A new outdoor kitchen is one of the best features your property can have. Not only does it add esthetic beauty to your space, but the things you can cook here make it a highly functional part of your outdoor living areas. However, it can be hard to maintain it. Since it’s exposed to the elements, your outdoor cabinets cannot be made of wood or they will decay far too quickly. Some opt for stone, but it’s much harder to use and requires constant maintenance. That’s why there’s a huge demand for durable furnishings for an Orlando outdoor kitchen area.

Today, if asked who provides the most popular Orlando outdoor kitchen furnishings, many people name NatureKast. The company is well-known in the art of outdoor living, pioneering a groundbreaking method of weatherproof construction. Using waterproof PVC, resin, and other materials, they’re able to create outdoor cabinets with the natural colour and rich look of real wood with an amazing natural grain detail. These use light-weight plastic to mimic the texture of real wood with unlimited design options, making their catalog suitable for all tastes and preferences. Even if you like the look of real distressed cypress wood, you’ll find the cabinets of your dreams here, and they’ll have the best values for the price range.

Because of this, they’ve emerged as a top brand in the industry. Well, are they really worth the hype? We’ll dive into the NatureKast brand and dissect the products they offer to see if they really deliver.

About the NatureKast Brand

NatureKast is a Canadian brand that has revolutionized the way people think of beautiful Orlando outdoor kitchens. By utilizing an advanced high-density resin system and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the company was able to produce 100% weatherproof, full-access appliance cabinets, drawer boxes, and other new products with high quality and stellar results. Since these are made of PVC, their products can withstand moisture, heat, and freezing weather.
PVC and Resin: Versatile Materials for Your Outdoor Living Space

NatureKast outdoor kitchens make use of these manmade materials to build their widest range of outdoor tv cabinets, strongest cabinet box, and other outdoor appliances. PVC is a type of polymer that’s used in the Orlando outdoor kitchen industry. Since it’s robust and lightweight, it can be easily molded, transported, and kept outdoors. Their lightweight foam can be pressed down with considerable force to create various shapes and forms. The cell-like structure of the foam allows it to hold these shapes without issues.

Most people would be disappointed when they find out that their wooden furnishings have warped or rotted. But with NatureKast’s PVC and resin appliances, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. They promise a combination of durability and longevity that makes them highly appealing products for the modern property owner.

Products in Their Catalog

Because of PVC’s versatility, NatureKast carries an extensive product range of outdoor living furniture. NatureKast weatherproof outdoor cabinetry stands out from the rest of the outdoor living market. Most of these are designed to complement their award-winning galley workstation. Aside from their full-access appliance cabinets, the selection contains panels, trims, drawer fronts, stainless steel hinges, stainless steel drawer guides, and other components.

Finishes Available

So far, the most impressive thing about NatureKast outdoor cabinetry is the sheer amount of finishes available. Thanks to PVC and their advanced manufacturing techniques, the company is able to create various textures, colors, and patterns. So whatever theme or motif you’re going for, you’ll find a suitable design in their catalog. Choose from the following door styles and finishes:

  • Euro
  • Metro
  • Contempo
  • Louver
  • Shaker
  • Slab
  • Rustique


What We Liked

Here are some of the highlights of the NatureKast cabinetry and outdoor environment furnishing.

Impeccable Designs

We’ve mentioned it a lot, but the amazing natural grain detail of the cabinets and trimmings are the product line’s best features. We want the real thing in our backyards or patios, but it’s just not worth the maintenance. NatureKast comes in to save the day with a light weight and realistic product bearing the natural color of wood, amongst other finishes. Their black PVC cabinetry is especially eye-catching.

These are the best substitute you can get. You’ll even have the benefit of PVC and resin’s added durability; even when you do heavy-duty work, these items can withstand it, much like how the real thing would. Read the reviews on NatureKast’s products to see for yourself!


The design wasn’t the only factor that NatureKast considered when manufacturing its product line. They also paid attention to ergonomics and ease of use. It’s evident from their website that their items have a multitude of applications. From storing cooking appliances to preparing food, these are made to be multifunctional.

They also have excellent properties and door styles that make them intuitive to operate. We didn’t even have to think about how to use them; our instincts took over right off the bat. That’s a mark of great furniture design.

No Maintenance Needed

The combination of resin and PVC in NatureKast cabinetry makes maintenance unnecessary. Wood is prone to warping, chipping, and scratches, and stones can crack due to dramatic temperature changes. PVC and resin, however, have long been established as durable materials that can withstand the elements and other hazards.

We didn’t need to dedicate time fixing issues or shelling out money for expensive replacements. These products are cost-effective and sustainable in the long run.

What We Didn’t Like

The biggest selling point of NatureKast cabinets might be the dealbreaker for some people. While we weren’t finicky about it, the PVC and resin might turn off a few buyers. Since it’s a synthetic organic material, it may seem cheap to some customers who will only be satisfied by the real thing. However, the design of the products is already outstanding; if you didn’t know, you might not even recognize that it’s made of PVC.

Final Thoughts

NatureKast’s outdoor cabinets have impressive features that make the company some of the most beloved manufacturers in the outdoor cabinet industry. Not only are they waterproof and durable, but they’re also extremely low-maintenance because of the sturdy materials. Thanks to the wide range of designs, colors, and finishes available, you’ll have lots of fun choosing the best look for your outdoor space. This company has earned our approval and our praise, so take advantage of the limited lifetime warranty on their cabinet selection today while they’re still available! Your backyard entertainment area can be prepped for quality time sooner than you think.