High density polyethylene or HDPE cabinets are ideal fixtures for a variety of settings, particularly for outdoor use. As outdoor cabinets, they are convenient ways to secure the items you use for entertaining guests, like cookware for an Orlando outdoor kitchen.

As a material, HDPE separates itself from indoor kitchen cabinets by being weatherproof. Out of all the storage options out there, they are great for protecting their contents. Here’s a closer look at this durable material and its applications.

What Is HDPE Cabinetry?

HDPE cabinets are ideal for Orlando outdoor kitchen cabinetry. They utilize HDPE’s durability to serve as weatherproof cabinets. Such fixtures are suited for homeowners who want to elevate their outdoor living space by installing fire pits or kitchens in their patio. This way, they have better ways to spend quality time with their family and friends.

Outdoor entertainment systems usually incorporate cement blocks with brick, stucco, and decorative stones for a beautiful product. The cabinets simply offer protection for the tools that you would use in those outdoor areas.

While a standard cabinet with common materials would do well in an indoor setting, an outdoor cabinet needs protection against rain and sun exposure. As such, manufacturers invented cabinets that used HDPE to supply the much-needed protection these outdoor fixtures need.

HDPE is a durable material that is applicable in countless ways, including pipe systems and chemical containers. Brands have successfully utilized this material’s durability through HDPE boards.

A cabinet utilizing the durability of an HDPE board offers UV protections from its ultraviolet inhibitors while maintaining a great look. These boards come in a multitude of colors for unlimited design options. Homeowners have opportunities to match their outdoor living space with the rest of their home.

HDPE Applications

Historically, high-density polyethylene is a polymer material produced for the yacht industry. Being constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, these luxury vehicles need outdoor furniture that does not require regular maintenance. Later on, experts applied these alternative materials to furniture.

For instance, an acid cabinet may feature an HDPE cabinet door hinge, providing years of worry-free storage space. This fixture also usually features a cabinet floor constructed as a two-inch liquid-tight trough and tight welded interior to contain accidental spills.

Essentially, HDPE cabinetry elevates the traditional kitchen by utilizing materials that can stand the test of time.

What to Look For in HDPE Cabinets

Consider these features when choosing HDPE outdoor kitchen cabinets:

Marine Grade Polymer

Marine grade polymer is a type of HDPE that is great for outdoor cabinetry. Polymers are either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or resin. This material is a combination of the highest quality materials. As such, it is suited for marine applications, meaning it is resistant against water, mold, rot, and bacteria. Be sure to look for this feature when choosing an HDPE cabinet system.

Historically, waterproof cabinets utilized a metal frame, but stainless steel cabinets were heavy. Because of this, innovators offered this material to supply the aesthetic demand for beautiful Orlando outdoor kitchens. Marine grade polymer can look like real wood without the regular cleaning expected of them.

Stainless Steel Hardware

HDPE cabinets must contain stainless steel screws, hinges, fasteners, door handles, and drawer pulls. Stainless materials neither rust nor corrode, ensuring it remains stylish and functional.

Be sure to confirm that the HDPE cabinets you choose have stainless steel parts where they matter. You want to rest assured that your outdoor fixtures are weatherproof inside and out. So, look for furniture that incorporate the highest quality materials to ensure it can endure different weather conditions.

Full Enclosure

Your outdoor storage solutions must be fully enclosed for complete protection against hot summers and cold snowy winters. When keeping your cookware outside, be sure it avoids direct sunlight to maintain its quality. Pots and pans exposed to the elements could leave them damaged.

Be sure that the HDPE cabinets you are considering offer all the extra security that outdoor cabinets need. They should be able to keep items in perfect condition to provide guests with a trouble-free service when hosting an outdoor event.

Best Brands For HDPE Cabinets

Here are the top brands that offer high quality HDPE cabinets:

NatureKast Cabinetry

NatureKast is a pioneer in the Orlando outdoor kitchen industry, producing outdoor furniture of all kinds. Its Metro collection comes in several chic and stylish finishes that any homeowner would be proud to own.

This brand offers countless outdoor cabinets that offer an amazing natural grain detail that replicates natural colors and textures of real wood. All NatureKast products feature a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

WeatherStrong Outdoor Cabinetry

WeatherStrong cabinets have designer finishes that are suited for both indoor and outdoor settings. It offers seven door styles and 14 color options, giving homeowners the chance to customize any Orlando outdoor kitchen according to their liking.

These cabinets are also suited for garages and laundry rooms. At the same time, they are ideal for outdoor spaces where surface temperatures remain under 265°F. Consider this brand if you prioritize design options that do not compromise functionality.


Any outdoor space needs fixtures that meet the demands of the setting. When it comes to outdoor cabinets, HDPE cabinets are ideal products that can endure extreme heat and heavy rains while protecting everything inside them. Review the features of this type of cabinet that we highlighted here and consider the best brands when furnishing your outdoor living space, such as NatureKast and WeatherStrong.