Suppose you’re looking for an Orlando Outdoor Kitchen grill or spruce up your commercial cooking space. In that case, you should try out Alfresco’s largest selection of the industry’s best grills. Whether it’s for a family event, a birthday, or an anniversary, the great features of an ALXE grill will make each moment more memorable.

As the first manufacturer of the largest professional grill, Alfresco offers a complete assortment of luxury grills in price and sizes. An Alfresco grill is perfect for anyone that wants to recreate their Orlando Outdoor Kitchen packages. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different models we have on offer:

56-Inch All Grill

The 56” Alfresco Grills come in three models:

  • Built-in
  • Standard Cart
  • Refrigerated Cart

Enjoy a perfectly cooked barbecue with its integrated rotisserie system with dual infrared burners. Its main burners are of stainless steel construction which makes cleaning and maintenance an effortless task. Furthermore, this high-performance Alfresco Luxury Grill also boasts a state-of-the-art infrared burner and ceramic briquettes for your grilling needs.

Even with all these great features, the 56” Alfresco Grill is very easy to use with an air-control panel and a user-friendly ignition with a 110V AC power source. You don’t have to worry about its fuel either since we give you the option to choose between liquefied petroleum and natural gas.

In addition, this appliance package can also come with grill accessories like a streamer and an indirect roasting pod. A large selection of accessories is available for no additional cost to increase your gratification of Orlando Outdoor Kitchen cooking.

Alfresco also gives outdoor chefs more mobility options with its cart model that comes in standard and refrigerated varieties. You can bring your grill around as you cook and enjoy the food with your friends and loved ones. Its smoking system is also one-of-a-kind and uses Alfresco Grills’ art Signature Taste™ technology to evenly smoke fish, chicken, meat, and other barbecues. The said smoking system also has dedicated storage for large chunks of wood and even has its own burner. You don’t have to worry about visibility. This Alfresco grill is equipped with LED lights, allowing you to cook your favorite food any time of the day.

You can enjoy all these great features plus excellent BTU burners in a 998 sq. in. of space. If you’re looking for an Orlando Outdoor Kitchen perfect for large parties and family events, then the 56” Alfresco Grill is for you.


56-Inch Deluxe Grill

This Deluxe 56” ALXE Grill gives you everything you can get from the All Grill with lesser space occupied. It also has dedicated BTU burners and an infrared sear zone, making it perfect for people who want to smoke meat often.

This luxury grill also has high-performance stainless steel burners with a total BTU of 82,500. There are also design differences for the 56” Deluxe Grill to cook the meat better, such as:

  • A front control panel to keep the touch knobs from heating up. This panel is entirely air-controlled, so you won’t have to worry about the knobs getting too hot. You can rest easy since its control panel protects the equipment and everyone around it.
  • Grill cover to keep your Alfresco Grill free from dust and other particles
  • Pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes so you’ll evenly heat your grilled food. These ceramic briquettes are great at enhancing the flavor of your grilled food as it distributes the heat fairly across your gas grills.

This 56” Deluxe Grill also features an adjustable warming rack to keep your main dish warm while still cooking your side dishes. This is perfect for chefs who have many plates to fill but don’t like their food to go cold (which is everyone!).

Since we talked about the size earlier, Alfresco’s 56” Deluxe Grill is only 770 sq. in. big but still leaves room for heating, boiling, and your other creative culinary needs. This Alfresco Luxury Grill is also available in built-in and cart models like its All Grill counterpart. Similarly, the cart model is available in standard and refrigerated varieties. Alfresco also gives you an option to add an Infrared Sear Zone in your ALXE Grill for improved heating and smoking of meat.

42-Inch Grill

The 42” Grill is another option offered by Alfresco Grills which has three stainless steel burners. These three BTU burners can go as high as 27,500 each, with combined BTUs of 82,500. The 42” luxury grill has nickel-plated touch knobs with LED lights to improve visibility while cooking. It also boasts a removable warming tray that can be positioned in three ways to keep other ingredients out of the way when making rotisserie meats.

Because of its size, this luxury grill is perfect as one of your Orlando Outdoor Kitchen packages to give you the pleasures of unique flavor creations. Furthermore, the 42” Alfresco Grill is equipped with an integrated rotisserie system with an infrared burner to create commercial-grade food with your friends and family. The integrated rotisserie system has its own dedicated burner with a 120-pound chain-driven spit. Even with a powerful BTU burner, the rotisserie system doesn’t make much noise since it has a silent motor.

Like other Alfresco Grills in this list, the 42” Grill is safe around a large number of people since it’s equipped with an air-controlled front panel that protects you from getting burned. This is the case even though its burners have an intense heat that can thoroughly cook a pizza for just a few minutes.

In addition, the 42” luxury grill gives you the option for low-heat grilling. This is perfect for chefs that want to grill vegetables and even veggie burgers but doesn’t want to spend more on another kitchen appliance.

This luxury grill is available in built-in and cart models. In addition to the standard and refrigerated carts, the 42” ALfresco Grill also has an option for a Deluxe model with 1 door and 2 drawers included. The 42” models are one of the best grills you can have if you’re looking for a balance between size, performance, and power for your open-air culinary systems.


