An Orlando outdoor kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor grill cabinet. They’re as important as adding a side burner to your stove. Outdoor grill cabinets don’t only express your style but are also a crucial accessory, especially when you need storage while cooking.

An Orlando outdoor kitchen cabinet enhances your cooking experience and your outdoor living experience as well. It can include a warming drawer to keep dishes warm, or as a slow cooker. Grill cabinets can also work like other kitchen cabinets that have useful features, such as an adjustable foot or storage solutions with double access doors. Depending on the size and layout of your outdoor space, outdoor grill cabinets are also a great addition to freestanding kitchens since grill cabinets can also be movable.

That said, what should you consider when buying an outdoor grill cabinet? Let’s take a closer look at how you can get the best outdoor grill cabinet for your needs.

Factors To Consider When Buying Outdoor Grill Cabinets

Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Outdoor grills can come in different varieties. Some, like the Kamado Grill (also known as the Kamado Joe) or the Big Green Egg grill, don’t even have built-in grill cabinets. Other outdoor grills have built-in drawer fronts depending on which grill brand you’re using. Most built-in storage options are found under the gas grill head. You also have the option to choose a separate storage cabinet, especially if you have a movable kitchen.

Thus, when picking outdoor grill cabinets, consider your outdoor kitchen plans. Is your outdoor kitchen fixed or a movable one? Can your outdoor kitchen accommodate a separate grill cabinet, like a deck box, or should it be built-in to save space?

If you’re thinking of having an outdoor kitchen bar, like the Baton Rouge grill, you also have to take into account other outdoor entertaining items and furniture like a mini-fridge or a grill cart.

Design and Features

Aside from your outdoor cooking space, it’s also important to consider your Orlando outdoor kitchen design when picking grill cabinets. You’ll want your grill cabinets to fit nicely with your other outdoor furniture for a seamless design. Here are some questions that might help you pick the right design and features:

●    Do you want your outdoor cabinetry to have a contemporary look?

●    Do you want grill cabinets with a variety of different door or drawer configurations?

●    Would you rather have grill cabinets with just one type of door design, whether these are out shelves or stainless pulls?

●    Additionally, does your grill cabinet of choice offer ADA-compliant sizes?

●    Can your grill cabinet accommodate the actual width of the grill or other Orlando outdoor kitchen appliances?

●    What kind of grilling tools will you be keeping in your cabinets?

●    Will you also be keeping cleaning supplies in your grill cabinets?

Safety and Durability

Of course, we can’t forget safety when choosing outdoor grill cabinets. Aside from having a sturdy stainless steel leg, outdoor grill cabinets should also be big enough to accommodate the safety features of your grill, such as an insulating jacket and a trim kit. Insulated grill jackets and trim kits prevent other appliances from absorbing excessive heat while grilling. They keep your outdoor cooking area cool, protect the grill’s undercarriage, and prevent fires or warping. All these tend to be placed on top of grill cabinets, so make sure you’re buying quality products that can withstand your entire grill’s weight and size.


Speaking of buying, pricing is also important. Outdoor grill cabinets are surely an extra cost, but they’re worth it. The best way to approach pricing decisions is to look in places like Home Depot or other appliance stores so you can have a feel of how much a certain kind of outdoor grill cabinet costs. Aside from the factors already mentioned above, like deep grill accommodations, also check if your prospective grill cabinet has free shipping, limited warranty, and terms of use.

You can also consider having outdoor grill cabinets customized. You might be surprised to find that some custom-made outdoor grill cabinets are a fraction of the cost of those bought in appliance stores.

Benefits of Outdoor Grill Cabinets


The foremost benefit of having outdoor grill cabinets is convenience. You can keep your grilling tools near the actual grill and don’t have to walk all the way to the indoor kitchen to get them. Grill cabinets are also space savers and can provide storage for other items like cleaning supplies, spices, and non-perishable food items. Everything is clean, organized, and ready to be used when you need to fire up your grill!

Protection From Dirt and the Elements

Since outdoor kitchens are exposed to the elements, having outdoor grill cabinets will keep your grilling items, shelf-stable food, and other paraphernalia safe. You can avoid dampness and moisture, which can lead to rust or mold growth. You also keep shelf-stable food in prime condition as extreme heat can affect their quality or even cause spoilage. More importantly, all items stored inside your outdoor grill cabinets will be kept away from dust or even pollen.

Aesthetic Benefits

Picking outdoor grill cabinets that match your outdoor kitchen’s theme can really make it look well put together. Like other furniture, grill cabinets can increase the value of your home. They can even be a conversation piece that guests can admire. For all you know, it might inspire them to do a little home renovation when they see just how beautiful and functional outdoor grill cabinets are!

Should You Get an Outdoor Grill Cabinet?

Definitely! As you can see, they have tangible benefits that make them worth the expense. When picking outdoor grill cabinets, always take into account your Orlando outdoor kitchen plans, the grill cabinet’s design and functionality, its durability, and its pricing. Hopefully, this guide has helped you make a wise purchasing decision!