Barbecuing isn’t just a hobby for most Americans, it’s also a mainstay of the summer season. When spring paves the way to sunny, warm weather, millions of Americans all over the country get their gas grills going and amplify the heat to serve delicious grilled delicacies. BBQ enthusiasts are willing to splurge on the best natural gas grills, with excellent Orlando Outdoor Kitchen features such as units with high BTU burners, a control panel, infrared burner models, and grills with stainless steel burners to cook their choice of meats, fish, and vegetables for friends and family. If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch, high-rated outdoor grill, make sure to put Blaze Grill on your radar.

Blaze Grill: About The Brand

The outdoor-loving creators of Blaze Grill surely appreciate their barbecues. They shared their secrets for grilling the best BBQ by engineering and creating an effective lineup of barbecue grills. Blaze Grill has been honing, testing, and manufacturing a fine range of grilling products for decades, and that span of time is a testament alone to their products’ great features and efficacy.

Blaze Grill is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana company, a region known for its delicious food. Their grills are bestsellers not only for their first-rate design and craftsmanship but their affordability as well. Blaze Grill creators and staff think that everybody should have a crack at making tasty, quality barbecue at no additional cost to what you’d spend elsewhere.

Blaze Grill: The Products

The wide selection of Blaze Grill products are items you can rely on for years and years of summertime backyard parties. Your Orlando outdoor kitchen will surely benefit from these top-of-the-range models. A high-quality shopping experience for BBQ buffs is something you can enjoy with Blaze Grill.

Blaze Grill Prelude LBM Line

This remarkable gas barbecue grill line from Blaze Grill assures first-rate design and workmanship. The grills are masterfully crafted from 304 stainless steel and feature a double-lined hood to stop heat discoloration. The grills are also equipped with extra-powerful commercial-quality 14000 BTU stainless steel burners while internal grill lights and a LED control system make grilling at night convenient and stylish.

Tasty, grilled food is yours to enjoy using the Heat Zone Dividers for versatile Orlando Outdoor Kitchen grilling. You can bet your grilled meats, fish, and veggies will sport decorative, Instagram-ready sear marks thanks to the addition of strong, round 8mm stainless steel cooking rods. A steadier, more efficient startup is also made possible due to the grill’s Push & Turn Flame-Thrower Ignition, Backup Flashtube, and Crossover Channels.

Safer grilling is also a priority for the brand. Blaze gas grills include the Flame Stabilizing System to manage extreme heat while simultaneously preventing flare-ups. The products also come with an ETL certification and a best-in-class lifetime warranty.

Blaze Grill Professional LUX Line

Another first-rate line from the brand is their Professional LUX Grills. High-quality 304 commercial-grade stainless steel remains the solid base of the grills. The items include a double-lined hood for the best heat retention, 18000 BTU stainless steel H burners, 10000 BTU rear infrared burner, plus hexagonal 12mm cooking rods made from fine, sturdy stainless steel.

With features like the Push & Turn Flame-Thrower, Backup Flashtube, and Crossover Channels, grill buffs are assured of smooth startups each time. Better cooking control is also possible with 304 stainless steel Head Zone Dividers and 14-gauge Flame Stabilizing System.

The grills’ Grease Control System assures you won’t break a sweat after your summer backyard bash is over. Furthermore, all models from the line are given the brand’s best-in-class lifetime warranty and ETL certification.

Blaze Grill Premium LTE Line

Portable grill and gas barbecue grill items from the brand are also crafted from the finest commercial-grade 304 stainless steel. The models from this lineup are not only made from quality materials but also include powerful 14000 BTU stainless steel linear burners and a 10000 BTU rear infrared burner.

Igniting flames is an easier task due to the inclusion of a Push & Turn Flame-Thrower with Backup Flashtube and Crossover Channels. Readings in the evening are also made easier since the grills are equipped with internal grill lights and a LED-illuminated Control System.

Expect perfectly-grilled confections by taking advantage of the grills’ fantastic features. For one, its 14-gauge flame tamers come with full-width, 443-grade stainless steel perforated grids. The Heat Zone Dividers, also made from quality 443 stainless steel, guarantees versatile cooking. Easier cleanup is done too by means of its efficient Grease Control System, Lower Heat Baffle design, and detachable drip pan. The line has grills with a best-in-class warranty and ETL certification.

Blaze Grill Premium LTE Marine-Grade Line

Yes, you can finally go to the beach and grill with friends and family with no trouble. This lineup from the brand has the high-quality design and top-notch features of the Premium LTE unit, the only difference being these grills are crafted to withstand wet and salty environments.

The 316L stainless steel components of the grills are tough, sturdy, and built to tolerate saltwater so you can tote this one along to your beach vacay destination. This marine-grade gas grill also comes with not only the brand’s lifetime warranty but a 3-year multiuser warranty as well.

Why Choose Blaze Grill?

Blaze grills are designed and produced with the needs of every Orlando Outdoor Kitchen BBQ enthusiast type in mind, from the beginner to the seasoned griller to the accommodating backyard party host down to the serious grilling buff. They’re not only available in Baton Rouge and other Louisiana locations; you can also find them in various stores nationwide, in physical shops as well as online stores.

Apart from the affordable price, Blaze grills also guarantee the best quality and design. Their range of fine grills are investments that you make not only for gourmet-style cookouts but for lifetime use as well. Blaze grills are one of the toughest Orlando Outdoor Kitchen units in the country today, are great value for money, and will bring you lots of flavorsome, mouth-watering food.