36-Inch Grill

Are you looking for a mid-size powerhouse for your next Orlando Outdoor Kitchen? Then you should check out Alfresco’s 36” Grill. This luxury grill option also provides three 27,500 BTU burners and an integrated rotisserie system with a rear ceramic burner of 18,500 BTU. Despite its small size, this luxury grill also has a chain-drive smoker system which is perfect for smoking whole chickens and even full racks of ribs. Its spit’s turning torque can handle 120 pounds of meat but runs quietly when used. If you’re not using it, you can properly store it under the bullnose.

It also sports pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes for even distribution of heat when cooking grilled food.

Its stainless steel construction also helps with its resilience against dirt while effectively cooking any meat you throw at it. You would think that all these features wouldn’t be cramped in a portable body. However, the 36” Grill is one of Alfresco’s industry firsts as it equips the luxury grill with commercial grade features without compromising its quality, build, and design.

It also features an adjustable warming rack in its 660 sq. in. space. The stainless steel construction of this ALXE grill and its state-of-the-art cooking grids will give your results akin to your favorite grilling restaurants and steakhouse. The stainless steel briquette trays and radiant tray are also locked into place. These trays can be easily flipped over, making cleaning a breeze for you.

Like other Alfresco Grills, the 36” ALXE grill is available in built-in and cart models. However, you’ll only get the standard option for this size. But, don’t worry. The cart and built-in models feature a 5,000 BTU smoker system and stainless steel burners familiar to every Alfresco grill.

If you’re trying to redo your nonsense cooking space, this 36” grill is perfect.


30-Inch Grill

Alfresco’s smallest gas grills are their 30” models. Unlike other Alfresco grills, the 30” grill only has 2 BTU burners that produce 27,500 BTUs each. These burners can either run on liquefied petroleum or natural gas, accommodating your preferences on the luxury grill’s fuel.

While the model is also available in an optional cart variety, the 30” grill is only available in a standard cart.

The 30” grill still has Alfresco’s highest quality integrated rotisserie system with an infrared burner despite its size. This rotisserie system has a 15,000 BTU ceramic burner that can be stored under the grill’s bullnose. Furthermore, Alfresco also designed these gas grill motors to run silently despite heavy usage.

The 30” luxury grill mount smoker can be as hot as 5,000 BTUs and eject 200 degrees of smoke. This is perfect for anyone that likes good smoked food and wants to save on space for their open-air culinary systems.

As an ALXE grill, the 30” model is also safe and ergonomic to use since it’s equipped with a user-friendly push-button ignition and LED lights. While small compared to other models of ALXE grill, the 30” grill still exudes luxury. It’s built with the same stainless steel construction, identical high-quality gas valves, and high performance BTU burners to give you the same sophisticated, commercial grade food quality that you’re craving from restaurants and grill houses.

You can enjoy all these great features plus accessories in just a compact, no nonsense cooking space of only 542 sq. in. of total grilling area.

You can also enjoy the gas grill’s adjustable warming rack that can be positioned in three ways to keep other cooking materials out of the way.


Limited Lifetime Warranty for All Alfresco Grills

As one of the authorized dealers of Alfresco Grills, we are offering a limited lifetime warranty on all parts of their models. The warranty includes all their features and workmanship, such as drip pans, grill grates, and even their stainless steel briquette trays.

We offer a no-defect warranty on all their structural parts for the next five years. The first two years of use will cover all the labor and repair costs of the luxury grill, including replacement parts. Furthermore, other grill components such as the ignition and front panel cover one year of warranty and two years of labor fees.


Free Shipping and Monthly Payment Options

There are also several payment options for customers that want to buy any model of Alfresco Grills. For instance, you can either pay the whole thing upfront or choose to pay using your credit card. Alfresco also allows monthly installment plans for all luxury grills, giving you flexible payment options. You won’t have to worry about additional costs on shipping as well since authorized dealers like us offer free shipping on all ALXE Grills.

You can also expect all these ALXE grills to be shipped out fast. We guarantee that all Alfresco Grills will be shipped out within one or two days of purchase.


Complete Your Alfresco Luxury Grills

Suppose you want the complete assortment of commercial cooking spaces. In that case, we suggest that you take a look at other outdoor kitchen packages such as a BBQ depot, side shelves, top spaces, and even an Orlando Outdoor Kitchen island. We are also an authorized dealer of front load washers and top load washers to complete your open-air culinary systems.

Suppose you’re looking for a new luxury. In that case, an Alfresco grill, with its versa power, is a perfect choice for you. Alfresco’s legacy of innovation in Southern California and the creation of several industry firsts make for a very compelling selection of luxury grills for your appliance package.

Our mission is to create more meaningful outdoor kitchen packages specifically geared toward customer satisfaction. Order your new grill with us and grab Alfresco exclusive products. If you like to learn more about Alfresco grills and how you can make the best out of them, then contact our team today, and we’ll get you up to speed with these high performance luxury grills.