A functional and comfortable outdoor living space brings plenty of benefits, such as increasing your home’s overall value, allowing homeowners to save on utilities, and making cooking easier. Due to its benefits, it’s not a surprise that plenty of remodelers, designers, and architects seek ways to influence their clients to utilize their outdoors as an extension of their living area. One of the ways to achieve this is to have an Orlando outdoor kitchen.

Having an outdoor kitchen means knowing the essential components to have. This includes base cabinets, food prep, grill cabinets, base cabinets, and more. Also, make sure to have some outdoor sink cabinets if you’re planning to have an inviting outdoor space. Not only is a sink cabinet useful when preparing food, but it’ll also make the whole outdoor area clean and organized, as you’ll have an accessible water supply.

Read on to learn more about outdoor sinks cabinets, particularly their usual specifications and where to source them.

Specifications of an Outdoor Sink Cabinet

Knowing the common specifications of an outdoor sink cabinet will allow you to plan accordingly. This way, you can ensure that the outdoor sink cabinet will fit perfectly, boosting the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

For your reference, here are the specifications of an outdoor sink cabinet:

  • The depth of a standard sink cabinet is 27 ”, including the door. Still, you can ask for a 24 ”, depending on the manufacturer.
  • The box height of a standard sink cabinet is 30” in height with four and a half inches adjustable legs.
  • Anodized toe kicks may be added, which means it’s purchased separately. If you ordered toe kicks, it’ll be cut on-site.
  • Screws and hinges already come with every stainless steel sink cabinet purchase.
  • As part of a manufacturer’s dedication to giving customers convenience, most, if not all, sink cabinets already have pre-made access holes for plumbing and/or electrical purposes. These access holes already come with removable covers, too.
  • To have a contemporary look, you may opt for a square, tapered stainless steel leg that’s adjustable. You can even add a deep stainless steel sink basin or an inch bar center.
  • Even if base cabinets are already included, shelves are optional, which is perfect if you want extra cabinet space. The shelves can be operated via a pull-out or fixed method.
  • If you want the entire kitchen cabinetry to be almost maintenance-free, powder coat the sink base.
  • Stainless steel pulls for double door cabinets are already included. If you have many stainless steel cabinets and want to upgrade them, like adding an extra deep sink basin, expect to pay an additional charge.

Outdoor Sink Cabinets From WeatherStrong

Since more and more people now want to spend more quality time outdoors, particularly in their backyard, WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry designs their sink cabinet collections with their customer’s lifestyles in mind, allowing them to spruce up their Orlando outdoor kitchen game. So, customers, regardless of their taste and preference, can always find a sink cabinet with stainless steel construction from WeatherStrong’s collections.

In addition to the wide variety of cabinets available, all of WeatherStrong’s cabinets are manufactured in the U.S.A. with a ¾” All-Weatherboard composite material, including their plumbing ports and steel intake hoses. This material makes WeatherStrong’s kitchen cabinets resistant to the harsh elements brought about by Mother Nature, like cold winters, rains, and hot summers. Also, since it’s resistant to moisture, WeatherStrong’s products give users a convenient clean-up station.

Available Cabinet Products From WeatherStrong

As hinted above, WeatherStrong can be the perfect go-to shop for any cabinetry needs. This is supported by the fact that they have a wide array of cabinets, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Double Door Bridge Cabinets (W3015IB, W331515IB, W361515IB, and more)
  • 36” High Single Door Cabinets (W120936LIB, W150936LIB, W180936LIB, W210936LIB, and more)
  • 42″ High Double Door Cabinets (W240942IB, W270942IB, W300942IB, W330942IB, W360942IB, and more)

WeatherStrong’s Specifications and Features

Here are some important specifications about WeatherStrong’s cabinets:

  • As mentioned above, all of their products are made of ¾” All-Weatherboard composite material. So, placing fresh ingredients on the surface will be safe.
  • Comes with height-adjustable levelers, allowing for a quick connection.
  • Ships within seven to ten days
  • Any decorative hardware, pieces, or accessories, like clean-up supplies, are sold separately
  • In addition to having plenty of room, you can choose four different door styles: tampa, daytona, sanibel, and miami.

Outdoor Sink Cabinets From NatureKast

NatureKast strives to maintain its legacy of always associating its brand name with a beautiful Orlando outdoor kitchen. That’s why NatureKast revolutionized the kitchen industry by introducing 100% weatherproof panels, trim, and cabinets, all of which act well as a knife holder. Also, all of their products have the look of authentic teak or cypress, which means the surface can act as a convenient bottle opener or a spot for a dish drying rack.

NatureKast also has a performance of a premium professional appliance since their products are designed to complement the award-winning Galley Workstation. Additionally, all of NatureKast’s cabinets are perfectly suited for big companies that provide cooktops, sinks, outdoor grills, and appliances, such as a spice rack or any grilling utensils. Thus, if you’re looking for a cabinet that has a practice price, you can count on NatureKast to provide products that allow you to cook delicious meals.

NatureKast’s Cabinet Materials

NaturKast’s doors, panels, drawer fronts, planks, and outdoor cabinets are created from molds of real distressed Cypress wood, giving any of their new product a natural grain detail.

Moreover, regardless if you want to decorate your backyard with newage products Orlando outdoor kitchen sink cabinet or maintain its classic ambiance, NatureKast assures customers that they can provide resilient and beautiful cabinetry that doesn’t need constant maintenance. This is because their cabinets are made from PVC and Resin, which means it can also act as a fixed bottle opener.

Why Choose Professional Cabinet Makers

If you’re thinking of purchasing a sink cabinet from someone who’s not experienced just to save money, then there’s a huge chance that you’re going to regret your decision. Instead, always choose professional cabinet makers for the following reasons.

Does Not Discriminate

A well-respected company in the cabinet industry always has a disability services phone line available. This way, anyone can have a modular Orlando outdoor kitchen and their outdoors the much-needed extra space.

Answer Your Queries

Make sure to look into their regular business hours before inquiring about any questions you have, like if the cabinet has swivel casters or comes with a cabinet level. This way, you can have assurance that any party cleanup chores, like cleaning dirty dishes, muddy hands, and handling waste bags, can be handled with ease.

Also, ask for advice from a professional if a full width sink cabinet, which already comes with access holes and a spot for organic bins, is right for you. Usually, those that want to have storage for their fresh beer and favorite rubs, as well as love the idea of an adjustable foot, resort to this type of sink cabinet.

Final Words

Now that you know the important details of an outdoor sink cabinet, you now agree that it’s going to be a perfect addition to your Orlando outdoor kitchen.

In order for the cabinet to be fully functional and highly efficient, make sure to send a specific layout to a reliable manufacturer, like WeatherStrong or NatureKast. An expert in the cabinet industry will surely accept this type of request, as they always have customer satisfaction in mind.