick wash often lasts around 30 minutes and is great if your kitchen is just a revolving door of cooking, eating, and washing. The shorter run duration allows you to run a number of rapid wash cycles one after another while still having plenty of time to relax afterward.

However, this should not be used every time. An eco-wash is an important cycle to have on a dishwasher. By gradually heating the water over a longer cycle, eco programs wash your dishes while using 20 to 40% less electricity. You’ll use less energy as a result, and you’ll also save money. Winner!

Asko dishwashers are fitted with both quick wash and eco-wash cycles. Shorter cycle times are achieved through the Asko dishwasher’s efficient water filtration system, which eliminates the need to add extra water, heat it, and pump it out.

Additionally, modern dishwashers have sensors that use the degree of soiling to determine how much detergent to use, how long to run the wash and the temperature. High-end appliances like Miele often have this feature. Machines with lesser price tags, however, only test at the start of the cycle.

Noise Level

Every home needs a dishwasher that runs quietly. This is particularly true in open-concept homes where sound travels farther. Everyone enjoys entertaining, but a noisy dishwasher may ruin dinnertime, movie evenings, and conversation.

This can also be known as a Quiet Mark. Dishwashers bearing the “silent” label are quieter than regular versions. Because they employ brushless motors, they can wash your dishes quietly. If you have an open floor plan and want to watch TV in peace and quiet at night, this is excellent.

Asko takes into account noise during the design process and creates dishwashers that don’t exceed 44 dB. (an impressive achievement that is on par with the rest of the high-end brands).

Drying Cycles

Dishwashers not only clean your dishes but also dry them for you!

Some dishwasher manufacturers still use the heating element that was once used in traditional dishwashers to help with drying.

These heating components run the risk of baking anything that didn’t wash off because of how hot they are. Party dishes and Tupperware might be ruined by the plastic melting from these heating units.

The 30, 40, and 50 models employ more advanced drying techniques. They all utilize the same “Turbo Drying” drying method, according to Asko.

This system combines turbofan and condensation drying. The fan boosts airflow so that the damp air within the dishwasher is combined with the dry air from outside.

In other words, your dishes will come out clean and perfectly dry after every cycle.


When it comes to the aesthetics of dishwashers, there isn’t really much you can do. But Asko uses deliberate ergonomics and simple, minimalist external designs to create goods that reflect Scandinavian design principles. Dishwashers made by Asko are available in stainless steel and panel ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Asko Appliances Based?

Asko Appliances is a Scandivaian brand. They were originally founded in Vara, Sweden but in 2014, headquarters were moved to Lidkoping, Sweden.

How Long Does An Asko Dishwasher Last?

It is anticipated that a dishwasher will last 5 to 10 years on average. A dishwasher from Asko should last between 7 and 10 years, which is the higher end of the range. This is a reflection of the product’s design and quality.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Asko Appliances creates some incredible products. From ovens to washing machines, the company is dedicated to providing high-quality appliances that you can trust.

And their dishwashers are no different. The Pro Series dishwasher collection is the perfect way to upgrade your kitchen. With their Turbo Drying Express system and foldable racks, you can expect easy cleaning after a night of entertaining and feeding the family.

With this simple yet extensive guide, you can select the right Asko dishwasher for you. Take a look, check out their products, and pick the right one for you!