A large outdoor space on your property is one of the biggest luxuries you can have. Many people turn these areas into patios for relaxing or beautiful yards with landscaping. One of the best ways to maximize the use of this space is to turn it into an Orlando outdoor kitchen.

You can cook so many recipes, hold parties, and do other fun activities in an outdoor kitchen. It’s one of the best places to bond with friends or family, especially during holidays and special occasions. Of course, the kitchen will only work if you have the ideal outdoor appliances installed.

Looking for the best additions to elevate your outdoor kitchen? In this article, we’ll talk about the best Orlando outdoor kitchen appliances to own. We’ll discuss their benefits, what features to look for, and the best manufacturers of these products. Keep reading to learn about the 10 must-have equipment for your outdoor kitchen.

1. Outdoor Grill

More commonly referred to as a barbecue grill, an outdoor grill is one of the most recognizable appliances in today’s households. They’re usually seen in yards or brought to parks and campsites for picnics with the family. As staples in outdoor cooking, BBQ grills are a definite must-have for your appliance collection.

Today, there are many variations of outdoor grills available in terms of fuel type and features. Some gas grills use liquid gas or propane to cook. Others, like wood pellet grills, use small pieces of wood as the heating element. These are the best for adding distinctive, smoky aromas to your briskets, ribs, and other classic grilled dishes.

What you choose for outdoor grilling depends on several factors. For most people, the convenience of gas grills is a priority. These can be connected to your home’s utility line to avoid purchasing additional fuel. However, this sacrifices portability. Those who like to go camping or grilling outside are better off buying wood pellet grills.

There are also modern upgrades to grills that make them more convenient than ever. Some have integrated Wi-Fi, which allows you to control temperatures and cooking times even when away from home. Still, your first consideration should be its most basic features. How big is the grilling space? What is its temperature range? Will it be able to handle heavy-duty work? A larger grill is ideal if you expect lots of guests all the time. On the other hand, a flat-top grill offers more versatile cooking options.

To get started, you can compare the best-selling grills from Fire Magic and Lynx Professional. Established makers like Z Grills and Traeger Grills also have a large selection for various cooking needs.

2. Smoker

Many people might think that having a smoker and a grill at the same time is redundant. After all, don’t they serve the same purpose? Well, there are definite overlaps, but a smoker has a distinct function that makes it a must-have addition to your outdoor living space.

The key difference between it and a grill is how they cook food. A grill uses heat while a smoker uses smoke. That’s why the former is expected to have higher temperatures, and smokers tend to be just warm. By extension, they tend to cook much slower.

To produce the smoke that cooks the food, smokers use wood chips or pellets. These add more aroma to the food than grills, creating a depth of flavor that will impress anyone who tastes your cooking. In addition, there’s a lesser chance of burning dishes since the temperatures are much lower.

Large pieces of meat are best cooked using smokers. The appliance allows for gradual, even cooking, and the chunks of meat are better at absorbing all the smoky compounds from the woods. As known by past civilizations all over the world, smoking is a great way to preserve food, so you can use your smoker to cure meats, fish, and even vegetables.

Today, the most well-known brands offering smokers are Traeger Grills, Bradley, and Weber. However, you can explore other options depending on your cooking needs. Some models are more spacious, some have hooks for slabs of meat, and some can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi.

3. Outdoor Refrigerator

Let’s move away from all the heat and discuss something cooler — literally. An outdoor refrigerator is another must-have for your kitchen. It will be one of the most useful appliances you’ll have, so you should make it a priority when shopping.

The most obvious benefit of having outdoor refrigeration is, of course, getting access to cold drinks without having to come into the house every now and then. It eliminates the need for a cooler. An outdoor fridge also serves as an ideal place to store meat and other storage products. Leftovers, ingredients, and ready-to-cook meals can be placed in the appliance for everyone’s convenience.

Since it’s not going to be your home’s main fridge, an outdoor refrigerator doesn’t need to be too big or powerful to meet your cooking needs. There are many models to choose from, whether you want something that can fit on the countertop or sit next to a galley.

General Electric, Summit, and Blaze are some of the well-known manufacturers offering various models of outdoor fridges. When choosing, check if the unit is certified as an outdoor refrigerator to ensure longevity. You can also look for features like stainless steel doors, precision temperature control, and large storage capacities.

4. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Pizzas are some of the most classic foods to have during a barbecue or small picnic, but people would probably opt to have them delivered. Not everyone has the time nor the skills to create artisanal pizzas at home.

Well, that can change if you have an outdoor pizza oven installed on your property. Some people go the extra mile and construct entire stone ovens that add to the Orlando outdoor kitchen design. For those who don’t have that much budget or space, there are smaller versions you can get.

There are a few considerations you’ll want to take into account when choosing the best outdoor pizza oven. First is the kind of fuel, which can either be propane or wood. While it’s harder to work with, wood is preferred because of how it imparts a smoky flavor to the pizza. You’ll also want to choose the size of the oven, especially if you’re planning to cook large pies.

Today, the most established brands offering top-notch outdoor pizza ovens are Ooni Fyra, Gozney, and BakerStone. Some of them have more traditional functions while others have features like precise temperature control and stainless steel build.

Once you have your choice outdoor pizza oven, you’ll now have an appliance that can serve as a centerpiece of your activities. You can bring together the entire family for a pizza-making night and assemble your own pies. The best thing about it is you can have any flavor you want and however much you like!

5. Power Burner or Side Burner

Power burners and side burners may not be familiar names to most people, but these are basically the stoves of your Orlando outdoor kitchen. Grills, pizza ovens, and smokers can do a lot of things, but the burners are arguably the most versatile of them all — much like how your stove is in your kitchen.

These often come as attachments to grills where you can cook side dishes, but they can come on their own as well. Power burner stoves, in particular, are often just singular units. Their main use is for cooking rapidly, thanks to the higher heat output. From boiling water to quick sears, power burner stoves have lots of uses if you know how to take advantage of them.

Side burners are the more underrated of these two types of stoves. Most people don’t know what to do with one, but it’s just as versatile as the power burner. As the name implies, this appliance is the best appliance for cooking side dishes. You can make sauces, saute vegetables, and/or prepare glazes to complement your barbecue.

When looking for good burner stoves, you’ll want to check their BTUs, which are a measurement of heat. Most power burners reach up to 50,000 BTUs, while side burners cap at around 15,000 BTUs. Design is also an important consideration since some burners are designed to go flush on your countertop while others are better on top.

Today, the most recommended burner brands include Lion, Bull Outdoor Products, and Blaze. When checking the catalog of these manufacturers, make sure to find the products that suit your Orlando outdoor kitchen needs. You don’t need to buy both, but having a power and side burner will make your cooking so much more convenient.

6. Ice Maker

While it has a very singular purpose, an ice maker is one of the most useful accessories you can have in your outdoor kitchen. Just think about how many times you’ve needed ice for your beverages. You’re probably picturing large bags of ice from your indoor freezer or the grocery store.

Why not make the ice right where you need it? There’s no more need for heavy hauls or long waiting times just to make your beverage cold and refreshing. Whether you’re making colorful cocktails or opening cans of soda, you’ll have something to keep drinks at the ideal temperature.

When choosing your ice maker, you’ll want to consider the shape of the ice it produces. You can opt for cubes, pellets, or nuggets; it depends on what you’ll mainly use them for. If you’re just beginning, you can get pellet ice makers since the shape is the most versatile one. It can be used for drinks, shaved ice, and as a base for raw shellfish.

Some additional features you can look for are touchpad controls, LED lights, and stainless steel builds. Start researching the most popular brands like Carrier and KitchenAid, then examine the others as you gain a better understanding of the features you want. Having an affordable price, portability, and durability are also good considerations to think about.

7. Warming Drawers

There are steps for cooking or baking when warm temperatures are needed instead of hot. That’s why a warming drawer is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen appliances. It keeps food warm without drying the juices out, allowing you to preserve flavors and aromas even if you’ve cooked the dish an hour or two ago. Aside from maintaining the warm temperature of dishes, the equipment can serve other functions.

The other well-known purpose of warming drawers is bread proofing. You can set it up to the perfect temperature for yeast to thrive. In some models, the temperature can go high enough to allow slow cooking. You can cook meats, starches, and other foods without needing another appliance for your kitchen.

