Juicy steaks, indulgent burgers, and don’t forget the meaty hot dogs. All of these things are prepared best when cooked on a grill. Specifically an Alfresco grill.

Whether you only have a small patio or a full-on deck to grill on, no home is complete without the smell of succulent meats and veggies being cooked on an open grill.

Below is a complete guide to Alfresco Grills. You will have everything you need to know in one place for building your perfect summer. Starting with the centerpiece, the grill. In this article, we explain everything from who Alfresco Grills is to what their best products are.

Only the best are allowed at your family cookout!

Who Are Alfresco Grills?

Since 1999, Alfresco Grills has been supplying BBQ and grill kings and queens with the best outdoor kitchen equipment. Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems (or Alfresco) have been around for decades and are known for their excellent high quality products.

High-class restaurants all around the USA bear the Alfresco moniker. Alfresco Grills, on the other hand, also hopes to give many amateur cooks access to their premium grills so they can enjoy outdoor cooking.

As a result, Alfresco Grills offers a wide selection of grills and outdoor cooking equipment in their catalog, making it easier for home cooks to access outdoor grilling and barbecuing through high-quality items.

Their grills are all modeled after high-end, commercial-grade grills with models that range from built-in to freestanding. Alfresco also offers a wide variety of upgrades, giving you limitless customization choices.

Whether you are looking to give your friends the best meal of their lives or get that all-important Michelin star, an Alfresco grill is there to support you every step of the way.

What To Expect From Alfresco Grills

If you are new to Alfresco then you may think that they do the same as every outdoor kitchen producer but this is not the case. There are a few elements that separate Alfresco from other outdoor kitchen brands.

First and foremost, they provide the broadest range of built-ins and appliances for outdoor kitchens available anywhere.

Alfresco provides what you need, whether you want to complement your barbecue with storage drawers, a built-in pizza oven, or something extremely specialized like a food prep station.

The fact that all outdoor grills have a ton of extra functions is another fantastic aspect of them. The heavy-duty rotisserie kit, built-in grill lights, illuminated burner knobs, and pull-out tray for lighting coals or wood chunks to smoke your meal are all included with each grill.

One of the most important aspects of an Alfresco grill is the finish. Each grill is complete with gorgeous, stylish heavy-duty stainless steel that is meant to be passed down for generations.

So, what can you expect from an Alfresco grill? Perfection. From the mechanics to the finish, you can expect absolute perfection when you purchase an Alfresco grill.

Best Alfresco Grill

Now that we have covered who Alfresco are as a brand and what you can expect from them and their products, it is time to actually discuss the grills! Below are X of Alfresco’s best grills and you can be sure that they are all top-notch.

1. Alfresco ALXE 36 Luxury Grill

It is possible to purchase this powerful barbecue in a propane or natural gas version.

The primary overall grilling area is 660 square inches, which is a lot more than the majority of grills of a similar size from other companies.

A three-position rotisserie and warming rack give your barbecue even more cooking space and functionality.

The pull-out drawer, which is a feature we adore and is included on every Alfresco grill, allows you to light a tiny quantity of charcoal or wood to add flavor to your cuisine.

2. 56” Luxury Deluxe Grill

The ALXE-56 Deluxe Grill has a powerful 770 square inches of grilling surface and an integrated dual-side burner. There is also more space for heating, boiling, and other inventive culinary needs.

This grill is rather large in size, so unless you have an extremely large outdoor kitchen, you may want to opt for something smaller. However, if you are opening a restaurant this is the perfect grill.

With countless features and space, your chefs will have the experience of a lifetime while cooking on this luxury grill.

3. Alfresco ALXE-30 Luxury Grill

The Alfresco ALXE 30-inch built-in gas barbecue is the smallest of the outdoor grills in the ALXE family, but it doesn’t skimp on power or grilling space.

The main cooking area is approximately 542 square inches, which corresponds to the capacity of 24 burgers in each batch.

55,000 BTUs of heat are produced by two strong stainless steel main burners, which is more than enough to consistently sear steaks to perfection.

Although you can undoubtedly find a grill with more capacity to cook more meals at once, the ALXE 30’s compact size does have some advantages.

4. Alfresco 36” American Eagle Series

The American Eagle Series of the grill is one of the latest designs from Alfresco and it is worth every penny. With Sear Zone Infrared Burner Technology to ensure you are always given restaurant-quality results and the handy wind guard to ensure you can grill no matter the weather, they have really outdone themselves.

However, one thing that the 36” American Eagle Series grill has is Artisan’s Exclusive Heat Delivery System where heavy-duty 304 16-8 stainless burners create even, extremely high heat to the cooking service for ease and brilliance.

Wow everyone with your grilling skills and your equipment with this grill.

Tips For Selecting The Perfect Grill

While Alfresco makes selecting a grill simple, any grill you choose is going to be divine, there are still some things you need to consider. Below are some tips for selecting the perfect grill for your home or restaurant!

Your Cooking Style

Whether you have been grilling for years or are a newbie, your cooking style is going to impact the grill you buy.

For those who want a robust smoke taste, charcoal grills are also a popular option. Customers frequently buy a charcoal tray in addition to their gas grill to have the best of both worlds.

If you want charcoal grills’ authentic hardwood flavor only better, pellet grills are a fantastic choice. Some even come with an inbuilt Wi-Fi controller that lets you operate your barbecue from virtually anywhere and send alerts to your phone when your meal is perfectly cooked!


Grills now come with some awesome features that will really blow your mind. But the basic features to consider are:

  • Burners
  • Grates
  • Grill Cooking System
  • Stainless Steel Great

Modern grills are more complex than ever, and grill makers are including just about any feature you can imagine.

The Brand

This may seem rather redundant when selecting a grill but it is important that you buy from a trusted brand. Grills are not cheap equipment.

Construction design, materials utilized, and craftsmanship determine whether a grill will operate poorly and need to be replaced in a few years or whether it will be durable and last the test of time.

A well-built grill will have a seamless stainless steel structure and welded seams.

You can rest easy knowing that Alfresco Grills is a reputable brand within the outdoor kitchen industry. You can trust them with every aspect of your outdoor kitchen building process.

Country Of Origin

The best justification for purchasing goods created in the United States is their superior manufacturing quality. The majority of buyers prefer purchasing American-made grills, and in our opinion, this is crucial for longevity and durability.

To balance value and quality, buying a grill that is manufactured abroad may be the best choice if cost is a major factor in your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Alfresco Grills Made?

All products are made and manufactured in the United States utilizing the highest grade materials by Alfresco Open Air Culinary Systems, which has its headquarters in Southern California. Our cutting-edge factory also produces Artisan Grill goods.

Who Owns Alfresco Grills?

The parent firm, Superior Equipment Solutions, also produces the Artisan household brand in addition to a number of reputable commercial brands.

Are Artisan Grills Worth The Money?

Artisan would be a reliable name to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a well-built and long-lasting gas barbecue constructed of just stainless steel.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to grills and any other outdoor kitchen equipment, Alfresco Grills has got you covered. Made from the best quality materials, these grills are made to last for decades. So long as you take care of them.

Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your rust bucket of a grill or want to start off with the best, an Alfresco grill is the only way to go.

They have a range of sizes for every home and only give you the best. So, are you ready to create the summer of your dreams? Get to buying your perfect Alfresco grill!