In most cases, a warming drawer is an attached accessory for ovens. Of course, that wouldn’t do in an outdoor kitchen. You’re better off finding stand-alone warming drawers available today. Most of them are designed to be portable and sturdy, so you can bring them outside for your parties or dinners.

When choosing one, the most important factors to consider are the unit’s capacity and cooking functions. Some have basic features like humidity and temperature control, while others have more complex capabilities. Today, KitchenAid, Bosch, and Siemens are some of the most trusted brands for these appliances.

8. Keg Dispenser

No outdoor party is complete without drinks, and what’s better than free-flowing beer? That’s possible with a keg dispenser. It’s one of the more specialized outdoor appliances you could get, but it’s sure worth it. Beer on tap elevates the whole experience and turns your party into something truly memorable.

A keg dispenser works like a regular faucet, but it has a cooled space inside where you can place a keg and attach it to the system. A mechanism will then pump it out of the container and into your cup. It’s just like getting water from the tap, but the liquid is beer. Since it has cooling elements, the keg dispenser will keep the liquid cool as well.

When choosing a model for your outdoor kitchen, check out the features each brand offers. Some have additional space where you can store bottles of drinks. Others have built-in brewing systems that let you create your own beer at home!

The most trusted brands for keg dispensers and similar appliances are Kegco, EdgeStar, and HomeCraft. However, you can research others if you’re planning some home brewing yourself. There are models with dedicated features for this hobby. Others are more budget-friendly, portable, or sturdier for outdoor use. Get one that will make the investment worth it.

9. Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit may not seem like a necessary addition to your outdoor kitchen, but it’s one of the best features that will tie the whole area together. Most property owners probably have their own dedicated fire pit in their yard. Others would opt for ones made of stone, which are installed by contractors. You can do that, but there are smaller versions that you can simply order and place in your outdoor kitchen.

When choosing a fire pit, you need to factor in the amount of space available, the kind of fuel you need, and the fire pit’s primary use. Many have it as a heat source during colder months or as a sort of campfire in their yards. You can also use it to roast food like marshmallows, meats, and barbecues.

The most popular portable fire pits are usually made of ceramic, cast iron, or some other heat-resistant metal. A few models have wheels while others have grills grates. It’s up to you to choose one with features that you’ll definitely need. Start by checking well-known brands like Tiki, Outland, and KingSo for their most purchased models.

10. Trash Receptacles

One of the most neglected aspects of outdoor kitchens is garbage disposal. Many would just opt for a trash bag they can put in some corner or on the floor. Not only is this inconvenient and prone to spillage, but it’s also highly unhygienic. You’re risking contamination since the trash bags aren’t secure — not to mention the unsightly scene that guests will see.

That’s why a trash receptacle is essential for your Orlando outdoor kitchen. Instead of using trash bags on their own or moving the garbage all the way to your interior trash receptacle, you should have one dedicated solely for outdoor use. It makes everything so much more convenient; you’ll have an easy place to dispose of unwanted foodstuff, bottles, and other kinds of waste.

There are many types of trash receptacles out there, ranging from the most basic plastic bins you’ll find at Home Depot to high-end metal builds with automatic functions. You don’t have to get the more expensive ones to improve your outdoor cooking experience. Choose one that serves its intended use plus a few other features, depending on your needs. Ones with wheels, removable covers, and easy-to-clean material are some things you should take into consideration.

You can start looking at brands like Simplehuman, Rubbermaid, and Orocan. These are some of the more established manufacturers today, and they have a wide collection of trash receptacles available. Just make sure that you pick an item that fits your needs and, if your budget allows, your preferred aesthetic. Just because it’s a trash receptacle doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good.

Bonus Items

These didn’t make it to the list, but they’re still a worthwhile addition!

  • Temperature Probes: The key to even and complete cooking is reaching a certain temperature, whether you’re roasting meat or baking bread. To ensure accuracy, get yourself a temperature probe or food thermometer.
  • Access Doors: Since many of your appliances will be out in the open, access doors are a great way to add protection from the elements. These sturdy doors can be installed on large grills, countertops, and kitchen islands.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right appliances for your dream kitchen can take a bit of work. Thankfully, this guide will help you narrow down the essentials and find exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for grills, outdoor refrigerators, or smokers, you’ll have the knowledge to see beyond the bells and whistles and find something truly worth the investment.